Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 688

Volume 1 Chapter 688 Winter Comiket 2

Inside the toilet, Kosaka sighed and looked at his complexion in the mirror. She didn't have a good sleep since she was too nervous to go to sleep last night. There were two black circles on her eyes, but she hid it with makeup so it wouldn't be noticeable. She was afraid their game didn't have good sales in this Winter Comiket. She knew that she had worked hard, but then working hard alone wasn't enough.

'If only I'm his lover...'

Kosaka thought since if she was Haru's lover then it wouldn't be hard to ask him again to support her, but she wasn't. She knew that it would be hard to ask him to help her to create another game when the game that they had created was a failure. She knew that Haru had done his best to promote the game, but her mind started to wander and she was wondering whether she wasn't beautiful enough for him to see her. She kneaded her b.r.e.a.s.ts but then shook her head before deciding to leave the toilet as the event almost started. But when she was coming out from the toilet, she heard a familiar voice.

"You're alright?"


Kosaka was startled but sighed in relief when she saw him. "Why are you here? Is there something with the booth?"

"No, but you haven't had sleep, right?" Haru asked.

Kosaka sighed and said, "If the sales are good then I will sleep soundly later." She thought for a bit and asked, "Don't you think 200,000 copies for the target is a bit too much?" She was worried the games wouldn't be sold. that much.

"No, I feel that it is too small compared to what I have done to the promotion," Haru said.

"But what if the result isn't good?" Kosaka asked.

"Kosaka, I have done my best on the promotion and wrote down the story, and you've done your best on ill.u.s.tration and other's things. That's why we need to believe in our game," Haru said.

Kosaka looked at Haru and would be lying if she didn't fall in love with him, but then again, she decided to hold it for a moment.

"Yeah, let's believe in our game."

They have done everything they can and for now, they can only wait for the result of their game.


Tomoya Aki is a normal middle schoolboy in his third year. Even though his entrance exam was almost started, there was something more important that he needed to do and that was to buy a copy of "Fate/Stay Night" on Winter Comiket.

Tomoya was a fairly normal boy with short black hair and black frame glasses, but on the internet, he was a famous streamer and blogger who talked about otaku-related goods such as a light novel, manga, and game whose name was "TAKI".

Tomoya had always loved otaku and the 2D world, and he had always wanted to share the beauty of the otaku-world with everyone in this world.

That was why he decided to do a lot of part-time jobs to support his hobby, and told everyone about his review about those games on his blog, but two months ago, a video hosting website which was known as "NicoNico" suddenly appeared.

At first, this website was known as a forum along with a website to publish a light novel, but then it had turned into a video hosting website.

Tomoya, who saw this website had started to fall in love then he also realized how easy it was to create a video about his otaku-related review. He didn't hesitate and created his own channel, but then he didn't expect that it would bring him a lot of fortune.

It had always been his principle to not receive money or advertis.e.m.e.nt from anyone since he wanted to tell his truest review to everyone, but then his channel had become so popular and he had received money from his fans and everyone who watched his review video on "NicoNico" website making him able to support his hobby further and bought more otaku-related things.

But let's talk about that later since there is something more important than that!

Fate/Stay Night.

Tomoya had gotten a special code that was able to buy the game firsthand. But even if he had already bought it in the past and even played it as an otaku he needed more than three copies to support his favorite creator. It was the reason why he had come to the Winter Comiket. Besides buying other copies of Fate/Stay Night, he also wanted to search for a treasure in this event.

Why is he very interested in this game? The answer is simple and because the writer of this game is Kasugano Haruka.

In otaku-world Kasugano Haruka's name was very famous since he was one of the famous light novel writers who was able to play the emotion of his reader.

Tomoya was also Haru's fan after the moment he read his novel for the first time. He had fallen in love with him and became his biggest fan, but that wasn't all of them since Haru had created a lot of wonderful things such as "Sword Art Online" and "5 Cm Per Second". He couldn't wait for both novels to be published. Then there was also his new weekly manga magazine which was known as "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" that would be sold next year. He would definitely come to the convenience store to buy that magazine to support him.

Lastly, it was a "NicoNico" which was a famous video hosting website for a lot of people in this country and also the biggest ACG community in this country.

If there wasn't this website, then Tomoya needed to wake up every morning and go back late to work on his part-time jobs, but with this "NicoNico". He had become a famous streamer that could generate a large sum of money from the support of his fans so he could share a lot of wonderful otaku-related things with everyone. His spending was quite high after all since he needed to buy a lot of otaku-related things and it was the reason why he was very thankful for this website.

