Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 699

Volume 1 Chapter 699 Kiviak 2

"Interesting, let me help you guys to create it!"

The pervert who was wearing a n.a.k.e.d apron introduced himself as Isshiki Satoshi and he was very interested in the dish that they were about to create.

Then the four of them started to work.

Haru, Kurokiba, and Alice ignored the fact that Isshiki was only wearing a n.a.k.e.d apron since and somehow they had gotten used to him. They talked to each other and the atmosphere between them was very friendly. Even thought one of them was only wearing a n.a.k.e.d apron which made the scenery became quite bizarre.

"So how about Kasugano-kun? Do you want to embark on the path of aprons?" Isshiki asked.

"I might not have time to learn such a tedious path, Isshiki." Haru refused politely.

"Eh? Why? N.a.k.e.d apron is very suitable for you!" Alice said.


Kurokiba ignored the three of them and felt that he might be the only normal person in this place.

Tadokoro who was looking at them from far away couldn't help but feel speechless when she saw Issihiki had joined the three suspicious people. "I - Isshiki-senpai....."


Frankly, Alice didn't think Haru's cooking skills were quite good considering he was a financial genius. She thought that he didn't have time to learn cooking but it seemed that she had underestimated him since there was no way for Erina's fiance to not have cooking skills. Even though she knew that Haru wasn't a Tootsuki student, she couldn't help but feel amazed by his knife skill.

Kurokiba and Isshiki also felt the same as Alice when they saw Haru's action.

Haru's sharp knife cut down some parts which made it very easy for them to clean up the innards on the seal.

It was very tough work to cut down a seal since a seal's body was very huge and it was even heavier than some people in this place.

After cleaning up the seal, they started to pack 500 little auks bird into a seal skin, beaks and feathers included.

Haru removed as much air as possible from the seal skin before he sewed it up and sealed it with seal fat, which repels flies. He only knew the general method to create kiviak, and only used his intuition to perfect the dish.

"Kasugano-kun, do you own a restaurant, or are you a chef?" Issihiki asked curiously since Haru's skill was superb.

"No, I'm just a student," Haru answered.

"Really? But I have never seen you in Tootsuki," Isshiki said since he felt quite weird that he hadn't seen someone like him on the Tootsuki Academy.

"I'm a student, but I'm not a Tootsuki student," Haru said with a smile.

"Then where is your school?" Isshiki asked.

"Hyakkou Academy," Haru said.

Isshiki's expression changed since that school wasn't even culinary school, but rather an old school aristocrat which was usually placed to educate children of rich families or politicians. He looked at Alice and knew that she was a granddaughter of the director of the Tootsuki group then looked at Haru. He rubbed his chin and wondered whether it was an engagement relationship or something, but even if it wasn't he could see that the relationship between Haru and Alice was pretty close.

"Youth! What a lovely word it is....."

Haru ignored Isshiki's sentence and said, "The process of fermentation is quite long. It might take three or four months, and when it is ready, you can invite the people in your dorm to eat it together."

"Really? Is that okay?" Isshiki was happy since this dish was quite rare.

"Yes, I'm not even sure whether the people in my house even want to eat this dish," Haru said since he was sure that the smell of kiviak would be very horrible and he believed that the girls in his house wouldn't even want to eat this dish.

But for the culinary students, it was a rare chance to eat a rare dish.

It was better to cherish this chance since it would be a wonderful experience (or a horrible experience), but what makes cooking very fun is to search for a good taste on the borderline of horrible food.

"Haru, you're really a student?" Alice asked since she had also gotten Haru's information and it was very hard to believe that he was a student.

"I'm only one year older than you, Alice," Haru said calmly and placed the seal which had been sewn to the hole before hiding it in a heap of stones, with a large rock placed on top to keep the air out. He wiped the sweat off his forehead before taking out the gloves on his hands.

"I'm getting smelly," Alice said with a frown.

"Then, do you want to go to our dorm? You can use the bathroom there to clean yourself," Isshiki said.

