Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 694

Volume 1 Chapter 694 Party

Arriving in the venue, Haru thought that it would be a boring party with a bunch of old men talking about complicated things. He knew that he needed to do this socialization meeting in the future, and it wasn't wrong for Taichi to invite him, but then again, he wasn't a politician. He was only a businessman and he was thinking about his profit rather than the election.

There were two big differences between businessmen and politicians.

One was holding the life of the people, while the other one was giving the hope of people.

Different from a businessman who will give money and life to their employee and they also give what they have promised, but whether that reward is fair or not, it is a different matter. Politicians will give hope to a lot of people, but after they have gotten their position, they will forget their promise right away.

In the end, there are both good and bad politicians and businessmen in this world.

Haru was a good businessman since he was quite generous to his people.

Taichi could be considered quite a powerful politician and his career was quite good, but then again, he hadn't woken up after he learned the story that his grandson had told him. 'Betting all of his money into gold future?' If he didn't know then he would smack his grandson for doing something stupid, but then his grandson was successful. There was nothing that he could say at that moment.

The moment Haru and Taichi entered the venue, both of them caught the attention of everyone.

Taichi was, of course, a famous figure and also had a lot of power in Chiba, but then the one who walked beside him was famous since this young man had mastered a number of media under his hands.

For a group of politicians, Haru was simply a huge supporter as long as they could get him to promote them then their election would be guaranteed.

For a group of businessmen, they couldn't wait to talk about investing, and a lot more when they saw him.

For a group of young ladies and the wives of everyone in this place, Haru was simply a candy in their eyes. They couldn't wait to walk towards him and looked at him closer. 'I - If possible then they also want to touch his arm or body....'

Haru didn't know what they were thinking, but he was also an Emperor and knew what to do in this kind of situation.

But his premonition was right since Taichi had brought him because his grandfather wanted to show him off to everyone which made him quite speechless.

Their conversation was quite simple, and they were simply asking about investing advice.

Haru was simply bullshitting on the spot too lazy to talk with them since he didn't think that they would meet each other that often in the future.

The people who came toward Haru had forgotten that Haru was a high school student when they saw him and really thought that this guy was an experienced investor with a decade of working experience.

Haru's experience on quest made the aura around his body wasn't something that high school students should have, and it made some people think that he was an old driver.

Haru who was bullshitting everyone thought that he might have the talent to become a cult leader after seeing everyone's reaction. He suddenly thought that it might be possible to open his cult.

'How about the Cult of Wealth?'

But then again for people who could come to this place all of them weren't stupid and they also had a lot of experiences since it that wasn't the case how could they able to stand up above some people.

Even though they were interested in investing in him, they still had their caution.

However, if Haru heard what they were thinking he would only sneer since he didn't have an intention to help them to make money. It was quite easy to fool them or invite them to invest in him, but he didn't want to do that since he didn't want to manage other people's money since it was very troublesome.

His intention to become rich was to live a comfortable life with his girls. If he managed other people's money then how could he be living a comfortable life?

Haru thought to step back and let his grandfather manage those groups of people, but another group of young ladies came toward him. He only sighed inwardly since he wanted to escape from this play right away!

Haru stayed calm and maintained his fake smile, but he suddenly noticed a pink-haired girl, who he had met at the Hakone hot spring inn before talking with a petite girl with dark hair. He shook his head and didn't think too much about them.


Erina who had arrived at the party was very annoyed.

The moment Erina entered the party, her eyes were attracted to Haru who was talking with a group of people. She had to admit that Haru who was wearing a suit was very handsome, and simply ignored the content of their conversation since she didn't have that much interest in the financial world. Her world was culinary and creating a delicious dish was something that she thrived for.

Different from Alice who was free-spirited walking around curiously while talking with everyone.

Erina was quite restrained and she was in a very bad mood giving air that made it very hard for people to approach her telling them to get away from her.

"I want to go back." 2x

Erina was startled then turned her head and saw Haru who suddenly stood up beside her. She blushed and said, "W - Why are you here?!"

"What's wrong? You don't want me to be here?" Haru asked.

"NO!" Erina suddenly felt very regretful to say this to him, but then she noticed him looking at her intently. "W - What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Hmm, is it only me, but I have seen you wear this dress somewhere?" Haru said and thought that he had seen her in this dress. "Right, it's the photo that Alice has sent to me before."

Erina was embarrassed and pointed her hand. "Y - You haven't deleted my photo?!"

