Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 695

Volume 1 Chapter 695 Quest So Suddenly...

It was the day after the party, Haru thought to go to Alice's mansion since she had promised him to help him to create a dish. Making breakfast, he looked at Utaha and Megumi who were helping him prepare breakfast.

Utaha and Megumi had often come to Haru's house and it could be said that they were living in this place semi-permanently after they had acknowledged each other.

Utaha had often whispered to him that she was okay with foursomes, but Sora hadn't lost her first time and it was simply impossible to do it. She was quite speechless and didn't believe it, but after hearing Megumi's confirmation she started to ask what made him wait too long.

"It's complicated," Megumi said, which somehow made Utaha speechless.


Haru wondered what made him hold back, but he also wanted to at least wait until Sora had been accepted to high school. 'February...'

'It wasn't that long.'

Haru thought, and then he decided to go to Tootsuki Academy to create the dish that he wanted to create since it needed at least three or four months for it to be completed, but suddenly his smartphone vibrated showing that there was a notice on the Group Chat.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1: Kill 100 Gastrea]

[Quest 2: Unify Japan]

[Quest 3: Get a sample of Varanium]

[Quest 4: Get a sample of Cursed Children]

[Quest 5: Invite one person]

[Participant: two people]

[Reward: 2000 points and a random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world]

[Countdown: Before The Third Kanto War]


'This quest is...?'

Haru had a feeling that he somehow knew about this world since he might have read it in the past.

Yajima: "The quest sure is coming so suddenly."

Gintama: "It hasn't been a month since Haru has gone from his quest, but another quest is coming?"

Charlotte: "Is it so rare?"

Shinobu: "Well, the time interval of the quest is quite short."

Charlotte: "I'm a bit curious about this quest though."

Shinobu: "You'll have a chance to go."

Charlotte: "Is it dangerous?"

Shinobu: "Very dangerous. If you don't have strength, then you might die on the quest."


Then suddenly Esdeath chatted to him privately.

Esdeath: "I want to go."

Haru knew what this woman was thinking and replied, "Let's search for information about this quest first." He didn't really mind for Esdeath to come since they needed two people to start this quest.

Esdeath: "Don't you know something?"

Haru: "I have some ideas, but let me search for the information first." He thought for a while and thought about the clue of this quest.

'Gastrea? Unify Japan?'


Haru thought for a while and remembered something, but then Kuroneko answered first.

Kuroneko: "I have found information about this quest!"

Teppei: "Oh? Which world?"

Kuroneko: "It's Black Bullet."

Kuroneko: "I'll send the information to the Group Chat."

Everyone thought that they were very lucky to have Kuroneko since there was a lot of information about the quest in her world. They were waiting for a while and suddenly Kuroneko uploaded the novel, anime, manga, and a lot more about "Black Bullet".

The story of "Black Bullet" was pretty simple and it was a story about the world which was being spread by a virus which was known as Gastrea Virus.

Then because of that virus, there was something known as Gastrea that appeared in that world.

Gastrea is a deadly parasite that has risen to the top of the food chain in the past 10 years, defeating humans in 2021. Although they are clouded in mysteries, most Gastrea are humans infected with the Gastrea Virus, which gives them various superhuman abilities. Any human that has their DNA infected above 50% turns into a Gastrea. However, an exception to this is the Cursed Children, who keep their human physique and possess superhuman abilities, due to the fact that the Gastrea Virus has not corrupted them above 50%.

The human who has been infected by Gastrea Virus will turn into an animal-shaped monster.

After reading the story of "Black Bullet", they realized that this quest was very dangerous, especially when they needed to fight against Gastrea.

If Gastrea is just a weak monster, then it is alright, but there are many kinds of Gastrea and each other has a different power.

There are also twelve Gastreas which is known as the strongest Gastrea. They are being named Zodiac Gastrea.

Now, after knowing this quest, there was only one problem! Who should go on this quest?

