Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 693

Volume 1 Chapter 693 Grandfather

If there was someone that Sora didn't want to meet in this world, then it would be her grandfather.

Sora sat down on the sofa very quietly and didn't even dare to talk or anything since her grandfather was very scary.

"How is your study?" An elderly man wearing traditional clothes asked Sora with a gruff voice.

"I - It's alright... I - I'll join Shuchiin Academy later....." Sora answered with a low voice and nervously.


The elderly man nodded and asked, "When is Haru going to come back?"

"H - He has said that there is an annual meeting.... b - but he might go back soon!" Sora said, but she really hoped for Haru to come back as soon as possible.

The grandfather of both Sora and Haru was a famous politician in Chiba, and also owned a hospital in Chiba while also a head doctor, but he had retired letting his children manage it. He was very strict toward his grandchildren and somewhat scary for Sora.

Kasugano Taichi.

That is the name of their grandfather. He has a medium height, slicked-back silver hair, and a wrinkled face befitting his age, but it can't hide the handsome face that he has on his youth.


Taichi was somewhat complex when he thought about his grandson since Haru was very similar to him somewhat in his youth. The thing that he was a bit worried about was what about Sora who was scared of him, even though he wanted to pamper her, but it wasn't his style to do it.

"Haru has bought the entire building?"

"U - Umm... Haru has bought the entire building so we won't move!" Sora said since she didn't want to be separated from Haru.

"No one is asking you to move," Taichi said.

"T - That's good...." Sora sighed in relief, but she was still very nervous.

Then the door was opened, and they heard Haru's voice.

"I'm back."


Sora hurriedly ran toward Haru and hid behind him.

Haru was speechless and looked at his only grandfather. "Grandpa."


Taichi nodded and was somewhat proud of him hearing what Haru had done in the past few months. He was worried when Haru had said that he was going to drop out of school, but he didn't expect him to rise up becoming a billionaire. He looked at Haru again and suddenly wanted to ask about his engagement with the Nakiri family since Senzaemon had called him before, but he decided to ask it later on the car since there were a lot of families who wanted to engage their granddaughter or daughter to Haru.

Taichi only dodged their question since he knew very well about Haru's personality who was very playful and he might have stolen the first time a lot of rich ladies at Hyakkou Academy after he had transferred there, but there was something more important.

"Change your clothes and go with me."

"Where are we going?" Haru asked.

"You will climb really tall in the future, and it is better for you to socialize with a lot of people," Taichi said.

Haru sighed and said, "I'm too lazy to come." He didn't really want to meet the group of politicians and he could see that his grandfather wanted to show him off to his friends or something.

Taichi moved closer at him and whispered. "I'm also asking about your engagement with the Nakiri family." He knew that this guy's personality and decided to change his words.


Haru twitched his lips and said, "But I guess, it won't hurt to know those people."

"Huh? Haru? You're going?" Sora asked worriedly.

Haru patted Sora's head and said, "I'll just go out for a while. It'll be quick, right, Grandpa?"

Taichi nodded and said, "It's only a few hours."

"Ok, but you need to go back quickly! Don't leave me!" Sora said without hesitation.

"Don't worry."

Haru reassured Sora and went to his room to change his clothes. His appearance was quite casual before and this time he changed into a double-b.r.e.a.s.ted maroon suit, black shirt, maroon tie, and black leather shoes. He didn't really want to talk with those upstarts since it was quite troublesome.

Different when he was on the Akame Ga Kill since he was the Emperor and no one dared to say anything to him, but in this world, he was only a young man who had gotten his wealth very quickly. He somehow didn't really want to go to the party, but then again, his grandfather had asked him about the matter of engagement.

Coming out of his room, Haru looked at both Sora and his grandpa and said, "Let's go."

Sora was a bit stunned looking at Haru who was wearing a suit and really wanted to kiss him, but there was her grandfather beside her.

Taichi nodded and seemed satisfied with his Haru. He nodded and said, "Let's go." He turned and walked out of the door.

"I'll go back quickly," Haru said, but then Sora kissed his lips when his grandfather had gone out.

Sora felt satisfied and said, "Don't change your clothes when you come back."


Haru was wondering whether Kasugano Clan was known for their l.u.s.t.


The door of the car was opened by a driver, Taichi and Haru entered the car sitting down next to each other.

"There are a lot of things that I want to ask, but tell me first how did you become like this?" Taichi asked.

Haru thought for a while and told his grandfather his story, "Well, it is because I have met Kirari...."


"Momobami Kirari," Haru said.


Taichi twitched his lips and said, "If you're not careful by that Clan then you might be assassinated so suddenly playing with the heart of their Young Lady."


"It's okay. Let me continue my story now," Haru said. He knew very well why his grandfather was worried since Momobami Clan was infamous for their business in both white and black.

During this trip, Haru told what he had done to become a billionaire, but he didn't say anything about his relationship with a lot of girls since it was troublesome.


Alice was sitting quietly while looking at the window. She was quite complex when she heard that Erina and Haru were engaged to each other and her grandfather also told her to help them to become closer. When she heard it she was surprised, but then she also thought that it was good since she also knew that Erina had an interest in him.

'But, what is this feeling?'

Alice felt quite uncomfortable for some reason and she didn't really understand it.

"Alice! Alice!"

"W - What?!" Alice was startled and said, "Erina! Don't startle me!" She pouted and felt a bit annoyed.

Erina pouted and said, "I have called you several times! Why don't you answer me!"

Waving her hand, Alice looked at Erina and asked, "What's wrong? Did you miss Haru? Do you want me to call him for you?"

Erina blushed and said, "It isn't like that!"

"Then, you want to call him yourself?" Alice asked while teasing her.

"NO!!!!" Erina was very embarrassed and said, "I'm asking why grandfather has asked us to go to that party?"

"I'm not sure, maybe he is trying to match you up with someone," Alice said with a smile.

Erina snorted and said, "Match me up? Is there someone that can match me?"

"How about Haru?" Alice asked.

Erina blushed and said in embarrassment, "Why is it him again?"

"So do you like him?" Alice asked.

"I don't like him!" Erina said while showing off her canine teeth.

"Then he might be stolen from you," Alice said.

Erina snorted and said, "Stealing from me? It's impossible!"

"Oh, why are you so confident?" Alice asked curiously.

"Because I'm Erina."

Erina was confident in herself and there were tons of people who wanted to confess or court her, but she had never accepted them.

However, if Haru decided to confess to her then she didn't mind accepting him.

Alice rolled her eyes and knew Erina's personality very well. She wasn't sure why, but she felt quite uncomfortable.

"Alice, do you want to go to the toilet?" Erina asked worriedly since she felt that Alice had been weird. "Did you eat something weird?"

"Mooo! Erina, you bully! You're the one who eats something weird! Go stay in the toilet for an hour!" Alice said annoyed.

Erina thought for a while and asked, "So what has happened after I have gone out for the tournament before?"


Alice closed her mouth and didn't say anything. She folded her arms, pouted, and said, "Hmph! I won't talk with Erina who is a bully!" Her mood became worse when she remembered the time which she spent on the toilet in the past because of the drug.


Erina sometimes thought how old her cousin was.