Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 697

Volume 1 Chapter 697 Test For Erina

If it was a normal girl, then she might be scared or something, but the one who was facing this group of people was Erina. She hugged her arms and snorted.

The boys who lined up saw that Erina was a beautiful girl, so they didn't say anything.

It could be said that it was the privilege of a beautiful woman.

The queue continued.

As the Queen of Tootsuki Academy, this was the first time for Erina to do such things as queuing. Of course, she wouldn't find it novel or interesting.

After all, looking at the people in front of you slowly decreasing was really a matter of testing patience, and she happened to be the kind of person who didn't have good patience.

Just when she couldn't help but walk forward for their time, the two people walked past her with a "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" on their hands, eagerly discussing with each other.

"Each story is different, but all of them are very exciting!"

"Yeah, I wonder how can he create a lot of wonderful stories....."

"He's different from us, but then that's why I have become one of his fans."

"Pokemon, Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, Yu Yu Hakusho..... damn! I can't wait to read all of them quickly!"


Erina was silent while listening.

The people who bought "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" gathered together in twos or threes then started their discussion about each story in the magazine since all of them were very wonderful.

Erina was eavesdropping on them silently.

Although she had read the manga manuscript one, listening to a lot of people who discussed the plot of each manga in the magazine. She thought it was very novel and interesting. She was quite proud since she could see that everyone really liked the magazine which his company published.

Of course, although most people were praising the magazine, there were few people who were criticizing the magazine.

Erina didn't mind about this and had often heard such a thing. After all, she was the top figure within the Tootsuki Academy. Although she was very beautiful and talented, there were some people who often criticized or vilified her secretly.

It was normal for people to be jealous.

"Give me a copy of "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga"."

After lining up for more than fifteen minutes, it was finally her turn and Erina said to the bookstore staff with some relief.

Because of the "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" by "Media Factory" and "Kasugano-sensei" was so popular, some bookstores with limited inventory could only limit some people who wanted to buy more than a copy.

But if they want to buy another magazine or book then there is not such a restriction on the bookstore.

The female staff handed Erina a copy of "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga", which was also sealed in plastic film.

Erina took the manga and walked away while also waving her long golden hair, leaving the group of men who were mesmerized by her.

"Sigh... Why did you forget to ask for her phone number just now?" The boy regretted it while hammering his chest.

"Forget it, such an arrogant and beautiful girl, how could she be worthy of us?"

"I wonder what kind of man that is her type...."


Leaving the bookstore, Erina stopped a taxi on the side of the road before hurriedly going back to the Tootsuki Academy.

Inside the car, she couldn't wait to unpack the manga magazine. She saw a portrait of various main characters in the story inside the manga for the first cover of "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga". She could see that the characters were very lively and it could attract a lot of people's attention. She thought that Haru had done a good job on the cover.

Erina opened the manga and the first manga that she saw was "Naruto", but then she felt a little shock in her heart. Even though she had read the manuscript once before, when she looked at the "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" on her hands, she had a different feeling on her heart and it made her even more excited than the recognition of the dishes she made.

Excited, she couldn't help but call Haru.

But when the phone was just dialed out, she regretted it, but it was useless to regret it since the phone was connected right away.


Haru's voice came from the phone and asked, "It's quite rare for you to call me, what's wrong?

Erina sighed in relief, but when she wanted to say something she heard the voice of a girl.

"Haru! Get me my clothes! I need it to bring it with me!"

"Don't you have a secretary? Why not ask him?"

"Ehhh?! But I'm helping you to make a dish now!"

"It can't be helped."

A helpless voice could be heard on the phone.

Erina frowned and asked, "Who is that?"

"That's Alice." Haru brought clothes from Alice's room to his car. "She is helping me to make the dish."

Erina frowned further since she didn't know that today was the day when Alice decided to help Haru to make the dish.

"Where are you now?"

"I'm in Alice's house, but I'll go out after we have prepared everything," Haru said.

"Don't move! I'll go there!" Erina said without hesitation then closed the phone.


Haru looked at his smartphone and felt a bit confused.

"Who is that?" Alice asked.

"Erina." Haru looked at Alice and asked, "You didn't tell her that you're going to help me today?"

Alice smiled awkwardly and said, "I - I forgot about it.... tehe..." She acted cutely as if she didn't do anything wrong, but then she smiled. "It seems that Erina is really interested in you, do you want me to help you to get closer to her?" She knew that Haru was Erina's fiance, but she was happy that she could spend time with him.

Haru flicked her forehead and said, "Don't joke around. Let's go since this dish is quite special."

Alice sighed and looked at the seal on the styrofoam box which was placed in his car. "I just can't believe that you really bring both whole seals along with 500 little auks bird." She looked at him and asked, "Where did you get it?"

"Greenland," Haru said.

Alice nodded and said, "The smell of this dish isn't good. Let's search for another place to prepare this dish."

"Yeah, your mansion might turn smelly if we cook this dish here," Haru said. He looked at Alice's secretary and said, "Kurokiba, help me later."

Kurokiba nodded and felt a bit interested in the dish since it was his first time seeing it. He looked at Haru and wondered what Haru's relationship with Alice was. 'Is it fiance?' He didn't think that it was strange when he thought about Alice's family.

"But we need to be careful since if this dish turns bad there might be dangerous bacteria inside," Alice said with a serious expression.

"Don't worry, I have brought a microscope with me," Haru said.

"Then, what are waiting for! Let's go!" Alice raised her hand excitedly pulling Haru's hand to the car.

"You don't need to be that excited," Haru said.


Kurokiba who was being ignored only shook his head and entered the six wheels Mercedes-AMG G63 which was brought by Haru.


Erina told the driver to hurriedly go to Alice's mansion and couldn't help but feel annoyed by her cousin. She could imagine that Alice had forgotten about this matter and didn't even tell her about it. She somehow needed to slap Alice's butt, but then, she received a call from her grandfather. She was quite surprised and opened it.

"Grandpa, what's wrong?"

"Erina, are you in your office?"

"Yes," Erina said since she couldn't tell her grandfather that she was right on the outside.

"Then come to my office since I have something to talk about with you," Senzaemon said and didn't talk too much.

Closed the phone, Erina was quite surprised, but also curious since her grandpa was looking for her. She looked at her manga and decided to keep it at her home first before she went to her grandfather's office.

Erina wanted to go to Haru right away, but it couldn't be helped if her grandfather had called her. The only thing she needed to do was to complete this matter as soon as possible.


The Tootsuki Academy was built on the top of a large mountain, and the office of Senzaemon who was the director of the Tootsuki group was on the top of the mountain.

Erina drove to her grandfather's office, knocked on the door, and walked in. She saw her grandfather, the director of the Tootsuki group, Nakiri Senzamon who was sitting on his office chair with his back facing her.

"Erina, you should remember that in our Tootsuki Academy, it has always been a tradition for Elite 10 to manage the academy, but before that, they need to do a test before they can officially become Elite 10."

Without waiting for Erina to say something, Senzaemon said directly.

"Of course, I remember."

Erina nodded since she knew that she needed to take the test before she could officially become an Elite 10

If this test can't be completed, then she isn't qualified to become a member of Elite 10.

"Very good." Senzaemon nodded and turned around, and looked directly at Erina.

"Then, I will ask you to be the chef of this person for a week after the holiday!"

Erina nodded and said, "Then, is it over, right? I have something to do first! Bye grandpa!" She left her grandfather's office directly and took out her phone while calling him.


Senzaemon caressed his beard and smiled when he thought Erina would live with him later.