Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 685

Volume 1 Chapter 685 King's Game

After Yuri proposed to play a King's Game, Nasa decided to go back early since he felt something bad was about to happen.

Haru didn't stop him and it made him the only male in this place. When he came back on the second floor after he had sent Nasa, he could see that everyone seemed to be very excited when they were about to play this game.

Even though Nasa had decided to retire, their desire to play this game didn't subdue rather they became even more excited.

Nasa wasn't here, and that meant they could ask Haru a lot of things later since they didn't need to worry about other men's eyes during the game. They had a lot of things that they wanted to ask him later if they had become a king in this game.

Kosaka, Akane, Sora, Megumi, Utaha, Yuri, Ritsu, Seri, Shiina, and Iwasawa had prepared the sticks that would be used for the King's Game.

The King's Game!

It is a pretty simple game.

Gather up a bunch of wooden sticks. Number them according to the number of players, with one designated as a winning stick. If you draw a winning stick, you're the King. Everyone else is a commoner. The King can order the commoners to do anything he/she wants!

"So I can ask anything as long as I'm the king, right?" Utaha asked.

"Yes." Yuri nodded.

"Can I chain him up or order him to wear chastity pants?" Utaha asked.



Even though Utaha's request was a bit weird, as long as she had become a King in this game, she could ask anything.


Haru hurriedly stopped them and said, "I feel that this game might be dangerous, let's add one rule before we start the game."

"One rule?"



Everyone wrote down their order and placed them inside a tissue box.

Haru was afraid that some of them would ask for a very strange order and decided to write down their order first on the paper then placing it inside the tissue box.

The person who became a King in the game would pull the order inside the tissue box and order which commoners would do the order.

"That's a weird rule," Iwasawa said.

But no one rejected that rule and started the game right away.

Seri, who ate a chocolate stick, thought that it had been a while since she had fun.

They grabbed the wooden stick of their choice.

"Everyone's got one?" Yuri asked.

They nodded.


"Who's the King?"

They took out the wooden sticks and waited for someone to announce who the King was.

"I'm the King. Let's see what kind of embarrassing order that I'll get for you... Hic...!" Kosaka said. Her face was quite reddened since she was a bit drunk from drinking wine and beer. "Hic...!" She grabbed a paper from the tissue box and said, "Number 5, wear a maid uniform."


Everyone looked at Haru at that moment.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Haru felt insulted when everyone looked at him thinking that he was the one who wrote down that order.

"So it isn't you?" Megumi asked.

"Well, it's me...." Haru said and looked away, feeling a bit embarrassed.


They looked at Haru and knew very well that this guy had a maid fetish. T

"So who is number 5? Who is this embarrassing guy who will wear a maid uniform when everyone is wearing normal clothes?" Utaha asked.

Seri raised her hand and felt embarrassed at this moment. She looked at Haru with a hateful expression since she had to wear a maid uniform because of him.

"There's a maid uniform in the room. I'll help you," Ritsu said.


Some girls clicked their tongues in a low voice since wearing a maid uniform could get Haru's favorability in this game.

Sora pinched Haru's waist since this guy was always thinking with his lower body.


Haru only hoped for the game to continue since he was afraid if this continued his image would be destroyed further.


Seri who had come out wearing a french maid uniform and her appearance was very s.e.xy, especially the black stocking that wrapped her smooth and s.e.xy legs, then her hair which was tied in a braid. Lastly, her bombastic b.r.e.a.s.ts which almost burst out from her outfit.


Haru didn't look at Seri for too long since everyone was looking at him. "Let's continue the game!" He tried to change the topic since their gaze started to hurt him.

Seri was embarrassed, but somehow happy when she was his reaction.

The game continued and Sora became the king.

Sora took the order and said, "Number 1 confesses to Number 4."


"Whose order is this?" Utaha asked.

"Me," Akane said.


Sora was quite interested and asked, "So who is Number 1 and who is number 4?"

"I'm Number 1," Megumi said.

"I'm Number 4," Iwasawa said.

They were wondering what Megumi would do in this situation.

Megumi looked at Iwasawa and said, "Iwasawa-san, I like you." Her tone was very plain and there wasn't any fluctuation of embarrassment or excitement. It was so plain that they didn't think that Megumi was confessing.


"That's all?" Yuri asked.

"It's done, right?" Megumi asked.


"L - Let's continue..."

They nodded and continued the game. This time the King was Iwasawa.

Iwasawa took a paper then her face turned red. "W - Who the heck is writing this kind of order?!"

Everyone was confused by Iwasawa's words, but then they were startled when they saw the order.

"I'm the one who wrote it," Utaha said.


"T - Then Number 6, read the thing that is written in this paper," Iwasawa said.

"I'm Number 6," Shiina said.


Shiina took the paper and started to read. "S-Stop! I-I'm coming! I-I'm coming! It feels good! I can feel it coming!....." Her tone was also quite plain, but then her face showed confusion with this order.

But for the people in their surroundings, their faces were turning red.

"Utaha, what will happen if you really get your own paper!" Yuri was a bit angry when she thought that she would be the one who got that order.

"Hmm? Well, I wrote that down because I wanted to read it myself...." Utaha said while looking at Haru. "Right?"


'Why is it only me?'

Haru could feel everyone's gaze bore deep into his body.

Then they continued the game and the one who became the King was Akane.

"Let's see..." Akane took the paper and said, "Number 3 needs to wear a n.a.k.e.d apron for the entire game."


Everyone was shocked by this order.

"W - Who the heck has written that order?!" Yuri's face was as red as her hair.

"It's me," Akane said.


"So who is Number 3?" Akane asked.

Haru looked at the number of wooden sticks that he had grabbed.


Everyone looked at Haru and somehow felt a bit interested when they saw him in a n.a.k.e.d apron.

"Don't you think that this order is a bit too much?" Haru asked.

Yuri shook her head and said, "King's order is absolute, you need to follow her order."


Sora and Utaha said at the same time.

"Haru, I have prepared the apron," Ritsu said after she had come back from the room.


Haru looked at Ritsu and for the first time that an efficient secretary wasn't all that good.