Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 683

Volume 1 Chapter 683 Finally..

"I only want a little happiness, staying with you by your side and not being forgotten by you."


Haru somehow felt guilty in his heart. He looked at Megumi and remembered a lot of things that had happened between both of them, but he also felt that as a guy he was really lucky to have such a girl beside him.

If he didn't treasure her then a lot of readers might come to kill him later, but such a thing wouldn't happen. He also didn't have an intention to give her to someone else and that was why he was going to utter a sentence that usually came out on Shoujo manga or TV Drama since he knew that this girl loved it.

"Even if you say that you want to leave, I won't let you...."

Haru looked at Megumi and said, "You're mine, and just a little happiness won't do. I will make you the happiest girl in this world."

Megumi smiled and felt warm moving closer toward him.

Haru thought that this girl was very cute, but he was wondering whether it was alright for her to love and devote herself to him this much. It didn't mean that he was unhappy, but he somehow also felt quite unworthy of such a deep love since he had betrayed her a lot of times. But at the same time, he realized how lucky he was to have her as his girlfriend.

One thing that he needed to do was to make her the happiest in this world no matter what.

"Haru, can I ask you something?" Megumi asked.


"How many girls have you dated besides me and Sora?" Megumi asked.


"Don't lie to me. I have known you for a long time, and I have also seen a lot of things in the past during your middle school era." Megumi looked at him and said, "I hope that you don't play with their heart." She could see that Haru really loved her and wouldn't let go of her, but at the same time, she also didn't want him to play around with girls' hearts the same way as he did during his middle school time.


Haru was wondering whether Megumi was thinking that he was a s.e.x.u.a.l deviant or something. He shook his head and said, "I have never played with anyone now."

"Then, does that mean that you have another girlfriend beside me and Sora?" Megumi said.

"Why do you always think that I'm that kind of person?" Haru asked.

"How many?" Megumi asked directly.


"How many?"

Haru sighed and said, "There are only three of you." He thought that it was a chance telling the truth to Megumi.

Megumi was a bit surprised and said, "Isn't it a bit too little?"

"Little?" Haru was surprised.

"I remember you dating seven or ten girls at the same time before," Megumi said.

"That's in the past," Haru said since he didn't expect that his image would be so much worse in Megumi's head.

Megumi sighed and said, "I wonder really why I fell for you again?"

Haru rolled his eyes and hugged her. "Isn't there a saying that love is blind?"

"I must be blind right now," Megumi said.

"Well, if you're blind then don't worry, I'll be your light, guide you, and stay with you all the time," Haru said.

Megumi looked at Haru and asked, "You promise?"

"I promise." Haru nodded.

"So who is this third girl? Is it the girl that I have seen at the cafe before?" Megumi asked since she remembered the girl who had a critical illness in the past. She thought that Haru was dating him since if it was that girl then she might understand it. "So who is it?"

"Utaha," Haru answered.


"Is Utaha-senpai, huh?" Megumi nodded with plain expression.

"You don't seem to be that surprised?" Haru asked.

"No, if it's Utaha-senpai then I understand," Megumi said. She knew very well about Utaha's feelings towards Haru since she had also known her for a long time too. "When have you dated?"

"It's....." Haru explained when he had dated Utaha then also he hadn't told her until now.

Megumi who listened to him couldn't help but say, "Don't underestimate me, the moment we dated, I have prepared for such a thing to happen..."

Haru hugged her and wondered how she felt right now, but he knew that her heart was very hurt thinking about sharing him with someone else.

Megumi was also silent, letting him hug her body.

Then suddenly she asked a question.

"Have you done it with her?"

"Done? What do you mean?" Haru asked.


Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "Yes."

Megumi didn't say anything afterward until she asked, "Haru, do you think that I'm not attractive?"


"How can you ask such a stupid question? Of course, you're attractive," Haru said.

"But... You have never wanted to do that with me!"

"Well, your age is a bit..."

"Isn't it the same as Utaha-senpai? And I'm not a child, especially after I've touched your p.e.n.i.s from time to time," Megumi said.

Haru thought for a while and remembered that both of their ages were the same since Utaha hadn't had her birthday yet. Then he also felt that he was really sc.u.m considering what he had asked her. He looked at Megumi and would be lying if he wasn't tempted. He moved on the top of her and said, "Well, it is Christmas eve, after all, I haven't had my gift yet." He moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, "So I'll take you as my gift."

Megumi shuddered, and her legs squeezed together. "H - Haru...."

"Shh... You want this right? Don't worry, I won't leave you." Haru gave her a butterfly kiss from her neck to her chest slowly building up her desire slowly. His eyes turned a bit beastly and said in a deep voice, "Your mine after all."

Megumi brought his lips to her lips.

Kissing to each other, Haru's hands didn't stop and moved to her chest slowly kneading the soft thing along with the pointy things in the middle causing her to m.o.a.n from time to time. His hand, which was holding her soft play, moved to her stomach, caressing it for a bit before she moved uncontrollably for a moment.

Haru moved his hand to her sensitive spot and could feel how wet it was. He brought his hand to his nose then sniffed it.

Megumi blushed and said, "D - Don't sniff----"

Haru licked his finger and said, "Delicious."

Megumi shuddered once again and couldn't say anything. She then noticed a huge bulge on his pants and said, "Doesn't that hurt? Do you need me to help?"

"For now, let's focus on you. It is your first time." Haru looked at Megumi and said, "I want to make you feel good."

Then he used every knowledge and instinct which he had learned in his life that night but didn't make her too tired for the real thing.

Haru had taken out his anaconda and was ready to place it back in his nest.

"H - Haru, I have brought something on my bag...." Megumi said with erratic breath and blush.

"Your bag?" Haru checked Megumi's back and found a pack of condoms.


Haru suddenly remembered something.

"Sorry, I can't use this."

"Huh? Why?" Megumi was confused.

"It won't fit," Haru said.


Megumi looked at his anaconda and nodded. "Well, I need to choose carefully next time." She bit her lips then looked at Haru waiting for him.

Haru knew what she meant and kissed her lips then slowly entered his anaconda inside the nest slowly. He had given her enough foreplay and there was only one thing to do after this.

Her inside was slowly entered and felt that her entire body was full before she was hit by a wave of pleasure, making her unable to stop m.o.a.ning and calling his name the entire time.


She had turned from girl to woman that night.


Opening her eyes, Megumi remembered the thing that had happened yesterday and couldn't help but blush. Then she looked at Haru who was sleeping beside her then kissing his cheek continued to sleep feeling content, but then she realized that something stood up tall under the blanket.


Megumi was speechless and decided to sleep since she was tired. At that moment, she also understood why this guy needed more than one girlfriend.