Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 676

Volume 1 Chapter 676 Garden Festa 2

In the middle of the festival, a hornet shaped Savage suddenly appeared and caused chaos. The Selections from the school started to fight it, but it suddenly exploded! But that wasn't all of them since it also started to explode on the grin within the Little Garden.

If the grid in the Little Garden was destroyed then there would be a massive blackout and cause more chaos in Little Garden.

Reitia, Liddy, Fritz, and Erica were fighting against the hornet shaped Savage stopping them to destroy the grid in the Little Garden.

The rest of the students were evacuating the guests in the festival down to the shelter.


Fritz shot out a hornet-type Savage one by one with his rifle shaped Hundred.


Suddenly there was one hornet-type Savage that moved toward Fritz's blind spot.

Fritz wanted to run away, and everyone tried to help him, but it was too late until...


Suddenly a red beam struck down at Savage disintegrated it.


Everyone was surprised then they searched the source of that attack before they saw Haru standing on the top of the high rise building shooting the hornet-type Savage one by one from a distance. They sighed in relief when they saw him had arrived since they knew very well how strong he was and with him beside them, they knew that they could protect the Little Garden from this attack.


Charlotte and Claire sighed in relief when they heard a report that Haru had destroyed most of the hornet-type Savage.

The hornet-type Savage was troublesome since it would target the grid on the Little Garden and it needed to be disposed of quickly.

"He's very reliable," Charlotte said with a smile.

"That's true," Claire said, but then she received another report about an airship which was moving toward the Little Garden which made her expression pale.


The airship was moving toward the Little Garden at a very fast speed without stopping.

A missile, anti-air weapons, and a lot of more weapons were shot toward this airship, but it couldn't stop it.

The airship hit the barrier of the Little Garden and shook the entire massive aircraft. But a powerful barrier protected everyone within and stopped the aircraft from further causing destruction in Little Garden.

But suddenly from inside the airship, a number of Savages started to come one by one and enveloped the barrier which protected the Little Garden!


Everyone in the monitoring room was shocked at Savage's number.

"Claire-sama, these Savages don't have a core!"


The picture on the screen was zoomed, and they could see that there wasn't any core inside those Savages.


Charlotte took out candy from her mouth and said, "I guess Vitaly has decided to declare war on us." She also explained that those Savages were artificially created by Vitaly to destroy the Little Garden.


The Savages kept pouring from the airship and tried to break the barrier.

From Savage's group, there was one Savage that was bigger than anyone else, smashing the barrier and continuously decreasing the energy of the barrier at a very fast speed.

They knew very well that if they didn't do something to this Savage then it would rampage inside the Little Garden.


Inside the room where LiZA was living, Vitaly had invaded inside and met Judar who was waiting for him there.

"Who would have thought we'd see each other again here, Vitaly Tynyanov," Judar said.


Vitaly squinted her eyes and said, "So you knew that I'd come here."

"From the beginning." Judar looked at Vitaly and said, "You knew that I might be here too, right?"

"Yeah. You saved me the trouble of finding you," Vitaly said, then raised her gun.

"What are you trying to pull?"

"You know. This is revenge. You pretended to love me then used me and discarded me," Vitaly said.

"You misunderstand."


"I'm going to destroy LiZA in front of your eyes and sink the Little Garden," Vitaly said.

"First, I'm going to show those Slayers just how powerless they are."


Then at that moment, the most prominent Savage in the group let out something strange from then released a noise that caused the Slayers in the Little Garden to have a headache and not able to move.


"What is this?!"

They couldn't use their Hundred properly while hearing this noise and this headache felt terrible.


Judar smiled and said, "Vitaly, it seems that you don't know about our new Slayers."


"I can be sure of you that he is the strongest Slayers in this Little Garden," Judar said.

"Hmph! Enough talking!"

But Vitaly knew very well who Judar was mentioned about Haru. Even though she had to admit that he was her type, she had intended to sink this massive aircraft and destroy everything within. Looking at Judar's calm face, she became annoyed by her ex-boyfriend and thought that she should catch Judar. Then cuckold him right in front of his face since she really wanted to have revenge against the man who had left her behind.


Savage, who released out that strange noise, kept smashing the barrier along with other Savages, but suddenly there was a figure of someone standing up in front of it.


The Savage was a bit surprised, but it showed its aggressive side and attacked this person.

This person was Haru who had jumped to the top of barrier to end the life of this annoying Savage.


The Savage changed the direction of its pincher toward Haru, but Haru used his dagger to cut it down.


Haru then aimed his rifle at Savage, killing it by shooting it down.



The noise had stopped and everyone could use their Hundred once again. Then everyone looked at the top of the barrier and saw Haru who was fighting against Savage who caused a disturbance within the Little Garden.

Haru aimed his rifle and shot out Savage continuously destroying most of them.


The largest in the area, Savage swung down its pincher to stop him.

"The most delicious should be the last. Be patient, alright?" Haru said and kept shooting while dodging all of the attacks from Savage.



Vitaly's complexion turned pale when she noticed the majority of her Savage had been destroyed.

"How?" Judar smiled.

"Shut up!" Vitaly thought that Haru was stronger than she had thought. "I'll destroy LiZA in front of you now!" She shot out her gun.


But the bullet was stopped, and there was a crystal clear barrier right in front of Judar.

"S - She has awakened?!" Vitaly was surprised.

The end of this matter could be watched in the anime or read the novel.


Haru, who had ended Savage's life, then faced the largest Savage in the group.

"Haru, you're alright?" Claire asked from the communication device.

"I'm alright. I'll go back after this one is down," Haru said.

"Hmm... I'm waiting for you," Claire said and decided to give him a reward after he came back and she also wouldn't give up on him.

Haru wasn't sure, but somehow her voice seemed very s.e.xy earlier. He decided to end this battle quicly and used a "Full-Body Armament" with both Hundreds.


The shockwave that was caused by his "Full-Body Armament" caused Savage to be thrown several meters. It didn't even have time to stabilize itself since it saw Haru who had aimed his rifle at it.

Haru gathered his energy into his rifle then shot it out.


The huge beam shot from the rifle enveloped the entire Savage and disintegrated it in an instant.


The ash from the Savage was scattered then all of the Savage which had attacked the Little Garden had been defeated by Haru. He came down from the barrier and landed on the ground smoothly before he saw Claire, Karen, and Sakura who were running toward him.


Haru was caught by three girls then noticed Hayato seemed to want to be angry at him when Hayato saw his little sister also hugged him.