Yajima: "If it's just killing Gastrea, then everyone is suitable."

Gintoki: "I'm sure that if Korosensei goes to that world, the people in that world might think that he is a Gastrea with octopus model."

Korosensei: "What do you mean by that?! Do you really love to hurt my heart that much?!"

Korosensei: "But well, the problem of killing Gastrea and gathering Varanium is quite easy, but unifying Japan is quite a hard quest."

After losing the war to Gastrea in the year 2021, Japan admits defeat, surrendering to the beastly parasites. However, not long after, Japan introduced humanity to the Monoliths, which gave them hope; there are five protected areas which are known as Tokyo Area, Osaka Area, Sapporo Area, Sendai Area, and Hakata Area.

Fighting is easy, but to become a leader isn't that easy.

Tsunade: "I'm going to pass."

Gintoki: "Me too."

Yajima: "Isn't there a quest that is very kind to the old people?"

Shinobu: "Don't ask for something impossible."

Luffy: "Is there food?"

Kuroneko: "If you go there, then I'm sure that you're going to get sick and become a Gastrea @Luffy."

They definitely wouldn't choose Luffy since this guy was brainless and was sure that Luffy might eat Gastrea. They didn't know what would happen, but when they thought Luffy would turn into Gastrea.


They felt that the world might be destroyed by Luffy.

Teppei: "I'm not fit to become a leader."

Korosensei: "If I'm going there, then they might mistake me as a Gastrea."



They somehow wanted to laugh, but they decided to shut their mouth when they thought that Korosensei might hurt.

Korosensei: "Strange? No one is going to refute?"

Charlotte: "Well, but this world is a bit similar to my world actually...."

Everyone who had learned about the "Hundred" from Charlotte thought that "Black Bullet" was quite similar, but the story of "Black Bullet" was darker than "Hundred".

Charlotte: "But I won't go for the quest since I'm too weak."

Kouha: "Haru, you're going to go with Esdeath?"

Haru: "You want to go, Kouha?"

Kouha: "Go and have your honeymoon there."


Haru was speechless when his honeymoon would be held on the world of "Black Bullet".

'If I'm going on honeymoon, then I'm going to a better place!'

Esdeath: "Dear, let's go."

Esdeath chatted to him privately.

Haru: "Let me prepare for a bit."

Esdeath: "Ok!"

Esdeath was very excited when she thought that she would do her first quest together with Haru. She also thought about how strong Gastrea was, but her actual reason was to check on him whether he would use the same method when he conquered the Empire.

'Fufufu, I'll punish you later....'


Haru was in his house to prepare what he needed to bring for his quest later, but he wasn't in a hurry to go and decided to go to Tootsuki to create the dish that he wanted to create since he knew that he would spend a long time on the quest.

Unifying Japan isn't something that can be solved in just a few days.

Haru was sure that he would need to spend a few months similar to when he was in Akame Ga Kill's world.

That was why he wasn't in a hurry and relaxed to cook something before he went for the quest. He also wanted to hear the result of his weekly manga magazine that would be sold today. He looked at Sora, Megumi, and Utaha who were reading "Weekly Viking Shounen Manga".

The three of them had gotten this magazine from him and had to admit that the story was quite good and they were wondering how many magazines could be sold on the first day.

"Where are you going?" Sora asked.

"I'm going to Tootsuki," Haru said.

"What are you doing there?" Utaha asked.

"Cooking," Haru said.

"What dish?" Megumi asked.


"....." 3x

"Kiviak?" 3x

They were confused and wanted to go, but then they searched for information about kiviak on the internet.

"..." 3x

"I'm curious how can you eat such rotten food," Utaha said with a frown.

"Do you want to go with me?" Haru asked.

"No!" 3x

There was no way that they would put such rotten food into their mouths.

Haru shook his head and didn't force them to go out to Tootsuki to meet Alice.