Haru sighed and said, "It's a very beautiful photo, I keep it right into my phone." He showed his smartphone to her.

"Give it to me! Delete it!" Erina blushed and tried to catch his smartphone.

Haru was really glad to do this since Erina's b.o.o.b.s were pressing on his body. He only raised his hand since it was impossible for her to get his smartphone from him. "I was just kidding. I have deleted it."

Erina also noticed that they were in very close distance, and hurriedly moved away. "I - Is that true? You don't lie to me?"

"If you still doubt me then you can check it," Haru said and showed his smartphone.

"W - Well, I will believe in you...." Erina thought for a while and asked, "Your manga is going to be sold tomorrow right?"

Haru nodded and said, "You should buy it and check whether it is good or not."

Erina seemed quite proud and said, "Well, I need to see whether you've done a good job or not since you can't waste a good story on your magazine!"

"I know. Thank you," Haru said.

"T - Then what about your Shoujo manga? What kind of manga are you going to publish?" Erina asked shyly. She was more curious about his Shoujo manga.

"Well, whether I will publish it or not then it is going to depend on the result of the magazine tomorrow, but I have a story in my head." Haru looked at Erina and asked, "Do you want to hear it?"

"W - Well, let's see whether this story is good or not, tell me!" Erina said while looking at him waiting for him to tell the story.

Haru thought for a while and decided to tell Erina about the story of "Kimi ni Todoke".

Erina listened quietly and really wanted to hear more of the story.


"Kasugano-san, your grandson is quite close to Nakiri's young lady, are they in a relationship?"

Taichi only laughed and didn't say too much. "It's a young people's matter." Waving his hand, he changed the topic of the conversation.


The pink-haired girl looked at Haru for a while and squinted her eyes. This action was noticed by the petite black haired girl beside her. She looked at Haru then looked at the pink-haired girl beside her. "Fujiwara-san, do you have an interest in that guy?"

"Well....." The pink-haired girl looked around and whispered. "Kaguya-san, actually, I have seen him in the hotel with another girl before."


It seemed that this social party wouldn't be very boring when both of them started to talk about gossip.


Alice was very annoyed looking at Erina and Haru, who were talking to each other. She could see that even if she didn't do anything they might have a relationship sooner or later. She started to get annoyed then suddenly decided to walk toward them to join their conversation.


Hearing Haru's story, Erina really couldn't wait to read it. "If you have made it, then you need to tell me."

"You really like Shoujo manga, huh?"

"I don't like it! I hate it!" Erina said without hesitation and snorted.

Haru knew very well about Erina's personality and said, "That's right, Erina..."

"Erina?" Erina blushed since she didn't expect him to call her first name.

"Is that not okay?" Haru asked.

"Well, I'll let you call me that." Erina nodded.

"Then, you can call me Haru," Haru said.

"Well, Haru..." Erina said his name softly with a flush on her face.

Haru thought for a while and remembered the thing that he had gotten from Hundred's world and thought to create a unique dish from it. "Erina, can you help me to create a dish?"

"What dish?" Erina asked curiously.

But before he asked Erina, they suddenly heard a voice.

"I'll help you!"

Alice suddenly appeared and said, "Erina is quite busy with her work and she is going to become a 10 Elite in high school later. Her schedule might not be working and I'll help you in her place!" Her face seemed to be proud as if telling him to be happy that she had helped her.

"W - Wait...." Erina wanted to say something but...

"So you want to help him yourself, Erina? You like him so you don't want to be disturbed?" Alice asked.

"No! I don't like him!" Erina said with a blush, but she started to regret what she was saying.


Haru was looking at Alice wondering what this girl wanted to do.

"That's why I'm going to help you!" Alice looked at Haru and said, "There are still four days before school is going to start! You can go to my mansion on Tootsuki Academy, alright?" She grabbed Erina's hand and said, "Tell me when you want to come later, so I can prepare myself! For now, we'll go back!" She pulled Erina's hand and went back from the party.

"Wait, Alice!" Erina screamed at her cousin.


Haru didn't even say anything, but he sighed when he thought about both sisters who were very beautiful.

"Do you have fun?" Taichi walked beside him and asked.


"Let's go back too."

Taichi nodded and thought that the engagement between him and Nakiri's young lady was real after seeing how close they were.

Haru didn't know what Taichi was thinking, but he was glad that he could go back and thought about researching more about the dish which he would create with Alice later since it might become a dangerous food if he made it carelessly.