Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 696

Volume 1 Chapter 696 Viking Shounen Weekly Manga

4 January.

Inside one of the independent houses in many luxurious buildings of Tootsuki Academy.

It was Erina's office.

Her office was being decorated gorgeously with an aristocratic, elegant, and luxurious style that matched her queen temperament.

The large golden ceiling light illuminated the entire room and made this room shine in a golden light.

Under this golden light, Erina sat down on a pale gold chair that made her seem like a real Queen!

Especially after Erina had won Shokugeki against Eizan increasing her power and momentum, and her nickname on the school had changed from the Young Lady of Nakiri Family to the Queen of Tootsuki Academy.

Even though her grandfather had said that her official position would be given after she had become a high school student, she had been given an authority similar to Elite 10 along with being given a task to manage the school.

At this time, her elbow was leaning on the armrest of the chair, leaning slightly forward, supporting the side of her face with one hand. Her slender and graceful thigh was shown under the short skirt. She was just sitting in simple posture, but with her temperament, it would make people have an urge to kneel down and lick her feet.

It was a holiday, but Erina wasn't free like any other student since she was one of the Elite 10 and also the owner of God's tongue.

Her secretary Arato Hisako was standing beside Erina, and inside her heart couldn't help but think.

'Erina-sama must be thinking about something important.'

Erina frowned and said, "Hisako."

"What's wrong, Erina-sama?" Hisako answered quickly.

"No.... forget it." Erina shook her head and said, "Nothing." She stopped talking for a while before saying, "You can go back and you don't need to follow me."

"Erina sama, you still have an appoin--"

"I have something to do. I won't go."

As part of the Elite 10 at Tootsuki Academy, Erina was allowed to be willful sometime.


After Hisako had left her, Erina left her office quickly by herself and sneaked into her car.

"Go outside."

Erina ordered, and after the car took her outside the school. She got out of the car and stopped a taxi on the side of the road, heading in a different direction.

The taxi eventually stopped in front of a bookstore.

Erina paid the money before she got out of the car.

Glancing left and right with a wary expression, she sighed in relief when she confirmed that no one had followed her. Then without worry, she walked toward the bookstore.

It was quite early at this time, but there were a lot of people gathered at the door of the bookstore.

"Why are there so many people?"

Looking at the long line of people in front of her, Erina couldn't help but complain. She often asked Hisako to help her buy manga, but normally, there would be only five or six people who stood up in line, right?

'Why are there more than 30 people today?'

"You don't even know this? Uh...."

After hearing Erina's words, the boy that stood up in front of her turned back. His tone was quite bad, but when he saw Erina's appearance, he suddenly froze.

Under the queen-like temperament of Erina, some people were quite nervous when they saw her, but they had to admit that she was very beautiful.

The boy's gaze made Erina frown. If it was in the school, no boy would dare to look at herself so brazenly.

Usually, the boy in the school would be lying on the ground like a slave, kneeling down, and praying to hope for Erina to taste her food.

But she thought that it was the outside and different from the school, so she looked at the boy and asked, "Then, can you tell me why there are so many people here?" She could see that there were some girls, but the number wasn't much and they were being separated by 10 or more people. She couldn't ask her and could only ask the boy in front of her.

"Oh...Oh...." The boy froze for a moment before replying with a hint of restraint, "Because there is a new weekly manga magazine which is known as "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga"." He pointed at the large billboard and said, "Don't you know it? It has become very viral on the internet and some people think that it might be able to challenge the throne of "Weekly Shounen Jump"." He sighed and said, "I've also liked the work of Kasugano-sensei and also....."

Erina didn't listen to the boy when he kept talking and looked toward the billboard. She remembered that Haru had told her that he was going to create a weekly magazine, but she didn't expect that some people would think that this magazine might be able to challenge "Weekly Shounen Jump".

"Weekly Shounen Jump" is a very famous weekly manga magazine with a circulation of 1.9 million each week.

It might be the most popular weekly manga magazine in this country, and Erina didn't expect Haru wanted to challenge it to become the number one weekly manga magazine in this country. She had been quite busy with her job tasting food at the restaurant and didn't even have time to look at the internet, but she didn't expect that he created such a big hype to promote his weekly manga magazine. She looked at the billboard which showed various characters that she had read in that room before.

Erina came to this bookstore just to buy "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" and she didn't even tell her secretary, Hisako Arato, about this matter, even though Hisako usually bought her a manga.

But this time was different since she would buy a boy's manga, not a shoujo (girl) manga.

'What if other's notice my feelings?'

Although Hisako wasn't at that place that day and it wasn't clear how she could be related to him, with a little information, some people might know that she bought this manga was because of him.

She is the Queen of Tootsuki Academy, and it'll be very embarrassing if someone knows that she has feelings for someone!

"But... that's good, his magazine is very popular...."

Recalling the thing that happened in the hotel, she read the manga together with Haru. The corner of her mouth couldn't help but raise a beautiful smile.

But soon, she realized that this wasn't the emotion that she should have! She just likes his manga, and really hates him!

"But his pen name is Kasugano? This guy is very lazy to create a pen name!"

In an order that made her hate Haru, Erina began to mutter about his shortcomings. "He's lazy and quite arrogant! If there I didn't give him advice at that time, then he wouldn't be able to make his magazine this popular!" Her feelings toward him were very complicated. She wanted to be truthful, but why it was so hard for her making her often say something bad to him and she felt a bit sad about it.

"You're wrong!"

The boy who talked about the greatness of Kasugano became unhappy in an instant. "Although I don't know the meaning of the following sentence, you should say that Kasugano-sensei is lazy or arrogant....." He talked about a lot of things and sent out a barrage of words to Erina.

His voice was so loud that almost everyone in the queue heard it, so in a flash, everyone looked at Erina intently.