Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 687

Volume 1 Chapter 687 Winter Comiket 1

Winter Comiket.

Haru and Kosaka had worked together to create Fate/Stay Night and they hoped that this game would become successful.

Kosaka had done her best to draw the ill.u.s.tration of the game.

Haru had also done his best to promote this game. He had promoted this game using traditional and online promotions.

From the traditional promotion, he placed the promotion on his railways' company making the people who communicated using on his railways' company knew about this new game from the poster within the train, station, bus, and some taxis.

Haru had also used an online promotion from his social media to his NicoNico website to promote this game. He also sold 3,000 copies of his game early to the famous people in the ACG community so they would be able to tell their friends and announced their thoughts about this game making some people couldn't wait to buy this game themselves.

His NicoNico had been in a rage in this country and there were more than seven million accounts that had registered on this website, and there were one million accounts that were registered as VIP (paid members) on this website making it the biggest ACG (Anime, Comic, and Game) community in this country.

Haru had also wanted to buy a sports club overseas so he could promote this video hosting website better.

If possible then he also wanted to buy one of the three record labels company since it would also able to promote his NicoNico through music.

Haru remembered a lot of popular singers and making the biggest record labels in the world wasn't impossible since there were a lot of songs in his original world that hadn't appeared in this world.

Then there were also six major film studios, if also possible he also wanted to get his one on one of them making him able to become a true mogul in this world.

Video hosting websites, social media, record labels, film studios, television stations, and a lot more.

The only thing that stopped him was he didn't have enough money, but then again, he was thinking of selling some shares on his Instagram since 90% share of this company was owned by him.

There were 50 million accounts on Instagram and it kept increasing making its valuation hit 5 billion USD.

Haru had thought that it was necessary to sell some of his shares since it would give him an ally while also making the development of the app easier.

The only problem might be Facebook since it wanted to buy Instagram from him, but then again, he didn't lack money and he also didn't intend to fully sell this app since he wasn't stupid enough to sell a 100 billion USD valuation app.

Haru didn't mind selling it, but he needed to wait until the fruit had ripped.

Now, let's continue to talk about the Winter Comiket and Fate/Stay Night.

The Winter Comiket is being held at Tokyo Big Sight.

It is officially known as the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, which is a convention and exhibition center in Tokyo, Japan, and the largest one in the country.

The event will be held from December 29 to 31 from 10:00 am4:00 pm each day.

It was a very famous event in this country and would be participated by at least 500,000 attendants.

It was also a perfect chance for someone to promote and sell their work.

Kosaka, Yuri, Shiina, Iwasawa, and Megumi had come to the venue early while managing the staff to set up their booths quickly.

Megumi also came since she wanted to help him and she was also curious about the sales of this game.

Utaha and Sora also came, but they would come later since they weren't morning people. They only came to this event because they were curious about the event, and might only come for the first day of the event.

Then there was also a matter of concert which would be held at the event and they would participate in it.

Maki hadn't talked about this event with her parents and she was helping him secretly, later becoming a part of the band that was led by Iwasawa.

"Thank you, Maki," Haru said while driving toward the event's venue.

"Hmph! It's not like, I want to help you! I'm just free that's all!" Maki said while looking away with a blush.

Haru could see Maki's smile on the reflection of the window and couldn't help but think that she was very cute. "But even so, I'm very thankful." He thought that this girl was cuter than Erina since Maki's personality was a bit meeker than Erina, but then again, both of them were cute and Erina's b.o.o.b.s were bigger than Maki.

"Do you have that much confidence in this game?" Maki asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, I have planned to make franchises from this game." He looked at her and asked, "So what did you say to your parents so you can go out with me today?"


Maki blushed and looked away. "I - It just studies! Yes, I have told Papa and Mom that we're going to study!" She didn't know why she was blushing, but she was quite embarrassed when she told him about this since she felt that she had become naughty. girl for lying to her parents.

"So you've decided to enter Otonokizaka High School?" Haru asked. He didn't think that Maki's parents would let such a cute and pure girl enter Hyakkaou Private Academy since that place was like hell and some people would change into evil after entering this place, but he was quite surprised since she didn't intend to join Shuchiin Academy like Sora, Yuri, Utaha, and Megumi.

Maki nodded and said, "I want to study in the place where my mom is studying."

"I know someone in that place if you're being bullied then tell me," Haru said. He thought about Nozomi and Tojo who he met at his shrine since both of them were in second grade at Otonokizaka High School.

"Hmph! I'm not weak enough to get bullied!" Maki said proudly.

"Well, that's true... You're rich Ojou-sama after all," Haru said.

Haru's father was a doctor and before his father had passed away his father was working at Maki's hospital. Maki's parents owned two large hospitals in Tokyo making her family very rich.

"You sure have guts to say that I'm rich Ojou-sama....." Maki stared at Haru and knew that the luck of this guy was really big and he was also very talented, but she didn't expect him to become a billionaire so quickly. "There is a lot of television, magazines, or newspapers who want to interview you, why don't you do it?"

"I still want to be low-key," Haru said without hesitation. "If I'm too famous then both of us can go out together like this."

Maki nodded and said, "That's true...." But then she realized something and blushed. "W - Why I should go out with you in the future?!"

"So you don't want to go out or play together with me in the future?" Haru asked.

"W - Well, if I'm not busy then I'll think about it, but I can't promise you, alright! My dream is to become a doctor! I can't play around during high school!" Maki said with a blush.

"I know, I know, my grade is good, I can tutor you," Haru said.

"I - I'll think about it...." Maki answered while looking away trying to hide her smile.

They continued to talk to each other and Haru really had fun teasing Maki making her pout, but also laughed at the same time.

It didn't take them a long time to arrive in Tokyo Big Sight and enter using staff membership walking toward the location of their booth.

"You're late!" Sora said to both of them.


"My bad, there's a traffic jam earlier." Haru apologized and looked at the booth which had been prepared. "For now, let's get prepared since the event has almost started now."

They nodded in response.

Haru looked around and asked, "Where is Kosaka?"

"She's on the toilet," Megumi said. "She seems nervous, you should talk to him."

Haru nodded and said, "I know." He took his costume for the performance later walking toward the location of Kosaka.