Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 701

Volume 1 Chapter 701 Outer Area

Demolishing structures and cracked pavement prominent in several sections. Buildings that once stood prevalent presently lack equilibrium. The rubble of demolished buildings acc.u.mulates on top of houses and edifices.

"Is this the place?" Esdeath asked with a frown since she didn't expect that she would be teleported in such a trashy place. She remembered the bustling scene in Toriko's world which was a stark contrast with this place. But at the same time, she felt that this place was quite similar to a slum on the Empire in the past when Honest was the prime minister.

"We're in the Outer Area." Haru turned and pointed his finger at the distant town. "You can see the bustling town over there."

Unlike the place where they were standing, the town which Haru pointed out had a lot of high rise buildings, bright light, and a lot of noise. It seemed that the two places were like a different world.

"So what should we do here? It's very dark," Esdeath said.

In the Outer Area, there wasn't any electricity and that was why this place was so dark when it was dawn.

It was at this moment that Esdeath took a sword and was ready to stab her sword, but she was stopped by Haru.

"Esdeath, wait!" Haru hugged her waist to stop her.

Esdeath's sword stopped right a few centimeters away from the little girl.

"Little girl?" Esdeath calmed herself and put down her sword, but she felt strange since she could feel that this little girl was quite strong and thought that this little girl was a monster or Gastrea since she remembered this world was being threatened by it.

"You alright?" Haru walked toward the little girl and calmed her since he could see the fear in this little girl's eyes after almost being killed by Esdeath.

"I - I'm alright...." Looking at Haru's gentle eyes, the little girl nodded with a blush since it was her first time that someone had treated her this gently. From her life, she had been treated badly and a lot of people looked at her with disgust, but Haru was different since she really could see he was really gentle at her. Haru's face was also a plus point and every girl's dream had always been waiting for their prince in a white horse.

Esdeath looked at the girl and shook her head since she could feel what this girl was thinking.

"I'm sorry. Both of us are from the Civil Security Corporation and we have gotten a mission to slay a Gastrea. We have just gone back on our way to the town after slaying a Gastrea and my partner is still quite tense thinking that you're a Gastrea. Once again, I'm sorry for her," Haru said with an apologetic expression.

"N - No problem....." The little girl shook her head with a red face and nodded since she felt that it was normal for people on the Civil Security Corporation to come to this place to hunt a Gastrea.

The Civil Security Corporation is an organization that specializes in fighting Gastrea.

Soon after mankind lost the war against Gastrea in 2021, the humans organized 2-man combat teams to specifically fight against Gastrea: and thus Civil Security Corporation was born, or in short, Civil Security.

Haru who was very skillful at coaxing the girl made the little girl forget that a person from Civil Security Corporation should usually bring an Initiator with them.

The initiator is Cursed Children, individuals with the Gastrea Virus, that are partnered with an individual from the Civil Security Corporation.

Looking at the little girl who had a dirty appearance and torn clothes, Haru could tell that this little girl was a Cursed Child. He had a feeling that they were teleported on the Tokyo Area since if he remembered quite well this area made discrimination against Cursed Children, but he needed to make sure again.

Cursed children are young females with superhuman abilities and possess the Gastrea Virus. Even though their existence helped the people to fight against Gastrea, they were being treated badly.

Haru could tell that the name of Cursed Children was blatant discrimination, but it was quite ironic when the people who discriminate against them used the Cursed Children to protect them. He thought that they should change the name of Cursed Children into the Messanger of God since there was also some religion in this world who would worship a Gastrea itself.

Haru continued to talk with the little girl and asked her a lot of questions.

From her mouth, he could tell that they were in the Outer area of the Tokyo area.

As he had explained before, there were only five areas that could be lived by humans and those areas were Osaka, Tokyo, Sendai, Sapporo, Sendai.

Haru felt that those little girls were very pitiful and that was why he was going to pamper them for a bit.

For Esdeath, she loved children, and she also knew the potential within them. However, she didn't have sympathy for them since they were weak. From her perspective, she thought that those little girls should be able to stand up by themselves against this discrimination.

Of course, Haru told Esdeath that they were only children and their minds weren't mature enough. The only way for them to become stronger was to have someone guiding them.

"Isn't it good that you'll have a lot of strong subordinates in the future?"

Esdeath nodded when she thought about it and said, "That's true, but the problem is how are we going to unify this country." She looked at Haru and said, "From what you have said five areas in this country have their own leaders, do we kill them directly?"

"Esdeath....." Haru was speechless and closed the ears of the little girl.

The little girl was quite confused by Haru's action, but she didn't do anything, only looked at Esdeath and Haru curiously.

"What you have said is very easy to do, but I don't want too much bloodshed in our quest," Haru said.

There were a lot of ways to unify this country and the easiest one was using force.

With the power of both Haru and Esdeath, it was possible to conquer the entire country in just a single attack made a lot of people shake their feet in fear in front of them, but he really wanted to avoid such a way to unify this country since such a method would undoubtedly provoke the leaders of each area and would make them want to fight to the death with them.

If that really happened then the number of victims would be a lot, but he knew very well that a victim in this quest would be inevitable.

But at least he would try to reduce it as much as possible.

"And...." Haru took Esdeath's hand and said, "I want to do this quest slowly with you, spending time together, and have a honeymoon together since we haven't had one since our marriage." He felt that he hadn't done so much on Esdeath and that was why he was going to make her happy in this quest.

Esdeath blushed and moved closer toward him, kissing his cheek. "I'll listen to you, Dear."

"Thank you. I'm really happy to have you as my wife," Haru said hugging her waist.

"Dear!!!" Esdeath hugged him directly, ignoring the little girl who stayed with them.


The little girl who saw their interaction couldn't help but feel heartbroken, but then she looked at their interaction curiously since it was her first time seeing an a.d.u.l.t interaction. Her face flushed in red and she tried to cover her eyes with her hands, but there was a large gap between her fingers.


Sudden voice made both Haru and Esdeath stop looking at the little girl who seemed very embarrassed.

Haru smiled and patted the little girl's head. "Where is your home? Let's have breakfast together and I'll cook you something."

"R - Really?" The little girl was surprised.

"Yes, it's almost morning after all." Haru looked at Esdeath and asked, "What do you think?"

Esdeath thought about his food and nodded with a smile. "Let's have breakfast."


The little girl looked at Haru and Esdeath and wondered whether she could find her loved one in the future.