Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 679

Volume 1 Chapter 679 Haughty Girl New Member And Megumi's Parents

Erina: "I'm Erina."

After a long period of pause, there was such an email that was sent to him.

Haru thought that the one who sent this email should be the real Erina, and somehow he was curious about what had happened to Alice.

Haru: "The one who used your email earlier should be Alice, right? What happened to her?"

Erina: "She is dead."


Haru nodded and could see the difference between Alice and Erina. He didn't think that Alice's childish personality could match Erina's haughty personality.

Erina: "The one who sent those emails was Alice! So you mustn't mistake it with me! I would never send such an email to you! Also, delete that picture quickly!" She had made such a request since Alice had sent out her s.e.xy photo. Her face was red when she thought her photo was sent to Haru.

Haru: "Well, it has been deleted."

Erina: "Really? You're not lying to me? Why did you send your reply so fast?"

Haru: "Do you think I'm lying to you? If you don't believe it then you can come to my house to check it."


Haru could imagine Erina's speechless expression and made him couldn't help but smile. He really had fun teasing this thorny queen and made her fl.u.s.tered.

After waiting for a while, he didn't receive a reply and thought to stop playing with Erina since he saw that Sora came out from her room. But before that, he needed to send another email.

Haru: "Well, don't be so hard on Alice. I need to go somewhere, and might contact you later when I have time."

Erina: "Wait!"

Haru: "What's wrong?"

Erina: "That... manga, I mean weekly magazine...." Her words were a bit awkward since she was too shy to ask.

Haru: "Oh, you mean my weekly magazine? I have promoted it everywhere, for the result, let's see after the new year."

Haru thought for a while and added, "If the result is good then I might consider creating a weekly magazine manga for Shoujo manga."

Erina: "What if the result isn't good?"

Haru: "Well, I'll stop it since it is unprofitable, but I'm confident since you have said those mangas are very good, right?"

Erina: "Hmph! You should be grateful that I have checked it before! And to ensure the quality of your mangas does not decline in the future, you need to show it to me before you publish it."

Erina: "You also must show the shoujo manga that you want to add to your weekly magazine later!"

Haru: "You want to read the manga in my publishing house in advance?"

Erina: "Don't misunderstand! I don't want to read your manga!"

Haru: "Well, don't be so angry. I'll show you if you want to see it."

Erina: "As I said, I don't want to read it!"

Haru: "Don't be like this, without your advice my magazine might become a failure."

Erina: "Well, if that's the case, then I'll read it for you, but I need to remind you that I only don't want to see that magazine become a failure, and it is definitely not because I want to help you!"

Haru only laughed and replied, "Erina, you're so cute."


"What are you talking about?"

Although it was just a short message from Haru, it made her very embarrassed, but also happy at the same time.

Erina waited for a while, but after 10 minutes she was annoyed that she didn't receive an email from him again. She thought for a while and decided to send him this email even though she was very embarrassed.


Erina: "That... Thank you."

Sora looked at the emails which Haru just received and asked, "Who is this girl?"

"Do you remember when I was invited to become a judge in the cooking competition?" Haru said.

"Oh, right...."

Sora remembered that Haru had said that he had given his car to someone before to help someone. She remembered that it was a girl, then she looked at him again. "You shouldn't be too close to her if you don't have an intention to date her." She could see that this haughty girl wasn't Haru's type.

Haru nodded and said, "I know."

"Then, go, Megumi is waiting for you," Sora said and pulled him outside.

"What are you going to do after this?" Haru asked.

"I'll go with Ritsu to the cafe, bullying Shina on a fighting game," Sora said without changing her expression.


Haru was speechless and kissed her.

Both of them kissed for a long time before they parted their lips, but they didn't separate from each other and started hugging each other.

Sora hugged him tighter and didn't want to let him go until a few minutes.


Sora thought that if she didn't let him go now then she might really not let him come out later.

"Take care." Haru kissed her forehead before went out.

After seeing him go out, Sora went to Haru's room then jumped into his bed along with sniffing his shirt.


