Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 690

Volume 1 Chapter 690 Good News And Bad News

31 December.

Utaha was in Haru's house together with Megumi and Sora. She didn't feel surprised when she heard him buy the entire building for himself, but she was surprised when she saw a real size Gundam in the center of the apartment wondering when he had bought it.

They were about to celebrate a new year together. They didn't start their party since they were waiting for Haru since he was still managing the end of sales of his game with Kosaka. They had to admit that they were a bit shocked by the total sales of the game that had been sold for three days.

Utaha looked at Megumi and Sora who were talking to each other and moved quietly toward Haru's room while thinking as if she was a ninja. She smiled mischievously and entered his room before closing the door. She took a deep breath and smelled his smell inside his room. She looked at his bed for a while and she jumped right away toward his bed.

Utaha rolled around his bed, took his pillow, and sniffed it deeply.

"Hmm... this smell... I can't get enough....." Utaha wanted to get his shirt, but she wasn't sure where she could get it. She couldn't wait to be held by him and wanted to touch her private place, however, suddenly she heard a voice.

"What are you doing?"


Utaha stopped and looked at Sora and Megumi who was looking at her with a deadpan expression.

"Cough! Cough!"

Utaha blushed and placed Haru's pillow on his bed again before tidying up his bed. She sat down on the edge of his bed and said, "Well, don't you think that he needs to change his bed since he has three of us? This bed is too small for us to do foursomes."


Sora and Megumi were speechless and quietly staring at Utaha quietly.

Utaha was a bit embarrassed and said, "Sorry, I have just wanted to smell his pillow....."


"Well, but a bigger bed is necessary...." Sora suddenly said.

Utaha's eyes brightened up when she heard it.

Megumi was quiet and felt quite speechless at both of them. She really hoped for Haru to hurry and go back as soon as possible.


"Cheers!" 2x

Kosaka drank a beer heartily, but Haru only drank a Cola since if both of them were drunk who would drive back later. He was wearing a baseball cap and glasses to cover himself, but he was quite noticeable since both handsome men and the beautiful women who stayed together would attract attention.

Haru tried the wasabi octopus which he had ordered and thought the quality of the bar that they had chosen was quite good.

They were in a good mood since their game had sold 390,000 copies in just three days. It meant that they had gotten 2.73 billion yen in just three days.

Well, they needed to cut it with a tax, but they could do that later.

"Kuh!!!! This beer is very good!" Kosaka couldn't hide the smile on her face.

"Well, this Cola is also good," Haru said.

Both of them had an early celebration together for the success of their game.

"You should drink beer!" Kosaka said.

"Then who is driving?" Haru was speechless.

Kosaka nodded and asked, "So what kind of game should we play next?"

"It depends, what kind of game do you want to make?" Haru asked.

Kosaka thought for a while and said, "....I'm not sure." She looked at him and asked, "What about the result of your smartphone game company?" She wanted to see the difference between smartphone games, computer games, or console games.

"If you want to know, how about you go with me to the annual meeting of my company? This isn't a good place to talk about that kind of thing," Haru said. He didn't go to a private place and stayed in the normal bar together with Kosaka. He didn't want their conversation to be eavesdropped by someone.

Kosaka nodded and said, "I'll go to that meeting."

Then they continued to talk about the personnel of their game company.

Haru had met a lot of talented people during the Winter Comiket and thought to poach them to his company since he could give better conditions.

Kosaka also thought the same since she was really tired of doing the ill.u.s.trator alone.

"Do you want to buy a company?" Haru asked.

"Buy a company, huh? That isn't cheap, right?" Kosaka asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "You don't need to pay if it almost bankrupts company since we can just poach their employee to us, but if you want to have a better group then we need money."

"How much did it cost to buy a company?" Kosaka asked.

Haru showed a finger gesture about how much he had bought the company.

Kosaka frowned and said, "That's a bit expensive."

"Well, not that expensive though," Haru said.

"Let me think about it, I'm not in a hurry since I still want to take a break," Kosaka said since her mind had been very tense in few months waiting for the result of their game. Now, she can relax when the result of the game is good.

Haru nodded and said, "It's alright. You should rest for a bit." He thought for a while and said, "I have met someone interesting."


"Well, he is quite famous in the community and has a lot of connections with the author, ill.u.s.trator, and everyone in the community. I thought I'd contact him later if you're ready," Haru said.

Kosaka nodded and said, "Let's continue to talk about this after your annual meeting, and let's talk about something else."


"Did you have a relationship with Akane?" Kosaka asked curiously.

"Why did you ask that question so suddenly?" Haru asked with a frown.

"I'm just curious," Kosaka said.

Haru thought for a while and answered, "In the past, but there is nothing between us now."

"Why?" Kosaka asked.

"Because I have a girlfriend now," Haru said. 'Three to be exact....' But he wouldn't tell this woman.

Kosaka nodded and knew about his relationship with Megumi. She couldn't help but be jealous of Megumi and continued to drink while talking about a lot of things.

They continued to talk until they decided to go back.

Kosaka was very drunk at this moment and she needed to be carried by Haru to enter the car.

Entering the car, Haru drove his car back to the cafe, but then the sleeve of his shirt was being pulled.

"Let's stop at the hotel...." Kosaka said with a bit tipsy.

Haru only laughed and knocked her head. "Just sleep!" He had someone waiting for him at home and he couldn't go out with her. If he really decided to go to the hotel then he would really become an unsavable sc.u.m.


Arriving in Haru's cafe which had closed for two weeks, Haru brought Kosaka inside and saw everyone who seemed to be waiting for him. He was wondering what they wanted to do until he heard Yuri's words.

"Let's have a party at your place," Yuri said.

Shiina and Iwasawa nodded since they felt a bit lonely without him in the cafe.

"That's a good idea!" Kosaka said with a smile.

"I don't mind," Ritsu answered through his smartphone.


Haru sighed and wondered whether they were trying to c.o.c.kblock him.


Sora thought that today would be the day that she would lose her first time.

Megumi and Utaha were also ready for a hot night together.

The three of them were waiting in the living room until the door of the room was opened. They hurriedly stood up to welcome him and all of them were wearing a maid uniform which was his favorite costume.

"Welcome, Master!" 3x

They welcomed him but were stunned when they saw Yuri, Kosaka, Shiina, and Iwasawa also came with him.

Everyone: "...."

"Well, Master, you have three cute girls waiting for you at your house," Kosaka said while looking at him with an expressionless expression. She felt that the three of them had left her behind which somehow made her want to complain to them, especially Utaha since this girl didn't even tell her about this.

'Even though both of us have become an alliance...'

Yuri felt betrayed by Utaha.


Haru could only sigh and in the end, he could only spend this night with everyone, but then it was possible for him to sneak into his girlfriend's room later.