Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 673

Volume 1 Chapter 673 One Strike Kill Technique

Liddy and her team were suddenly ambushed by three Hunters. She couldn't use the transmission, but she could use the emergency call. The only thing that she needed to do was to stand up waiting for the reinforcement to come since she wouldn't let those three Hunters do whatever they wanted.

The three Hunters that had attacked them were the three Hunters that had met Haru in the past.

"I can't go down like this!" Liddy said, facing the young man.

"As you can hold us, I'll finish you in a flash," the young man said.

"Limit Out!"

"Variant Mode?!" Liddy was startled.

The young man's body suddenly burst out of yellow energy increasing his speed and strength.

At one point the boy suddenly appeared in front of Liddy and swung down his weapon.


Liddy blocked that attack, but this attack was so powerful that it took all of the energy in her body.

The young man didn't give her mercy and attacked Liddy's side and threw her out toward the tree.


"Arhh!!!" Liddy screamed in pain.

The young man smiled and said, "It's over. I'll take your Hundred too."

"Kugh...." Liddy could do nothing in this situation.

The young man was about to walk toward Liddy, but suddenly a beam was shot in his direction.


Evading the attack, he turned toward the direction of this beam.

That beam didn't just attack the young man, but also two girls beside him.

The three of them gathered together facing each other's backs to protect each other.

"Who is it?!"

"How dare you hurt my comrades?"

On the edge of the cliff, Claire appeared with six floating cannons around her filled with anger seeing what the three Hunters had done to everyone. "I'll give you a chance, stop now or..."

"Like hell, we will! You lapdog of Warlslan!"

The girl who was holding a pair of chakram threw it out toward Claire.

But Claire was calm and shot out a powerful beam toward the girl.


The girl was defeated without resistance.

The girl with an eyepatch and the young man knew that they had met tough meat.

"Resistance is futile! Even if you have a Variant's power, you can do nothing in front of my 'Full-Body Armament'," Claire said.

*Drip!* *Drip!* *Drip!*

Suddenly they looked at the sky and noticed the sky had started to rain.

"Nee-chan, Nakri, we're in luck," the young man said with a grin.

"Trace On!" The eyepatch girl suddenly summoned a pair of chakrams in her hands then threw it toward Claire.

The other girl also threw her chakram.

Four chakrams moved very fast toward Claire, but she was very calm. Even though she knew that rain would make her beam weaker, she wouldn't lose against them.

Evading the chakram, she suddenly noticed that the chakrams had returned back. She tried to avoid the chakra, but it destroyed her cannons.

"Not me, but my cannons?"

The young man started to charge towards Claire.

Claire, who only had two cannons left, shot a beam toward the young man.


The explosion caused dust to cover the area in front of her and made her unable to see what had happened to the young man, but suddenly the young man appeared unscathed.

"That won't work! Your power is reduced in this rain!"

"Then how about this?" Claire changed into her cannon rifle and gathered her energy.

But the young man appeared in front of Claire. He grinned and said, "Too slow!"

"Yes, too slow."


Suddenly the young man was kicked right into his face.


The young man was thrown and dropped into the cliff.


The young man felt that his face was very hurt, but he forced himself to look up and his expression changed.


"I'm sorry that I'm late. Hayato and everyone will come soon," Haru said.

"No, thank you," Claire said with a smile since with him around, she knew that she would be alright with him beside her.

Haru looked at them and said, "Well, you haven't learned?"

"Tch! This time is different! Nee-chan! Nakri!" The young man shouted and knew that they needed to attack him at the same time.

"Trace On!"

Two girls threw out four chakrams at the same time while the young man charged toward him once again.

"Limit Out!"

Yellow energy burst from his body and increased his speed and power.


"Haru, be careful!"

Haru also accelerated and matched the speed of the young man.

The young man swung his dual blade to Haru, but Haru easily dodged him and gave him a palm strike at the young man's jaw.



The young girl in the twin-tail screamed, but suddenly Haru appeared right in front of her. She became scared, then suddenly she felt the back of her neck being knocked before passed out.

The eyepatch girl knew that the situation had turned serious.

"Trace On!"

Her eyes copied Haru's weapon, but her speed was too slow since Haru also appeared right in front and caught her hands.

Haru caught the girl, but he heard a scream.

"Let go of Nakri!!!"

The young man raised his dual blade very high swinging down at Haru.

Haru placed the little girl right in front of him.


The young man hurriedly changed the direction of his attack. "You co---" He wanted to say something, but his neck was knocked making him pass out to the ground.


The young man fell into a pool of water and was unconscious.

"This is why you need to go sleep early rather than join this kind of fight," Haru said and looked at the eyepatch girl.

The eyepatch girl seemed unwilling, but she was helpless in this situation since everyone had become a lamb which was ready to be slaughtered by this guy.

Haru patted her head and said, "Don't worry, we won't do anything to you."

"President! Haru!"

"Claire-sama, are you alright?"

Emile, Hayato, Erica, and Claudia had also arrived at the location. They were being left behind by Haru before and had only arrived now.

"It's over," Claire said.


They looked at three Hunters who had been taken out by Haru easily and realized the power gap between them.

But it was at this moment, that something came out from the lake.

"S - Savage?!"


Dragon-shaped savage which has four enormous wings suddenly appeared in front of them floating in the air.

The young man who was being knocked by Haru also started to regain his consciousness slowly, but he was very weak.

"We need reinforcement!"

Claire wanted to transmit this information to everyone, but there was jamming that disturbed their communication.

"Claire, take care of three of them." Haru gave the girl with an eyepatch to Claire.

"What are you going to do?" Claire asked.

"I'll fight it," Haru said.

"Don't be stupid! This Savage is different from what you have fought before!" Erica said.


"Just believe me, alright?" Haru looked at them with a calm smile then used his 'Full-Body Armament'. His body was covered in black armor and a shotgun also appeared in his other hand.

The Savage, which is in the shape of a dragonfly, turned its attention toward them and opened its mouth to shoot out a large beam.

Haru also raised his shotgun and gathered his energy into it.

Then at the same time, both of them shot out a beam and his shotgun.


The power of both beams was so powerful that it caused a large shockwave, but the beam from the dragonfly was clearly weaker and it was being pushed by the beam from Haru's shotgun.

The beam from Haru destroyed the beam from the dragonfly Savage, but the dragonfly Savage created a barrier around it.


The barrier blocked the beam.

"This barrier...." Claire frowned when she saw the barrier.

"Catch me if I fall once again," Haru said to Claire.

Claire nodded and thought that Haru would use that technique.

The spherical barrier covered the Savage, but all of that was nothing in front of Haru.

Haru made the shotgun on his hand disappear and fully focussed on his dagger. He took a deep breath and put all of his energy into one strike.

"W - What is he going to do?" The young man asked with confusion.

Claire didn't look at the young man and said, "You should see the strongest Slayer in Little Garden."

"Rest in peace..."

The dagger suddenly released out a blinding light and moved at a very fast speed, destroying the barrier in one strike, then struck down Savage's core before cutting it down in half.


Yellow juice splashed across the entire area before Savage dropped to the lake once again.

Haru was quite alright, but he wanted to feel the softness of Claire's b.r.e.a.s.ts. He closed his eyes and fell toward Claire.

Claire caught him in her arms and let him rest on her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Caressing his hair and smiling, kissing his hair. "Thank you."


No one said anything since the scene of the one-strike-kill technique, more shocking than when Claire kissed Haru's hair.