Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 70

Volume 1 Chapter 70 Showing A Power

They fell down from the sky.


Haru used his light magic to surf on the light.

Luffy and Crocodile held their feet with their hands.

"BASTARD!!!!" Haru cursed them.

Buggy used his devil fruit and caught him with his hands.

Ivankov, Jimbei, Inazuma and other people also joined.

Haru didn't have the power to fly with a lot of people hanging on his body. He really wanted to push them away but it was impossible since they were really holding him hard. He fell down from the sky together with everyone.



Everyone in the war saw a ship suddenly fall down from the sky. They saw something bright was flying until a lot of people hung on him and fell down.


The ship destroyed part of the ice that covered the entire bay.

Whitebeard Pirates, Marines, and Shichibukai looked in the direction of the ship. They suddenly saw someone came out from the sea and stood in the ship that had fallen from the sky.

Garp opened his mouth wide when he saw someone who was standing in that ship.

Sengoku was very angry when he saw that group of people.

Whitebeard looked at them curiously.

Every person had a different reaction when they saw them and knew that the war would become more complicated.


Haru, who had fallen into the sea, started to swim.

Jimbei was shocked when he saw him swimming, "How can you swim?"

Haru ignored him since he couldn't talk inside the sea.

Jimbei also knew that he couldn't talk and started to help the devil fruit users and complained at him, "Help me!!"

Haru felt that the sea was very cold but it was nothing compared to the level 5 in Impel Down. He stood on the ship and everyone also climbed to the ship together.

"How can you swim?" Luffy looked at him with an envious expression.

"Does that really matter? There is something more important than that," Haru pointed his fingers at the execution platform.

"That's right, Ace!!" Luffy said.

Ace, who was on the execution platform, was shocked, "Luffy!???"

"ACE!!!" Luffy smiled and waved his hand.

Haru, Luffy, Buggy, Jimbei, Crocodile, and Ivankov were standing in front of the part of the ship looking at the war.

Haru felt really handsome right now since he could join them. He shook his head since there was something he needed to do. He looked at the direction of the execution platform and Kuma. He was wondering whether he could take that PX weapon back to his world since he wanted to see the inside.

'Hmm,' Haru thought of using his zipper power to detach each part of the robot and kept it inside his body for later.

"WE'RE HERE TO SAVE YOU!!!" Luffy shouted.

Haru took his phone and started to take a picture of this war. He thought that becoming a war reporter might not be bad. He thought it was very interesting to keep such a historical moment in the photo. He used a very high definition camera that he had kept on his body. Though he was stunned when he saw how beautiful Boa Hanc.o.c.k was. He shook his head and started to mutter, 'Sora' on his mind to keep his mind sane.

"THAT IMPEL DOWN GUARD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE WITH A PIRATES!!!!" Sengoku was really angry looking at this traitor.

Everyone was also looking at him and saw that he had a strange device on him, 'Is that camera?'

Haru didn't hear him say, "Wow, that's Whitebeard, he is really big." He used his camera to take a picture of him.


Everyone was stunned when he saw him ignore the person with the greatest power in marines.

"Hmmm?" Whitebeard looked at him.

Sengoku gnashed his teeth looking at this youth.

"H - hey, you make the fleet admiral angry," Ivankov told him nervously.

Haru was very excited and he didn't hear him. He knew that it was too late and he felt quite regretful to keep wearing his guard uniform. He took off the hat, coat, and tie of this uniform, "I'm not a guard." He didn't want to join the battle hurriedly since he had to do something. He didn't have the power to fight an admiral but he had confidence that he could stay alive in this situation. He also wanted to try fighting with one of Shichibukai.

At the same time, he also wanted to keep a lot of weapons that he could salvage from his battle. He was seen in the direction of Moby D.i.c.k. He saw that Crocodile wanted to attack Whitebeard but he was stopped by Luffy.

Haru jumped from the ship and wanted to fight someone. He saw someone perfect to test his power. He moved very fast toward that person.


Moria saw the battle and controlled his zombie to attack the pirates. Suddenly he saw the young man earlier who ignored the words of Sengoku who moved toward him. He laughed, "Hahaha, what's wrong boy, do you want to send your shadow to me?"

Haru stopped 10 meters away from him, "No, I want to beat you up."

Moria had a frown on his forehead, "Is that so? Then I will kill you!!" He was really angry and easily provoked after he had been beaten by Luffy. He used his scissors to attack him only when he saw his fist became longer and he was punched in the face. He was stunned by the power behind his attack. He was thrown back but he was stopped by him.

Haru grabbed him and moved him closer. He didn't wait for him to be ready and started to attack him. He knew that he couldn't stay low profile since Sengoku had reprimanded him. He decided to show his power to the world.


Haru punched him several times and said, "Arrivederci!"


Moria couldn't believe that he was defeated easily. His body started to detach from each other and he couldn't fight this battle again.

Gekko Moriah, one of Shichibuai, lost against this young man.