Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 686

Volume 1 Chapter 686 Deep Resentment

Waiting for a while, everyone was in anticipation to see him in a n.a.k.e.d apron, then the door of the room was opened showing his figure which was only wearing a brown apron with a cute polar bear face on the center of the apron.

But then there was a huge bulge that was very hard to ignore making some of them embarrassed, but some of the girls looked at him as if he was delicious meat.


Haru was wondering whether he had become a striptease model making him sigh. He was quite depressed and walked back until his ass was slapped by Utaha.


Utaha gave him a thumbs up.


Haru was expressionless and didn't say anything, only looking at Utaha with deep resentment.

But then again one after another also tried to slap his ass, but he hurriedly stopped them. He didn't have a masochist tendency and told them that the game should continue.

They felt a bit disappointed since they couldn't touch his delicious ass, but they nodded and continued the game.

There were a lot of weird orders such as eating something weird, doing a strange dance, and a lot more.

The night continued and they also drank a lot of things, but then the beer and wine were mixed at the party.

Before long some of them were drunk and slept right away while looking at some of them who were still sober.

Haru was in his n.a.k.e.d apron and sighed and helped to put a blanket on them since it would be dangerous if they were caught in the cold.


Sora hugged her favorite bunny doll while saying something naughty.


Haru didn't know what kind of dream this girl had inside her dream, but he didn't intend to wake her up.

"If I didn't know then I would have thought that you were building a harem."

Haru turned and looked at Akane who sipped a wine slowly.

Akane didn't drink that much since she had intended to do that kind of thing with him since she felt very hot.

"You're not sleeping yet?" Haru asked.

Akane pulled him to the kotatsu (warming table) and said, "Let's do it here."


Haru sighed and said, "No."


Akane raised her eyebrow and asked, "Why?" It was her first time when someone rejected her to do that kind of thing with her. Frankly, she didn't think that she could be satisfied with a normal guy on the street after she had done that with Haru, and she didn't think that there was someone who could match him.

"We're friends, right? I feel that we should stop doing that kind of thing," Haru said.

"Didn't you have fun with me before? What makes you stop doing this?" Akane thought for a while and said, "If you feel guilty about your girlfriend, then isn't it too late? We have done it a lot of times!" She held him and tried to open his pants.

"No, listen to me!" Haru stopped her hand and the only thing that he was glad that everyone was sleeping so they wouldn't hear their conversation.

"Why...?" Akane asked while looking at him in confusion. She had always been confident with her charm, and it really shocked her when someone rejected her. She also knew that Haru was the same kind of person as her, and that was why she was comfortable with him since he had never asked her to be with him or her responsibility.

Both of them were in a free relationship.

But then when Haru who had slowly retracted from her and didn't even come to her apartment again, somehow it made her very empty.

Akane had tried to go to a bar waiting for someone to pick her up like in the past, but she couldn't get the same excitement that she had with Haru. Then she could only go back to her apartment using her own hands to satisfy herself.

"I want to change, so....."

Haru felt that he really should part with Akane since he felt that their relationship wasn't healthy and completely messed up. "Let's stop having s.e.x with each other." In the past, he was under the control of "pleasure magic" and it might not be good to plunge his anaconda to the random hole from now on after his serious talk with Megumi.

Akane looked at him and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"You won't regret it?" Akane asked.

"No." Haru shook his head.

Akane looked at Haru again and snorted inwardly. Even though she knew what this guy was serious, but then again, she wanted to see how long he held on. She didn't think that Haru could stop her charm and once again went back to her arms. "Alright, let's stop having s.e.x, but I can go to this place, right?"

"Sure," Haru said. He sighed in relief since he felt that everything had turned alright and thought to go to sleep. "I'll sleep first." He wanted to go to his room since everyone was sleeping in the living room.

Akane held his hand and said, "Sleep here."

"No, he is going to sleep here."

Megumi suddenly appeared beside them and pulled him to her side.


Akane was surprised and wondering whether Megumi had heard their conversation. She also didn't notice her for a while and at the same time, she knew that Megumi was Haru's girlfriend. Squinting her eyes, she wasn't in a hurry and knew that she could get him. She laid with everyone and slept since she was also quite sleepy after drinking a bit too much.


Haru was sleeping beside Megumi and knew that this girl had been listening from the start.

"You've stopped your relationship with Akane-san?" Megumi asked.

"Yes, you've heard it right?" Haru said.

"It's a bit weird, but I don't feel very good about Akane-san," Megumi whispered.

"Well, we won't have that kind of relationship again," Haru said. He knew that he needed to be more responsible from now on. He might not play around in this world, but it would be different in another world, right?

Megumi nodded and moved closer toward him before pulling his arm to hug her.

"I have agreed to share you with another girl, but please never lie to me, alright?"

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, I won't lie to you." He thought for a while and asked, "Do you want to do it again?" That was what he was trying to do and that was to not lie to his girlfriends again.

Megumi blushed and pinched his arm. "Sleep!"

Haru only smiled and closed his eyes sniffing her hair that smelled really good before entering the land of dream.


28 December.

In the early morning, Maki was in her house waiting for Haru to come to pick her up. She had told both of her parents about it and they didn't really mind since she would only go out for one day and only until in the evening.

Both of Maki's parents also wanted to meet with Haru since they also wanted to talk about him about a lot of things since they had often seen him in the newspaper, but the most important thing that they needed to know was what was his relationship with their daughter.

Even though Maki's father had known Haru since he was a child, it didn't mean that he was going to accept their relationship since Maki was still very young.

But for Maki's mother, she didn't really mind it and even supported it when she thought her daughter would marry Haru.


Maki who was being questioned by her parents had her face turned as red as her hair. Then she looked at her smartphone and saw a message that Haru was right in front of her house. She stood up and said, "Mom, Papa, I'll go out first!" She hurriedly ran since she didn't want them to question Haru.

"Wait! Wait!"

They looked at their daughter who pulled Haru to his car.

"Maki, don't I need to greet your parents first?" Haru asked.

"You can do that later!" Maki said since she didn't want to have an embarrassing episode with her parents after being questioned by her parents about her relationship with Haru.

But Haru didn't listen to Maki and still greeted Maki's parents since it would be too rude to leave directly. However, he didn't stay too long since everyone had been waiting at the venue.

"Well, they have gone away...." Maki's mother said.

"We can ask him later after they have gone back," Maki's father said.

They looked at each other and nodded thinking about their daughter's happiness.