Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 680

Volume 1 Chapter 680 Confession

Haru thought to greet Megumi's parents first, but he was mesmerized when he saw Megumi who had come out from her house. He was a bit stunned since this time she was very beautiful.

In the usual, Megumi had short shoulder-length hair, but this time her hair had become longer that it was enough to reach her back.

Megumi wore a short skirt and black stockings showing how beautiful her legs were. She also wore clothes that gave her a mature image that would make people mistook her as a college student.

Haru knew that Megumi wanted to wear that skirt because she wanted to be beautiful in front of him. Even though it was very cold, she had decided to wear such a short skirt. He walked toward her and felt a bit worried, but he also needed to praise her.

"You're beautiful, but don't you feel cold?" Haru asked worriedly.

Megumi showed her usual smile which somehow made him relax and said, "It's a bit warm now."


Haru had to admit that this girl was really cute. He took her bag and saw both of Megumi's parents who came out from the house.

"Uncle, Aunt, I'll take care of Megumi."

They smiled and told him to take care of their daughter. Even though their daughter would have their exam in the middle of January, they weren't that worried about Megumi since Megumi was very very diligent and smart. They thought that this outing was quite good since she might need a break to relax before the exam.

"Mom, Dad, I'll go now," Megumi said and entered the car.

Haru said goodbye to them then also started his car to go to Hakone.


Talking to each other along the way, Megumi often asked him about his school since she was curious about a school that was focussed on gambling.

"If you're at my school, I'm confident that you can even become the strongest gambler in my school," Haru said.

"Huh? Am I good at gambling?" Megumi was confused.

"Yes, your invisibility makes you able to cheat without trouble," Haru said with a smile.


Megumi sulked and pinched his arm.

"It hurts! It hurts! I'm driving! It's dangerous!"

Megumi "huft" then looked away from him and felt annoyed.

In this situation, Haru could only apologize honestly to her then also gave her some jokes to make her laugh.

Megumi wasn't really angry at him, but when they were together they really felt complete. She really liked this feeling, and in her heart, she had some selfishness to keep him by herself. She looked at him and noticed the mole under his right eye.

"When did you have a mole under your right eye?"

Haru felt a bit weird since a lot of people noticed his mole. "Is it really that noticeable?"

"Well, I often see you every day after all," Megumi said with a bland voice.

Haru only smiled and held her hand softly.

"Don't think too much and let's just enjoy our Christmas Eve."


Megumi smiled and held his hand since it was their first Chrismas eve that they would spend together.


Arriving in the hotel, Haru went to the receptionist together with Megumi.

The receptionist was a woman and looked at both couples who came together making her very jealous. It was Christmas eve yet she was working. It was very hard, especially when she saw a lot of couples who stayed in this hotel. Looking at Haru, she looked at Megumi with bitterness since she also wanted to have such a boyfriend.

Different from her short hair mode, her long hair mode made her became a very beautiful girl that would make anyone unable to ignore her.

Haru had asked her before why she didn't maintain her long hair.

Megumi's answer was simple and that was long hair would be quite hot in the summer.


Haru was speechless but didn't think too much since her short hair was also quite cute. He had made a reservation before and the receptionist guided them to their room. She also told them that there was a festival around the hotel for every couple that stayed in this hotel.

Megumi was quite curious about the festival and wanted to see it.

Haru, who wanted to rest lazily could only follow her this time.


After placing their bags in their room, they went to a rental clothes shop within the hotel to rent a yukata which they would wear during the festival.

Megumi picked her yukata and chose her size before going to the changing room.

Haru followed her voluntarily helping her and told her that he would help her with righteous expression.


Megumi was speechless but didn't stop him and let him help her since they had often touched each other.

Haru, who helped her change her clothes, realized that her clothing was a bit too tight.

"Aren't your clothes too small?"

"It's not small! It fits!" Megumi wouldn't admit that this yukata was a bit too tight.

Haru also decided not to say anything since the girl was very sensitive about their weight. But it was inevitable since Megumi was at the age of growing up and of course, some of her clothes weren't going to fit.


Outside the clothing rental, the staff thought that both Megumi and Haru were staying too long in the changing room. She decided to check what they were doing.

"It's a bit tight."

"D - Don't force it too much."

The staff member burst into jealousy and also anger since she didn't expect the couple would do such a thing inside the changing room.

*Baam!* *Baam!*

"Guest, please refrain from doing such an incident action inside the changing room!"


Inside the changing room, Haru was speechless, but Megumi's face was red from embarrassment.

Haru didn't expect that the staff would have such a misunderstanding and he explained to this staff about what had really happened.

The staff apologized several times before leaving them.


It was a bit awkward, but it was a sure funny experience.


Joining the festival, there were a lot of couples, but they didn't stay too long and went back to their room to dip into the hot spring together.

They had done this in the past, but at that time, there was Sora, Utaha, and Yuri.

However, this time it was only both of them staying together as a couple.

Resting on his chest, Megumi looked at the firework which was shot through the sky. She could feel something hard on her back but decided to ignore it since she was very emotional at this moment.



Megumi pulled his arms around her making him hug her tighter as if afraid to lose him.

Haru could feel the change in her emotion and could only hug her tighter giving her reassurance that he wouldn't leave her.

After staying in the private hot spring inside their room, they went back to their room and they laid together on the bed together.

Looking at him, Megumi couldn't help but say, "Haru."

"What's wrong?"

"Will you leave me?"

"No, I will not."

Hugging her in his arms, Haru looked at her then kissed her lips.

Megumi felt that her heart was full at this moment and hugged him tighter.

Parting their lips, Megumi looked at him and said, "I love you."

Haru kissed her forehead and said, "I love you too."

Closing their eyes, Haru was about to sleep, but Megumi opened her eyes slowly looking at him.

"Haru, are you awake?" Megumi asked.

"Not yet." Haru wanted to sleep, but he was ignored.

"Do you want to listen to a story?"

Haru looked at Megumi's dark brown eyes clearly seeming to want to tell him something.


Megumi turned to look at the ceiling and started to tell him a story about a girl and two of her important people.