Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 675

Volume 1 Chapter 675 Garden Festa 1

After hunting more than 100 Savages, Haru went back to Charlotte's laboratory, but he didn't bother her since he could see that she was very busy with her research Gundam. Looking at her one more time, he felt that it was a great decision to invite her to the "group chat".

Coming back to his room, Haru decided to play with Sakura who was inside his room.

Playing for an hour, Sakura tried to regain her stamina and asked, "Do you want to sing with us?"

"Sing? Me?" Haru was a bit surprised.

Sakura nodded and said, "You have the qualities to become a singer!"

"I don't intend to become an idol though," Haru said.


Sakura looked at him upturn eyes with a very sweet expression hoping him to sing with them during Garden Festa or the festival that would be held on the Little Garden.

Haru sighed and nodded. He didn't mind singing and thought that it would be great training before he did a concert on the Winter Comiket later.

"Alright, alright...."

"Yay!" Sakura kissed his lips and hugged him tightly before resting on his chest.

"Take a rest," Haru said while caressing her hair.



"Don't you want more?" Sakura asked.


"Well, more girls," Sakura asked.

"Sleep," Haru said and knocked her forehead. He felt that this girl was too tired and started to talk something nonsense.

Sakura pouted and noticed his anaconda which was standing tall. She knew that he wanted more, but she was too tired to do it again. She really thought that she needed more help to satisfy him, but the thought of sharing him also made her complicated. She kissed him again and said, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Sakura smiled and rested on his chest. She had decided to give the other girl a chance, but if they didn't use that chance then she would make him only herself.


The Garden Festa will be held soon.

Haru was in the underground room of the hospital room together with Charlotte, Karen, and Sakura to practice for the concert during the festival.

"But I'm surprised that you're also going to sing, Haru," Karen said.

"Well, this girl is asking me," Haru said while looking at Sakura.

"Hehehe, I like that part about you about you," Sakura said and kissed him.


Karen felt very jealous at this moment.

"Well, let's sing again," Charlotte said.

"Yes!" 3x

The practice continued, but the door of the room was opened.

"Huh? What are you doing here?" Hayato asked with a confusing expression since he saw Haru, Charlotte, Sakura, and Karen.

They looked at each other before telling Hayato about the concert during the Garden Festa.

"What?! Haru and Karen are going to sing during the concert?!" Hayato was surprised.

They only laughed since it was a normal reaction when they heard it.

Haru only sang for one song in this concert since he had a job as a Slayer to protect the safety of everyone in the Little Garden. Before he was a singer, he was a Slayer and he needed to protect everyone so they were able to enjoy the festival happily.



The Garden Festa had started and the Little Garden was full of guests who came for the festival. The number of people who had come to this place almost reached tens of thousands and they were coming from various countries.

But that wasn't a problem since Haru had realized that he had become a Variant for some reason, but it wasn't surprising especially when he was wounded by Savage and had intercourse with Sakura who was a Variant. He knew that there must be a side effect, even though it wasn't visible to the eyes. But he wasn't worried and thought about buying the countermeasure on the "group chat" after he had returned to his world.


Haru, Souffle, Karen, and Sakura were in the waiting room before the concert.

"Haru, are you not nervous?" Karen asked.

"No," Haru said.


They thought that this guy was too courageous since he didn't even have a stage fright for his first performance.

It was possible for him to wield two Hundred at the same time. Then Charlotte asked him whether it was possible for him to wield the third Hundred.

Haru decided to try it and it was possible. This time his third Hundred had the shape of the guitar which somehow quite unique shape since it might be the first musical instrument which was made from Hundred.

"Guitar shape, Hundred, huh?" Souffle was quite surprised by Haru's new Hundred.

"How many Hundreds, do you have?" Sakura asked curiously.



Thinking about Haru's stamina, Sakura wasn't even surprised if he was able to wield 10 Hundred at the same time later.

The atmosphere turned awkward before Souffle reminded him about his concert.

"You'll sing the second song, Kasugano-san. Please be prepared later."


*Knock!* *Knock!*

The door was knocked on and Judar entered the room.


Hearing Haru's words, they were surprised when they heard the director of the Warslan was coming for them.

Judar smiled and said, "Haru, I didn't expect that you're also going to sing at the concert."

"Well, Sakura is forcing me," Haru said.