Her little and smooth fingers moved slowly toward her sensitive place letting out a lot of crystal clear liquid from that place.



Haru was ready to go to Megumi's house and went to his garage. He was wearing a flannel shirt, puffer vest, jeans, and booths, but he didn't intend to go camping rather went to a hot spring hotel in Hakone to enjoy the snow and scenery there together with Megumi.

Haru was ready to drive his car, but suddenly his smartphone rang, picked it up from his pocket, and only saw Alice's number.

As soon as the phone connected, Alice's slightly excited voice could be heard from the phone.

"How is it? What did you guys talk about? I have heard Erina typing on the keyboard very excitedly before. I know that something must happen between the two of you since I have never seen her like this! Hurry up and tell me!"

"Can you not be so excited?"

"Don't worry about it, Haru. Just tell me the details!"

Alice lowered her voice and said in excitement, "Haru, let me tell you, you have a lot of chances to make Erina fall in love with you! Anyway, from my years of theoretical experience with Erina, she definitely has feelings for you!"

Haru felt that this girl was quite funny and said, "Whether that is true or not, but is it really alright to do this to your cousin?" He also couldn't help but say, "Haven't you learned from your lesson before? She might be behind you right now."

"Don't worry, this time I come to the balcony, and Erina is in the bedroom, how can see suddenly appear behind me and grab my phone...."

"Ah, Erina! Give my phone back!!!!!"


The two sisters were very interesting, Haru could hear a lot of noises from his phone. Shaking his head, he said goodbye before hanging up his phone then he went to Megumi's house.


Charlotte joined the group in Group Chat.

The moment everyone saw that the new member was a girl, they asked directly whether Charlotte was Haru's girlfriend or not.

Charlotte: "I'm not."

They were quite suspicious, but after looking at Charlotte's childish figure; they could only nod and knew that she wasn't his girlie in that world. They knew that Haru's type was a s.e.xy woman with a big b.r.e.a.s.t and he didn't have that much interest in the childish figure.

Somehow at that moment, Shinobu and Kuroneko felt sad and also brought Charlotte to their alliance since their figure was alike. But Shinobu's chance was bigger to grow up since after staying in the "group chat" her body started to show a curve and someplace had turned bigger than before.

Then they talked about the matter of Charlotte's world since they were curious about her world.

Charlotte learned a lot of interesting things and didn't expect another world to really exist. But what made her happy was that they were really excited about her joining the "group chat".


Megumi was in her house waiting for Haru.

Megumi's parents knew the relationship between their daughter and Haru, and they really supported it since they knew very well how Megumi had a really a very weak presence, especially after Megumi had learned to become a ninja.

They often forgot about Megumi, and even often left her behind when they were on a trip. It was very good luck that Megumi often went to Sora's house to learn together made them to not worry much about their daughter. But at the same time, they also felt a bit worried about their daughter since if this continued then she might not able to find someone in her life.

Luckily, their daughter had a boyfriend early on and her boyfriend was someone they could trust since they had known him for a long time. They knew about Haru since he had often come to their house visiting them from time to time in the past.

Megumi, who was waiting in the living room, got a chat from Haru that told her that he was already outside.

"Mom, Dad, I'll go out now."

"Be careful, alright," Megumi's father said.

"Yes," Megumi answered with a plain tone.

Hearing his daughter's reply, Megumi's father nodded since he didn't think that his plain daughter would do something that an a.d.u.l.t would do.

Megumi had brought a bag with her and was ready to go out, but her mother stopped her.

"Megumi, wait! You forget about something," Megumi's mother said.

"Forget something?"

Megumi tilted her head and seemed confused.

Megumi's mother was very sneaky and placed something in her daughter's hand when her husband went to the toilet. "Don't forget to wear this, don't tell your father about this." Then she hurriedly went to the living room to peek at Haru.


Megumi looked at the thing in her hand and didn't really know what to do for a while. If someone was here then they would be surprised since Megumi showed various reactions making her very cute. Then she decided to put it in her bag before she went out from her house.