There was also talk that Kasugano Haruka who was the famous "Golden Boy" who had created his fortune from the gold futures, but Tomoya didn't care about that since he felt that Kasugano Haruka would become the King in this otaku-world.

Tomoya thought that Kasugano Haruka was a modern Oda Nobunaga who would conquer the world otaku-related things. If that was the case, then he would do his best to support him and became Shibata Katsuie in this otaku-world.

Let's talk about that matter later since he needs to talk about something more important first!

Fate/Stay Night! That's right this game!


A few days before the Winter Comiket.

Tomoya had gotten this game a few days ago and played it directly on his computer.

"Hiks... Hiks... Hiks...."



Tomoya screamed while crying loudly in his room playing this game. He had ended the three routes on the game and couldn't help but applaud Haru's writing ability to be able to mess up his feeling like this.

However, there was also an ecchi scene that made him a bit of a hypocrite if he told the reader that he wasn't excited.

Tomoya also didn't expect Kosaka's ill.u.s.tration ability would be this powerful and made him couldn't help but give this ill.u.s.trator two thumbs up right away.

But then he was a bit resentful toward Haru since there were a lot of characters that he had grown to love and started to die one by one. He hated Haru who played with his feelings, but then he couldn't hate him since he was able to create such a wonderful game.

His feeling was a contradiction and started to wonder whether he had become a tsundere.

There were a lot of points that made this game wonderful.

First was a story, but he didn't need to explain it since Kasugano Haruka was famous for his story.

The second was ill.u.s.tration, Tomoya was a bit worried about Kosaka who was only a bit famous mangaka in the past, but he needed to change his opinion about this ill.u.s.trator since her ill.u.s.tration was wonderful.

The third was the setting, the setting of this game was very wonderful. There were seven servants who fought each other and each character was famous historical and myth character in history such as King Arthur, Cu Chulain, Medea, Heracles, etc, especially King Arthur since he didn't expect them to make King Arthur become a woman.

Lastly, the music.

Tomoya had to admit that the music was very awesome and if he knew the singer then he didn't hesitate to buy her single later.


Back to the present.

Tomoya was in the line to enter Winter Comiket, but then he had to admit that the number of people who came to this event had increased each year.

During the Summer Comiket, this year, there were at least 500,000 people who came to this place.

During Winter Comiket was no exception, and there were a lot of people who had been waiting in line waiting for the event to start.

Tomoya's intention to come to this event was pretty simple and that was to buy a copy of "Fate/Stay Night" again. He needed at least three copies for his own use, for lending use, and the last one was for his collection. As a true otaku, that was the last thing that he needed to do to support his favorite creator.

Tomoya also thought that it was his chance to meet Kasugano Haruka and if possible he wanted to say how wonderful his work was along with also complaining about there were a lot of characters who died in the story making both hate and love him turn him into tsundere once again.

The organizer opened the door of the event then everyone started to enter the venue one by one.

Tomoya was impatient, but he also knew how important it was to line up.

Entering the venue, Tomoya looked around and saw a booth of "Rogue en rogue" which sold "Fate/Stay Night". He was wondering whether it was a creator circle that was created by Haru and Kosaka, but then he had a feeling that this "Rogue en rogue" wouldn't just become a creator circle, and it might be possible for it to create a legend.

There were a lot of people in the booth and everyone couldn't wait to buy "Fate/Stay Night".

"Everyone please line up! Please don't push each other! Don't worry, there is enough of the game for everyone!"

The staff worked hard to manage a group of people who wanted to buy the game.

Tomoya also lined up and looked around the booth, but he didn't see Kasugano Haruka.

However, he saw Kosaka and couldn't help but say that her ill.u.s.tration was very good and he really loved it.

"Thank you, if you have time then you should watch the concert too," Kosaka said since she also wanted to support Iwasawa.

"Concert? Is it the singer from the game?" Tomoya asked.


Kosaka didn't talk much since she also helped with the sales. Her eyes became brighter and brighter when a lot of people came to buy her game. '7,000 yen times 200,000....' She thought that she should buy a Ferrari first.

Tomoya nodded and looked at his watch and knew that there was still time before the concert. He took a large step and decided to search for a treasure inside the place since it was his job to share a lot of wonderful otaku-related things to the world!