Sakura nodded with a smile and said, "It is only one song, but I'm sure that he can become the greatest singer!"

"Well, the best Diva in the world has said such a word. I'm quite curious about your performance later," Judar said. He looked at Karen and said, "I'm also waiting for your performance too, Kisaragi Karen-kun."

"Y - Yes!" Karen wasn't good with strangers and hid behind Haru.

"I'm also counting on you to protect the Little Garden, Haru," Judar said before saying goodbye to them.

"What does he mean?" Sakura asked while looking at Haru.

"Fight against Savage maybe?" Haru said, but he felt that it wasn't that simple and thought there might be an attack later on Little Garden from Judar's words. His quest was almost over and he only needed to invite Charlotte before he could go back to his world. His Gundam also had been modified and he could use his energy to operate it. He didn't mind performing one more job since Little Garden paid him with quite a sum of money after all.

Before the concert, they continued to talk for a while until they went backstage since it was time to start their performance!


Sakura ended her song and she smiled while looking at everyone who had come to watch her concert.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Everyone clapped their hands together when the song was over.

"Thank you all!"

Sakura waved her hand excitedly at the audience. "For our next song, we have a special guest!" She placed her hand on her chest and said, "He is very special to me since he has protected the memory of me with my mother. You might be surprised by his identity, but you don't need to worry since he's a great singer! That's right! His identity is the Hero who has saved the Zwei Island before! Now please let us welcome him!"


In the middle of the stage, a hole had was opened on the stage then Haru slowly appeared while holding a microphone stand on his hand.


Everyone was excited and didn't expect the hero who saved Zwei Island would also sing in the concert.


But Emile, Claire, Liddy, Erica, and everyone who knew him were surprised since they didn't expect him to sing at the concert.

Haru, of course, wore his Variable Suit, but this time he added more clothes since he didn't want his anaconda to become an attraction for everyone. He walked calmly to the front part of the stage and each of his steps caused them to be curious about what kind of song he would sing.


"Can he really sing?" Emile asked in a dubious manner.

"He should be able to do it," Hayato said unsurely. He thought that Haru was joking, but didn't expect that Haru would really perform at the concert.


Claire was surprised since Haru suddenly appeared on the stage.

"Claire-sama?" 2x

Liddy and Erica were also surprised.

"I don't know, but this guy is really full of surprises," Claire said with a smile.


"Hundred On!"

Light with black color enveloped him and an electric guitar suddenly appeared on his hands.

Haru took a deep breath then said, "Listen to my song!"

(BGM: Asian Kung-Fu Generation - After Dark).

The sound of wild bass filled the entire arena.

Haru started to play with his guitar which caused adrenaline for everyone in this place to rise.

"The shadow behind me tears off, in that time I escape.

"Without even noticing the fallen flowers I jump."

Haru's video was played in the entire Little Garden, and everyone was fully focussed on him.

The beating of an instrument and the depth of his voice caused them to be unable to look away.

Even Sakura who was beside him felt that he had become a different person when he was on the stage caused her to be more excited.

If Sakura's song made them relaxed and made everyone to love her, then Haru's song would make them feel as if their bodies exploded and full of adrenaline wanted them to move their own bodies.

Emile and Hayato were in shock looking at Haru who was on the stage, but then they started to forget what had happened screaming his name excitedly.

"Riding on faint hopes carried by the night wind,

"How far can we go?

"As if refusing that the world shakes.

"Taking everything away.

"If it was a dream we woke, but we, have done nothing yet.


Haru ended the song and raised his guitar.


*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Haru nodded before walking back and whispered to his girlfriend. "The stage is yours after this."

Sakura sulked when she heard it since all of the audience were attracted by him, but she also felt excited by his challenge. She would show him why she was called diva by everyone by showing her best performance.


After the performance, Haru went to Claire's monitoring room to do his next job to protect Little Garden. The situation was quite peaceful and he talked together with Claire and Charlotte about a lot of things before noticing that there was trouble that suddenly happened.


An explosion happened in the Little Garden, and a Savage without a core appeared one by one within the city.

Haru thought about Vitaly who Claire had said to him before. 'Is that her?'

"Haru!" 2x

Looking at Claire and Charlotte, Haru nodded and would go out to do his job since he didn't want the concert of Sakura and Karen to be stopped because of this little trouble.