Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 689

Volume 1 Chapter 689 Winter Comiket 3

Haru was backstage and wore a lion mask on his head.

Maki was wearing a cat mask on her head.

Yuri was wearing a dog mask on her head.

Shiina was wearing a fox mask on her head.

Only Iwasawa was the only one who didn't wear a mask on her head.

Ritsu looked at them and nodded. "Good luck everyone, NicoNico will also stream the concert later."

They nodded when they heard it.

Maki, Yuri, and Shiina weren't that nervous since they were wearing masks.

But Iwasawa was different since it was her first step to becoming a popular singer. "I know."

"Don't worry, I know that you have that skill and now, you can show that to everyone," Haru said.

Iwasawa smiled at Haru and said, "Thank you." She knew that she wouldn't have this chance without him and because of that, she wouldn't waste this chance and did her best.

"You're the leader, you should say something," Haru said.

Iwasawa nodded and said, "Let's rock everyone today!"

"YEAH!!!!" 4x


Erina was in her room and opened a NicoNico website from her laptop. She didn't expect Haru to be the one who created this website, but it was very rare for her to open this kind of website since she was quite busy with her job and school.

If Haru didn't tell her that he was going to perform on the stage then she wouldn't know about it.

Both of them often talked to each other, after Alice's incident talking about a lot of things and not only about food.

Erina also enjoyed a talk about food and trivial things with him, but she was often embarrassed since this guy loved to tease her. She wanted to say that she liked him, but she didn't want to say it to him since she wanted him to be the one who confessed to her.

"When is the concert?!"

Erina was quite impatient while watching the screen of her computer.


Alice wanted to go to Erina's room to invite her to watch Haru's band perform together at the venue, but Erina rejected her since Erina said that she was too busy. She wanted to go by herself, but then her grandfather suddenly called her. She knew that she couldn't go out, but she could watch his performance on the website later. She was a bit disappointed, but she also knew that her grandfather had said that there was an important matter that he needed to discuss with her. She was wondering what her grandfather wanted to talk about with her.

'Is it about Erina?'

If so then she needed to come to her grandfather as soon as possible!


Kirari was in her study room. After she had become the student president council of Hyakkou Academy, there were a lot of things that she needed to do and she also had a lot of plans on her head. She leaned on her chair and wondered when she could meet him and really hated this winter vacation.

It wasn't a secret that Haru had a girlfriend, but Kirari believed that she could steal him from her. She was confident in herself and knew that she could do it. Then she remembered that he had told her that he was going to perform on Winter Comiket and to sell his game. She had played his game before and had to admit that the story was very hard to forget.

Frankly, her favorite character in the story was Heracles since she loved to see it die then rebirthed several times to fight against Gilgamesh since she was thrilled by the fading of the last spark, when a person's life comes to an end and states, she can't get enough of that.

Kirari opened her laptop and opened the "NicoNico" website. She had to admit that if she didn't meet him then she didn't think that there was someone who could become her mate.

"Maybe inviting him to the house is too hasty...."

Kirari thought while waiting for his performance to start. She knew Haru was young and it might not be good enough to chain him up, but she also knew about his charm and there would be a lot of girls who wanted to be with him. She knew that there were a lot of rich young ladies from various families that aimed to engage with him, but she knew that she didn't need to worry about them. The only thing that she was worried about was his current girlfriend.

"Kato Megumi...."

Kirari thought for a while before saw that the concert almost started soon and decided to focus on the screen on her laptop.


The door was opened showing a figure of her twin.


Ririka didn't wear her mask and her face blushed in shyness.

"What's wrong, Ririka?" Kirari asked.

Ririka shook her head and asked, "Are you going to watch his performance?"

Kirari nodded and asked, "Do you want to watch it together?"

Ririka only nodded and walked toward her. She wasn't good with her twin, but she was quite interested in Haru's performance.

Kirari looked at Ririka for a while and wondered whether her twin had also fallen for him. She shook her head and decided not to think too much.


Runa was also in her room waiting for his performance. Her parents had often asked about her relationship with Haru, but she knew very well that there was nothing between them since Haru was a fiend consumed by big-b.o.o.b.s-l.u.s.t. She looked at her b.o.o.b.s and sighed. She knew that it would be very hard for her to grow, but she wouldn't give up.

Runa looked at this "NicoNico" video hosting website and thought that Haru might be able to become a giant media company. She knew that her parents had asked her whether it was possible to invest in Haru's company, but she knew that it was a bit hard since that guy didn't need money considering his wealth after his operation on the gold future.

Runa looked at the streaming channel and saw him on the stage wearing a lion mask. She couldn't help but feel funny since she thought that Haru was thinking of himself as a lion.


When the emcee welcomed them, he was quite surprised when there were four people who were wearing animal masks and only one person who didn't wear a mask. Their appearance was very unique, but he hurriedly woke up and said, "Let us welcome Girls Dead Monster!"

Iwasawa stood up in front while holding a guitar in her hands. She looked at Haru, Maki, Yuri, and Shiina then they gave her a nod. She took a deep breath and said, "Please listen, Arcadia!"

(BGM: Earthmind - Arcadia).

The sound of quiet guitar slowly became very intense and everyone shouted at the same time.

The opening of the sound caused a lot of people to become excited.

"What are you searching for?

"Desire loops the darkness like the moon."

Iwasawa sang with all of her might, letting out all of her heart into singing this song.

Sora, Megumi, Utaha, and Kosaka, who saw this scene couldn't help but sigh in relief, but then they started to raise their hands together moving it excitedly.

The song continued and the audience became even more excited.

"A glinting dream is pouring into my heart.

"While believing in the miracle of being able to get there.

"I'll raise my voice so as to erase the unceasing pain because I will protect myself tomorrow."

The music continued before they ended the song.

Iwasawa took a deep breath once again and felt that the adrenaline on her body slowly dissipated and made her able to hear the screams of excitement from the audience in front of her. She really loved this scene and she knew that she was successful. She looked at Haru who gave her a thumbs up. She smiled and thought that she would do her best to grab her future to become a popular singer!