Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 677

Volume 1 Chapter 677 Panicked

After spending a few days with Claire, Karen, and Sakura, Haru decided to finish the quest and returned to his world

Charlotte accepted Haru's invitation and wanted to try the "group chat", but she only heard that it could be only used after he had gone back to his world.

"I'm curious what kind of reward you'll get after this," Charlotte said.

"You want to see?" Haru asked.

"Yes." Charlotte nodded and asked, "But you're really going back?"

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"What are you going to do with Sakura, Karen, and Claire? Are you going to tell them about this?" Charlotte asked.

"I'm going back, but it is only for a month," Haru said.

"Month, huh? Well, it isn't that long."

Charlotte nodded. She didn't need to worry anymore after hearing Haru would return to this world after the quest was over. She had thought that he would leave for a year or more or even might not come back, but it seemed that she didn't need to worry.

"What are you going to tell them?"

"Tell them that I have a secret mission," Haru said.

"What if Judar asks?" Charlotte asked.

"If you believe in him, then you can share this matter with him," Haru said.


Charlotte sighed and said, "I'll tell him that you're going to hunt Savage for more money."

Haru rolled his eyes, but it wasn't a secret that he had often asked for more money. He also started working with Judar and Charlotte on a smartphone company since he wasn't comfortable with the PDA.

"Well, I'm going to open my reward," Haru said and opened his reward. He would need to go back in three days and of course, he would spend the next three days with his girlfriends here.

[Congratulations, you have gotten "Love Spot"]

The moment Haru had read his reward, he had become very panicked. He hurriedly read the description of this reward to understand better since he didn't have a good feeling about this reward.


Love Spot is a spell (curse) inherent of one's facial features which are cast as soon as the target looks at the user's face; a Mystic Face. Enchants those of the user's opposite s.e.x with magical energy. It can be activated and non-activated by using your magic entry.


Haru hurriedly unactivated it and sighed in relief. Then he realized something and looked at Charlotte.

"Charlotte, you're alright?"

"Well, I'm alright? What's wrong?" Charlotte asked curiously.

"Nothing, if you're alright then it is good." Haru sighed in relief and asked, "Do you have a mirror?" He was afraid for Charlotte to be affected, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

"Here," Charlotte said and took out a mirror for him.

Haru looked at the mirror and saw a mole under his right eye. He sighed in relief since it didn't change anything too much and only gave him a mole. It was only his perception, but it might be different from other people's perceptions. He could tell that it didn't affect Charlotte since he had deactivated it.

"So what is your reward?" Charlotte asked.

"It's a mole under my right eye," Haru said.

"Oh...." Charlotte nodded and asked, "What is its function?"


Haru twitched his lips and wasn't sure how to explain. He pondered and decided to not tell the truth since it was quite troublesome.

"It makes me able that shouldn't be seen."


Charlotte was stunned and asked, "D - Does a ghost exist?"

"It exists," Haru said.


Charlotte was stunned when she heard it since she was a scientist and an occult thing wasn't something that she could comprehend. She also didn't believe it, but Haru could use magic and thought the existence of ghosts might be possible, especially when he had received a reward which enabled him to see something which couldn't be seen. She suddenly became scared and moved closer toward Haru.

"T - There aren't any ghosts here, right?"

"No, of course not. There is too much technology here," Haru said. Even if there was he could chase them away since he owned the power of "Horo Horo no Mi".

"That's good...." Charlotte sighed in relief.

Then they continued to talk for a while, before he decided to go out since he needed to talk with Claire, Karen, and Sakura about his departure.

Charlotte, who had seen Haru go out, sighed in relief. She had a hard time staying calm when she was with him earlier and wanted to jump into him ravage him making her pregnant, but she was glad that she didn't do any of that.

'Sigh... Child, huh?'

Charlotte thought that she also wanted children, then looked at Haru's back longingly.


Haru knew that "Love Spot" which was his reward from the Group Chat was something from a famous hero in the past.

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.

Haru remembered that Diarmuid was famous for his Love Spot that could make every woman mesmerized with a single glance. The only difference might be that Diarmuid couldn't control it, but he could control it.

Truth be told, Haru wasn't happy with this reward since even without "Love Spot" he was confident in himself, but with Love Spot. He felt that everything would turn into very troublesome since he could see a lot of girls would fall for him causing him a million troubles. The only good thing was that he knew that he could deactivate or activate this new ability. He was sure that he wouldn't use this "Love Spot" in his life.

Went back to his room, there was both Claire and Sakura who had been waiting for him.

Haru didn't know what they were talking about before, but he knew that they had a truce to fight him together. He didn't know what kind of sacrifice that Sakura had made, but for sure that he was lucky to have her.


Laying on the bed lazily, Sakura and Claire were resting on his arms and had to admit that they were unable to fight against him. They only hoped for Karen to join as soon as possible since this guy was a beast.

They talked to each other then noticed a mole under his right eye. They had never seen this before, but somehow it made him more handsome.

"How come that you have a mole under your right eye?" Claire asked.

"Yeah, I noticed that there wasn't that mole yesterday," Sakura said.

"Is there?" Haru seemed surprised.


Sakura took a mirror and showed him his mole.

"Well..." Haru nodded and asked, "Is it bad?"

"Does it hurt?" Claire asked.

"No," Haru said.

"Then, just leave it there since you have become more handsome this way," Sakura said.


Haru also realized it, but this mole made him slightly more handsome than before which somehow made him feel a bit complicated.

"Right, do you want to go with me to the concert?" Sakura asked.

"He can't! He needs to stay in the Little Garden to protect everyone!" Claire said.


After Haru's singing during the Garden Festa, he had gained a lot of popularity and he was also known as a hero who had protected everyone during the attack on the Little Garden. His popularity was very huge and there were a lot of people who wanted to hear him singing.

It wouldn't be that surprising if his popularity had reached the level where he might affect the voice of the world.

"Well, I want to talk to you about something," Haru said.

His words caused them to be silent.

"I'll go out for a month to hunt Savage," Haru said.

"What?!" 2x


"How come?!"

Two girls started to clamor and asked him a lot of questions when they heard that he was going out for a month.

(A month in this world would mean 300 days in his original world).

Haru told them that the only way to communicate with him was through Charlotte later and told them not to worry.

"When are you going?" Sakura asked.

"Three days later," Haru said.

"It's enough." Claire nodded.

"Don't ever think about resting for the entire three days," Sakura said.


They knew that they couldn't stop him and decided to dry him up for the past three days. They also needed to think of a better strategy to defeat this beast since his ability in that area was as amazing as his ability to fight Savage.

Haru could only wrily laugh at them since the winner of this competition had been decided.


Haru teleported back to his original world. Inside his room, he had changed his clothes since he was going on a date with Megumi on Christmas Eve. He placed his Gundam back in the courtyard which had startled Sora.

Sora wanted to ask about the Gundam, but then stopped when she saw the change on Haru.

"Is there something on my face?" Haru asked since he could see her and kept staring at his face.

"There's a new mole under your right eye," Sora said and pushed him to the sofa while looking at his mole closely. "Hmm... I wonder when you have grown this..."

Haru was wondering whether everyone was so sharp and realized that there was a mole under his right eye. "Is there? I'm not sure."

"There's! Wait, let me get the mirror!" Sora said and went to her room.

Haru rested on the sofa for a bit before his smartphone vibrated. He thought that it was Group Chat since he had come back and thought everyone wanted to ask him a question, but it seemed that wasn't the case. He received an email from Erina and opened it.

Erina: "I miss you."