Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 682

Volume 1 Chapter 682 Their Past 2

Megumi remembered that day clearly.

Sora cried loudly during the day on Haru's chest while Haru was quite pale forcing himself to smile while trying to calm Sora down.

Megumi could feel that Haru's back was so lonely that day.

Everyone said their condolences to both Haru and Sora since both of them had lost their parents so early.

No one would expect that such an accident would happen.

Hiratsuka who came at that time along with the family from Haru's father's side told them that it was better to sell the apartment and lived with them in Chiba since most of their family lived there.

Megumi who heard their conversation at that time felt very nervous, but also couldn't say anything.

Living in Tokyo was very expensive, especially in their area, it wasn't cheap. They might have this apartment from their parents, and some insurance money after their parents' passed away, but it might not be enough to pay for their education and other things until college if they decided to live in Tokyo.

Both of them had lost their parents and they didn't have a source of income.

Their family also didn't want both of them to work part-time since they thought it was better for them to focus on studying.

Their aunt and uncle had thought to receive them and lived with them in Chiba, but they needed to be separated since they couldn't take care of both of them at the same time.

Megumi thought that there was nothing that Haru, Sora, or she could do in this situation since they were minor. She was sitting with Utaha too at that time and she could see that Utaha was very distressed at that moment, but at that moment, she didn't have time to talk with her since she also wasn't in the mood. She knew very well that both of them weren't that close and the one who connected them would move out from this place.

But Haru's answer made everyone his family flabbergasted since he had said that he wouldn't move out and decided to stop from his school.

"Do you know what you're doing?!"

"Do you want to throw away your future!"

"You are very smart! You should continue to study!"

There was a huge fight between them.

Sora also didn't want to move and also wanted to stay with him.

From the family's side, they wanted Haru to continue to study and become either doctor or lawyer since he had a bright mind and good EQ, but he didn't listen to them and told them that he would be alright. He said that he would work and pay for his sister's tuition and everything.

"Do whatever you want."

It was the thing that Haru's grandfather said at that moment that caused everyone to shut up.

Megumi who saw Haru's figure thought that this was a man and someone that every girl wanted to rely upon.

Utaha's eyes were shining at that moment and thought that this seemed to be similar to a manga scene or novel. But at the same time, she was happy that he didn't move away.

When it was over, everyone went back.

Megumi thought to stay and Sora also wanted her to stay.

Sleeping together at night, Megumi woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, but then she saw him sitting on the sofa silently while smoking. She frowned and wanted to reprimand him since it wasn't good, but stopped when she saw his tears roll down silently.

Looking absentmindedly at the picture of a family, without saying anything only the sound of a burnt cigarette could be heard.

Megumi stopped for a moment and really wanted to hug him at that moment, but she knew that he didn't want her to see him in a weak state. She also knew that losing both of his parents was a huge blow for him.

"Oh, Megumi, did you wake up?" Haru noticed Megumi and hurriedly wiped away his tears. He hurriedly changed his expression.

"Haru, are you alright?" Megumi asked.

Haru smiled bitterly and said, "I want to say that I'm alright, but I'm not. I need to think about tuition, electricity, food, and a lot more things around...

"I'm going to become homeless, do you think that there is a girl who wants to marry me later?"

Megumi only smiled bitterly and thought that there would be a lot of girls who wanted to marry him even if he had lost his money. She knew Haru's talent in talking very well and it wouldn't be surprising for her if he found a rich lady for money.

"Don't joke around, what are you going to do?" Megumi asked.

"Well, it should be alright, you don't need to worry," Haru said simply and put off the fire on the cigarette. He threw the cigarette into the trash can and thought to stop after this day.

"Is there something that I can do for you?" Megumi asked. She really wanted to help him, but she knew that what she could do was limited.

"Well, can you take care of Sora? Do your best to stop her from doing something stupid such as wanting to drop out of her school," Haru said.

Megumi nodded and said, "I will do it." She would do that even if he didn't ask.

"Is there anything again?"

Haru thought for a while and asked in a nervous manner, "C - Can we hug for a bit?"

Megumi was stunned, but then she saw his hand was shaking for a while and gave him a gentle nod.

Haru hugged Megumi without saying, but tightly in his arms.

Megumi also hugged him while caressing his hair.

"Uh... Thank you."

Haru stopped and said, "You should go back." His expression was a bit awkward.

Megumi felt reluctant to stop and asked, "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to stay here for a bit," Haru said.

"You should stop smoking," Megumi said.

Haru only laughed hearing that and said, "I'll do it."

Megumi showed a bit annoyance then left him since she knew that he needed time alone, but she really hoped to be able to help him with something.


After that, Haru was really alright and he started to write a novel and it was being published right away by the publisher. He also used his appearance and social media to promote himself along with his book gaining a lot of fans in a short time and also getting a lot of money too.

Megumi really thought that this guy could do anything, but she knew that he also started to change since he stopped playing around with girls.

Then his career got better and better, from building a cafe, and a lot more.

His aunt and uncle from his father's side also didn't say anything, but they secretly felt relieved.

Megumi was by their side and saw a girl after the girl kept appearing around him. She didn't say anything, but then she also knew how popular Haru was and thought that he would have a girlfriend soon. She felt quite uncomfortable when she thought about it and she didn't think that he would be interested in her plain personality.

Then Haru invited them to go to the hot spring together.

At that time, Megumi thought that Haru would confess his love to either Yuri or Utaha, but she wouldn't expect that it would be her. She was really happy at that time, but she also knew very well about him and told him if she treated him the same as his past girlfriend then she would leave him, but deep in her heart, she really wanted him to not treat her like them and wanted to stay with him forever.

Haru promised her at that time.

Megumi was happy, but then she also felt guilty since she knew very well that Sora's feeling towards Haru wasn't something that a normal sibling should have, but both of them were two most important people in her life besides her parents who often ignored her and forgot about her portion during dinner or took her on a vacation.

But she also had her own insecurity, she didn't feel that she was special enough for Haru to stay with her. She knew that Haru had a lot of temptation with his career getting better and better and she also didn't want to lose him.

Then she heard about the trouble that he had gotten into after learning magic. She didn't think that he was fooling around since she also trained under a ninja, but that trouble really shocked her.

Megumi wasn't that tangled since she knew that he would eat her soon and later, and thought that it was a way for him to not leave her.

More and more girls came at him, it also made her quite distressed, and then she also told Sora about this matter before Sora also joined with her.

It might sound quite immoral, but then she was also happy when she stayed with him.

She wanted to see him able to continue to study in school.

She wanted to see him able to get success in his career.

She wanted to see him happy.

She wanted to spend time with him.

She wanted to spend time together forever with him.


"I only want a little happiness, staying with you by your side and not being forgotten by you."

Megumi ended her story after saying those words to him.