Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 69

Volume 1 Chapter 69 Whitebeard Pirates

Haru was resting on the hammock.

The other prisoners together with Buggy didn't want to go to the Marine Headquarters but there was nothing they could do.

Buggy, who had high luck and had very good talking skills, made everyone excited to go to the Marine Headquarters.

Haru looked at the big gate in front of him. He wondered how they could make such a big gate.

Buggy walked to the front part of the ship and opened his hands wide.

Haru knew that the door would be opened soon and he was right.




Crocodile snorted but didn't say anything.

"He's very lucky," Haru said.

"That's true," Jimbei said.

Luffy was shocked and also amazed at this scene.

"Why you believe in him!!!" Mr. 3 said to Luffy.

"These guys," Mr. 2 looked at them and wondered why they didn't have tension or anything in this war.

Ivankov looked at him, "Hey, Zipper Boy."

"Hmm?" Haru looked at him.

"Where is your little sister?" Ivankov asked curiously.

Haru smiled, "She is living quite far from here, but I'll meet her soon."

Ivankov looked at him and asked, "Do you have Sister Complex?"

"I'm not!!!" Haru hurriedly said.


Marine Headquarters.

"Here they come," Sengoku said.

Everyone looked at the sea and a lot of sh.i.p.s suddenly came toward them. They didn't need to guest and knew who they were. They saw 43 sh.i.p.s sailing toward the headquarters but they didn't see the person that they had been waiting for this war.

Ace was stunned looking at a group of sh.i.p.s that came, "You guys..."

The Marines looked around until they heard a strange sound coming from under the sea.

"Don't tell me," Sengoku said and he was right.

Suddenly a shadow appeared on the bay and it started to get bigger until a big ship which had similar to whale came out from under the sea.

Sengoku knew that they had used a coating to sail from under the sea. He saw a very tall man walking to the front part of the ship, "Whitebeard...."

"Gurararara, how many years has it been, Sengoku?" Whitebeard looked in the direction of Ace, "You wait right there....Ace!!"

Ace shouted when he saw him, "OLD MAN!!!"

Whitebeard laughed and started his stance. He punched the space and made it crack.


Suddenly the world felt unstable and the world was shaking very hard.

Everyone who saw a very big wave was ready to explode, ready to engulf them.

Ace started to have a flashback from the start when he joined the Whitebeard Pirates. He was glad that he had a family but he didn't want them to be hurt because of him. He felt that everyone was happened because of him, "Just leave me alone!!!"

"No," Whitebeard answered him with a firm voice, "No one can hurt our family!!!"

The world, the marines, every person who watched this execution saw it, the power of a person who could destroy the world, the power of Edward Newgate.

The soldiers saw a tsunami that could kill them instantly and could even destroy the Marine Headquarters.

"What an incredible power!!" Doflamingo laughed.

"Gurarara, receive this marine," Whitebeard said.

The soldiers were very nervous right now and knew that they would be dead when that tsunami hit them.

Kuzan, one of the three admirals, stood up and jumped into the sky. He had the power to manipulate ice after he had eaten a devil fruit. He started to gather his power and used it in this tsunami, "Ice Age."

By the time everything turned into ice, the tsunami that was ready to hit Marine Headquarters had become ice.

"Aokiji, you little!" Whitebeard used his power to punch him.

Aokiji was punched by him. He knew that he couldn't win with him alone. He used this chance to freeze the entire sea to stop the movement of their sh.i.p.s.


The pirate group cursed and decided to come down from their sh.i.p.s.

At the same time, the marines also started their attack with their cannon and their soldiers.

Marine Headquarters was in chaos when the war started.


Haru looked down and sighed. He didn't expect the wave would be this big. He had regained his stamina and he was ready for the battle. He went to the front part of the ship, "Hmm, the war started."

"Yeah, let's go down," Crocodile said.

"Old Man!!!" Jimbei shouted when he saw the battle.

Haru knew that something bad would happen and he felt that the ship would fall down soon. He could fly when the ship fell down.

"Oi, Haru, bring me to the war," Luffy suddenly came to him.

"Bastard, you should bring me there," Crocodile said.

"No, please bring me there," Jimbei said.

"It should be me Captain Buggy!" Buggy said.

Haru was crowded by a lot of people.

"Can you bring everyone down?" Ivankov asked.

Haru shook his head, "Impossible, you guys are too heavy, it's possible one or two." He could do more but he thought it was too troublesome.

They started to ask him to bring them to the war with his flying ability until they heard news from the Den Den Mushi.

"Calling all the sh.i.p.s and all the troops!! Objective Tootz! Change formation and prepare for general strategy 3! Preparations are to be executed flawlessly! Once preparations are made, we will be executing Ace before the scheduled time!"

Everyone was stunned and shouted, "WE'VE GOTTA HURRY!!" They looked at him and were eager to go there.

Haru sighed and wondered why he showed them his flying ability. They were crowded around him until they heard a cracking sound.



They suddenly felt the ship turned over and they fell down from the frozen wave.