"Is that alright? Let's go, Haru!" Alice said and pulled Haru's hand.

"Wait! Take off of your gloves first, Alice!" Haru felt that his hand was quite slimy being touched by Alice's gloves.


Alice only laughed and ignored him and kept touching him with her gloves.

Haru frowned and grabbed Alice's hand before forcing it to touch her own face.

Alice became scared and pleaded. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Stop! Stop! Don't let it touch my face!!!!!"


Isshiki and Kurokiba didn't say anything and followed behind.

"They're pretty close, are they in a relationship?" Isshiki asked Kurokiba.

"It might be, he might be Ojou's boyfriend," Kurokiba said,

"Romance.... what a wonderful feeling it is...." Issihiki said with a smile.


Erina kept looking around the Tootsuki Academy, but she had never found them. She had also gone to Alice's house, but she didn't see him nor Alice's secretary. She frowned further and asked the people in Alice's house whether they knew where Alice had gone, but they didn't know and only said that Alice and Kurokiba had gone with Haru in the car before. She took her phone again and tried to contact them, but she didn't receive an answer. She sighed and decided to wait at Alice's house since she knew that sooner or later they would come back.


After cleaning on a dilapidated mansion which was known as Polar Star Dormitory, they decided to go back since it was quite late.

"Then, we'll go back first. Thank you for lending us your bathroom," Haru said.

"Don't worry, you don't need to worry about it too much," Isshiki said with a smile.

"Be careful of the cold," Haru said while looking at Isshiki which Isshiki responded with quite an obsecure pose.

"Let's go back, Haru," Alice said with a yawn since she was quite sleepy.

Haru nodded and said goodbye once again before going back to Alice's mansion with Alice and Kurokiba.

Isshiki waved his hand and noticed Fumio who was the dormitory mother of Polar Star Dormitory kept looking at Haru. "What's wrong Fumio-san?"

"Hmm, I have seen him somewhere, but I can't remember it," Fumio said while thinking very hard.

"Really?" Isshiki was surprised.

"Yeah, I have a feeling that I have seen him somewhere, but I'm not sure where....." Fumio sighed and said, "Maybe because I'm very old, but if I'm 40 years younger then I might start to chase him during my youth."

"Hahaha, he already has someone on his side, Fumio-san," Isshiki said with a laugh.

"Yeah, that's true. Let's go close the door since it is cold and tell me what you have been making outside earlier," Fumio asked curiously.

"Well, we're making kiviak....."


It didn't take a long time before they had arrived at Alice's mansion, but on the way, Alice was sleeping in the car.

"Alice, we have arrived," Haru said.

Alice, who was sleeping peacefully, woke up slowly and yawned. "Oh, right...." She stretched her lazy waist and said, "I'll see you later."

"Bye," Haru said and decided to go back since he needed to go to another world for a quest and also checking the information about the sales of his new magazine.

Getting out of Haru's car, Alice walked to her mansion in a happy mood, but then she realized that she had forgotten to ask him about his feelings towards Erina. She wanted to turn back but saw that the car had gone.

"Well, I can ask him later."

Alice was quite sleepy and wanted to sleep once again. She opened the door of her mansion and she saw someone who had been waiting for her with a scary expression. She was stunned and felt a bit scared. "E - Erina, why are you here?!"

"I have been waiting for you, but where have you been! Why haven't you replied to me!" Erina said angrily.

Alice took out her phone and said, "Huh? Is it turned off?" She was quite surprised when her phone's screen was black and realized that the battery was emptied. She looked at Erina and tried to calm her down. "Erina, don't be angry, don't be angry."

"Now, tell me where have you been, and what are you doing?!" Erina asked angrily.

"U - Uh...." Alice was a bit panicked and said, "I - I'm checking out your fiance!"


Erina blinked her eyes and didn't believe what she had heard. "What?"

"Ugh..." Alice slapped her mouth and wondered why she had said those words.

Erina felt that Alice had been hiding something and said, "Tell me, right now!"

Alice sighed and said, "Haru is your fiance."