Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 700

Volume 1 Chapter 700 Devil And Angel

Haru, who went back to his house, looked at his smartphone, and noticed that Erina had been calling him several times. He was quite surprised and called her back immediately.

It didn't take a long time before the phone connected.

"Hello, Erina? I'm sorry, the network was quite bad earlier when I made the dish with Alice and Kurokiba." Haru needed to apologize first since Erina had called him several times then said, "Is there something? You have called me several times."

"N - Nothing!" Erina's voice sounded quite nervous, but then she remembered something. "I have bought your magazine."

"Really? Thank you, if the result is good then it is because of you who has helped me before," Haru said with a smile.

"Hmph! Don't forget to show me the shoujo mangas that you're going to make later!" Erina reminded him, but she was happy with her praise.

"I haven't heard the result of the sales today," Haru said.

"U - Uh, how is the result? Is it bad? Is it good?"

Somehow Erina was more nervous than Haru.

Haru only laughed and said, "You're the one who has said that the manga is good, right? Then the result might be very good, you don't need to worry."

"W - Well...." Erina suddenly remembered something and said, "I don't like your magazine! I only like the story!"

"Yes, yes," Haru said since he knew how hard it was for this girl to be honest with herself.

Erina, who was on the other side, wanted to ask something and whether he knew about the engagement about both of them, but it was very hard to ask.


Haru who heard her became silent couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong? Do you have something to tell me?"

Erina became nervous and said, "Nothing! I'll hang up the phone and don't forget to tell me about the result of your magazine!"

Haru looked at his smartphone and saw that the call had ended very quickly. He only shook his head and went back since he would need to go to another world for a quest.

Arriving at his house, Haru went back to cook dinner for Sora, Megumi, and Utaha. During this holiday the three of them often stayed together. He was about to go enter, but he received a call from the CEO of Media Factory telling him the result of today's sales for "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga".


In the living room, Utaha, Megumi, and Sora were discussing each other about him. They were talking to each other, but then Sora asked something to both of them.

"Let me ask you frankly, have you done it with him?" Sora asked both of them.


This question stumped both of them since Haru wanted to keep it secret from Sora for a while.

"You haven't done it?" Utaha asked Sora curiously. She knew that Megumi had lost her first time to Haru since she knew his man very well, but for Sora, she was a bit surprised.

Utaha was quite surprised since Haru hadn't done anything to Sora since she knew very well how much he loved Sora, but then she thought the closest someone to that person might make it hard for him to do it.

Sora twitched her lips and asked, "You have done it?"

"Umm... yes..." Utaha said with a blush on her cheek since it was very wonderful to do it with him.


Sora looked at Megumi hoping this girl hadn't done it with him.

"We have done it," Megumi answered with a plain expression. There wasn't any fluctuation or change in her emotion, but if someone looked at her closely, she shuddered a bit and her cheek flushed only a little showing how she remembered the thing that they had usually done.

Sora became sad and asked, "W - Why hasn't he done it with me?"


Megumi wasn't sure what to say to Sora.

"If he doesn't do it to you, then why don't you take the initiative?" Utaha asked.

"Initiative?" Sora saw Utaha with some interest.

"Sora, you need to be focussed on your exam first rather than doing that kind of thing," Megumi said.

"Megumi, you have also done it with him," Utaha said.


Megumi couldn't refute anything.

"So what do you mean by an initiative?" Sora asked since she was more interested in Utaha's words.

"It's simple!" Utaha smiled and said, "You only need to chain him up on the bed then force yourself on him. Letting him scream, dominate him, and look at him from above happily!" Her cheek flushed in excitement and thought that she really needed to do that. For once she really wanted to try to dominate him since she was usually in the submissive position.


Megumi was speechless and wanted to stop such stupid things.

"Hmm, not a bad idea," Sora said.

"Sora....." Megumi looked at Sora with an unsure expression.

"Right? Do you want to give him a sleeping pill and tie him down later? I can work with you later," Utaha said.

"Sora, think about it carefully, the exam is going to start in a month." Megumi tried to calm Sora down and said, "You can ask him whatever you want after you have been accepted into high school."

"Megumi, do you have confidence in yourself that you can do well in the exam?" Utaha asked curiously.

Megumi nodded and said, "I have studied enough and Haru often teaches both of us."

Even though Utaha didn't want to admit it, but she had never beaten Haru in terms of the exam too since he had always won against her that was why she wanted to give him a sleeping pill to force himself on her later, but she didn't really hate it being in a submissive position, however, she really wanted to try it once to be in the domineering position.

"Sora, if you want to try it then I'll help you. Remember Nishikino Maki, the one who has played keyboardist before? Her parents own a hospital and we can ask her for a sleeping pill," Utaha said.

"Sora, you need to know that he is doing the best for you," Megumi said.

If Utaha was a devil, then Megumi was an angel.

Both of them tried to support their own argument.

Sora was silent thinking about what she would do, but then the door was opened and they heard his voice.

"I'm back."


Everyone was startled and looked at Haru who had entered the living room.

"What's wrong? What's with your expression?" Haru was confused when he saw their expression.


They couldn't tell him that they were planning to give him a sleeping pill.

Sora was calm and said, "Nothing, how is your dish?"

"It's alright. I need to wait for three or four months before it is done," Haru said.

"So long!" Utaha was surprised.

"It is a fermentation dish after all," Haru said.

"Is it going to be good?" Megumi asked.

"If I have to say that a lot of people will say that the taste is a bit similar to natto," Haru said.


They felt that it was strange for a bird to taste like natto.

"What is the result of the magazine? Is it good?" Sora asked since she was cornered about Haru's venture business. She knew that the manga in his weekly manga magazine was very good, but if the sales weren't good then he would definitely stop it. She thought that it was quite wasteful when she thought all of the mangas which were being published in his magazine were very good.

"Try to guess," Haru said and got ready to cook dinner.

Megumi also walked toward him to help him cook for dinner.

Utaha and Sora were sitting next to each other while trying to guess the number of sales.

"50,000?" Utaha said.


"500,000?" Sora asked.


"How much?" Megumi asked directly.

"700,000," Haru said with a smile.


They were surprised when they heard it and opened their mouths wide.

Haru was also quite surprised when he heard it, but it might be because of his promotion on NicoNico along with other's traditional promotion with the addition of the reputation of Media Factory and himself making the weekly manga that was sole became extremely popular.

You need to remember that the weekly manga magazine is different from the novel since the price is very cheap.

If a normal novel has a price of around 2,000 yen, light novels have a price of around 500 yen or more, but weekly manga magazines only have a price of around 250 yen with the addition of tax make the price turn into 300 yen.

It is very cheap to buy a weekly manga magazine and it might be the cheapest entertainment in this country besides television.

But the result of today's sales really surprised him since he thought that they might only sell half a million or less, but it was more than his prediction. Considering the popularity of the paper media which started to decline this result was quite good.

Hearing that his magazine was successful, of course, they were very happy and thought to open up the wine, and also wore a maid uniform.

Why maid uniforms?

It isn't a secret anymore that he has a maid fetish that is why they have prepared such a costume.

Haru didn't stop them and it might be good to let them go quite wild since he would leave for a few months for the quest. He sometimes really wanted to let someone take care of the quest rather than him since he was quite tired, but this time he would go together with his wife so he needed to go.

They enjoyed dinner and had a party before sleeping together.

During the sleep, at the same time, Haru and Esdeath who had chatted with each other pressed the button of the quest before being enveloped by light and teleported to another world to start a quest.