Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 678

Volume 1 Chapter 678 I Miss You

In 2009, a chat application wasn't that popular.

Whatsapp had just been developed, and the most popular social media sites should be Twitter, Facebook, and BBM (Blackberry Messenger).

Haru's Instagram was also one of the most rising and popular applications since it had around 50 million members.

There were a lot of investment banks that wanted to invest, but Haru had money and also had a cloud computing company. That meant that he didn't need a lot of money to maintain his Instagram and he also didn't lack money. With how smooth his Instagram was, it could also promote his cloud computing company and make a lot of companies in this country and overseas pay for his service, especially when his could computing company's reputation was also quite good since its security was the best and it was very stable.

Haru knew that Seri was a very dependable financial advisor and had helped him with a lot of things.

But what he wanted to explain was that the chat application wasn't that popular and some people only used email or SMS.

Haru thought that was the case with Erina and felt that he should create a LINE to make a comfortable chat with his friends later or bought a Whatsapp later.

'Let's put that matter aside...'

Haru looked at the content of the email that had been sent by Erina and felt confused since he didn't think that Erina was the type of girl who would send such an email to him. He remembered that Erina was a very proud and haughty girl. He checked whether it was her email but it seemed that it was really her email since they had exchanged it with each other's contact information before.

Haru thought that it was really Erina's email, but then he felt very strange by this email. When he was in deep thought, Erina sent out another email.

Erina: "Good morning, Kasugano-kun."

Haru: "Nakiri, Good morning."

Haru: "Is it really Nakiri?"

Erina: "Yes, but.... you can call me Erina in private. After all, you have helped me so much before, but it is absolutely forbidden to call me Erina in front of everyone!"

Haru: "Okay, okay."

Haru sighed when he thought that it was really Erina since he didn't know anyone else who would send such a tsundere email to him beside her.

Erina: "Actually, I have wanted to say thank you to Kasugano-kun, although I don't want to admit it. If Kasugano-kun didn't help me at that time, then the consequence might be very terrible."

Haru: "Is it about that cooking competition? If that what you mean, you don't need to worry since our misunderstanding has been solved, right?"

Erina: "I'm not talking about a cooking competition!! Isn't it because of you that I have made that mistake?! If you weren't there then I wouldn't have made such a mistake!"


Haru was speechless but then he thought for a while before he remembered when he smashed Erina's father's car.

Haru: "So you thank me because I have smashed the car? Isn't that your own father? How come you're thanking me?"

Erina: "Yes, he is my father, and for a specific reason, you don't need to know, all you need to know is that I hate him."

Erina: "Is it alright to give him that car? Aren't your parents going to get angry at you?"

Haru: "It's my own car, my parents have passed away in the past."


Erina: "Sorry to know, so you work by yourself?"

Haru: "Yes, I work by myself, but you also need to know that something can only be realized when they have gone. You shouldn't hate your father, though, I have to admit your father was a bit weird at that time."

Erina: "You didn't know what that person usually did to me in the past, but you also need to be careful since he might retaliate against you."

Haru: "It's alright, I'm not afraid."

Erina: "Don't underestimate him! Once he has targeted you, he might do something!"

Haru: "Nakiri is only famous in the food industry, but my business isn't that related to the food industry."

Erina: "Well, I know that you're not from the food industry, but you need to be careful, alright?"

Haru: "Yes, thank you for your reminder."

Erina: "Besides thanking you, I have another matter to ask you."

Haru was a bit surprised since according to Erina's personality it would be hard for her to ask for help from other people so easily, but since she had asked then he could only respond.

Haru: "What matters?"

Erina: "It's like this... I have to go to the banquet for Christmas to meet with a various people from the food and beverage industry, but I'm not sure which dress should I wear at the banquet..."

Haru: "Well... are you sure that you're going to ask me that? I'm a male and my opinion might not be suitable."

Erina: "It's because you're a male! That is why I have asked you! Isn't there a saying, 'Girl's clothes are best seen by opposite genders.'"

Haru felt that there was something wrong with this sentence, but he didn't think much.

Haru: "But how am I going to choose the dress for you? I also don't know very much about girl's fashion."

Erina: "It doesn't really matter. I have chosen some dresses and tell me which one is more suitable for me. I'll send you the picture after this."

After this sentence was sent out, it didn't take long before Erina sent out a picture of her wearing various dresses.

Haru opened the picture, and a certain part of his body responded.

In the photo, Erina didn't wear a dress, but rather a small black suit and a dark red British-style plaid sub-skirt. This set of clothes increased her cold and noble image to the limit and because her b.o.o.b.s were very large, the suit showed the shape of her b.o.o.b.s perfectly.

What was more incredible was that in the photo, Erina was in a very provocative posture, stretched out her finger, and gently licked it with her tongue. Adding such a posture, and such attractive dresses, made people want to conquer her when they saw such a beautiful girl!

Haru thought to save it but decided to delete it later since the consequences of saving such a picture were terrible.

Erina: "What do you think?"

Haru: "Very nice."

Haru felt that the one that he communicated with wasn't Erina, but someone else. He thought for a while and decided to test it.

Haru: "In exchange for helping me to choose your clothes, can you also tell me about my Shoujo's manga that I have drawn? You have read it before, right? Do you think that it can be approved by the publisher?"

Erina: "Although your drawing skill is very bad, it can barely pass the level of serialized."

Haru only smiled and replied, "Alice, you're very good, but it is a pity that you're still exposed."

Erina: "Kasugano-kun, what are you talking about? What is exposed?"

Haru: "First of all, I didn't draw a Shoujo manga. Secondly, I didn't even submit a manga to the publisher." He had his own publishing company and why he needed to publish his manga to other's publishing companies?

Alice: "Hmm... Sure enough, it seems that you have exposed me. It seems that the timing of the photo is a bit too early, but then again, Haru, are you still a man? Don't you feel excited when you see Erina's naughty photo?"

Sorry, he had deleted the photo since it was troublesome to keep such a photo on his phone.

Alice didn't even pretend anymore and admitted her identity.

Alice: "But Haru, the one who has lost the most after exposing my identity is you! I have prepared a lot of Erina's s.e.xy photos, but since you have exposed me, then I won't send them to you anymore!".

Haru only laughed and replied, "Alice, is it really alright for you to do this? Don't you need to worry when your cousin knows about this matter?"

Alice: "Erina is still taking a shower, what am I afraid of? Does she suddenly appear behind me, and press my face on the keyboard or somethiHUGS*YGPOSHGOSTHH"