Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 704

Volume 1 Chapter 704 Gastrea

Haru had to admit that hearing Esdeath's words gave him a lot of reassurance. He didn't immediately take the Ladder of Heaven, but he took out an item that could cause a disturbance of network on the surrounding areas while also using light magic to create an illusion that nothing had happened in this place.

Haru knew that there was a super satellite that was able to have a clear picture of this place, and he didn't want his picture and Esdeath to be known to the world. He looked at Esdeath who was fighting and decided to join since he felt he shouldn't leave her fighting alone against Gastrea. He took out his Hundred and shouted, "Hundred On!"

The diamond-shaped Hundred scattered and turned into a dagger in his hand.

Haru immediately used a Full-Body Armament that granted him both light armor along with a shotgun before joining the battle. He knew that Varanium was the only thing that could be used to kill Gastrea, but he was wondering whether it was possible to use Hundred to kill it.


Most Gastreas have the shape of an animal, insect, or even a fish, with the exception of someone who has just been infected by a Gastrea virus. They still retain their human shape, but their bodies aren't normal anymore since they might have a leg of a spider, face of fish, wings of a butterfly, etc.

The one which was faced by Esdeath was a Bee Gastrea.

*Bzz!* *Bzz!* *Bzz!*

Esdeath quickly counted the number of Gastreas as around 20 creating a very noisy "bzz" noise made her quite annoyed. "Noisy!" She swung her sword and slashed the Gastrea in half. Her movement was very agile and she killed five of them very quickly.


But then suddenly one of the Bee Gastrea was shot by something.

Esdeath turned and saw Haru who was holding both a dagger and shotgun while covered in half armor. She smiled and asked, "Why did you come? Don't you want to get this Ladder of Heaven?"

"Isn't one of the requirements to marry you able to hunt a beast together? I'm doing that now," Haru said and shot down a lot of Bee Gastreas quickly.

Esdeath laughed and said, "Don't snatch all of them! Leave some of them to become my prey!"

"Yes, yes," Haru said and swung his dagger to the Bee Gastrea which was moving toward him.

Esdeath didn't even use her ice power to defeat this group of weaklings and only killed them with her sword.

Even though most of the people in this world needed a Varanium to kill that, it was only for the people who didn't have power.

Truthfully, Gastrea can be killed with a normal weapon, but it needs time and also the cost is very high since it is possible to kill a horde of Gastrea using a missile, but it is too wasteful to use it on one or two Gastrea.

But it is also very hard for people to kill Gastrea using only a normal weapon such as a gun, katana, machete, etc.

That is why the people in this world develop a weapon using a Varanium to kill Gastrea in a more efficient way.

It is the same thing as the Hundred's world since they have developed a Hundred to kill Savage in more efficient ways.

When both of them worked together, they had cleaned the entire Gastrea quickly without even making a stain on their body.

"Do you want to change your clothes?" Haru asked since he was wondering whether Esdeath would wear her usual white military uniform.

"Hmm...." Esdeath looked at her clothes and asked, "Is it weird?"

"No, you're beautiful in that uniform," Haru said immediately.

Esdeath smiled when she heard it.

"But it might not be suitable to wear it in this world. I'm afraid that someone will think that I forced you to wear a cosplay," Haru said.

Esdeath thought for a bit and asked, "Then, tell me what kind of clothes I should change with?"

"Maid uniform," Haru said without hesitation.


But Esdeath stared at him with a cold gaze.

"I - I was just joking. I mean I have a lot of military uniforms that are suitable to be used in this world, but I also want to see my wife in different clothes.... the cute one is better..." Haru said the last phrase with a low voice, but he really hoped for her to wear such cute clothes.

Esdeath blushed, but then she said, "You know that I have never thought too much about my dress since I have been thinking that power is everything."

Haru nodded and walked toward her. "I know that I won't force you."

"But if it makes you happy then I can try to wear that maid uniform," Esdeath said looking at Haru.


Haru was tempted and said, "Maid uniform is good, and if you are the one who wears it then I might not be able to concentrate on the battle." His hand was bleeding clenching tightly since he knew that he shouldn't think about using his d.i.c.k this time.

"Hmm...." Esdeath smiled and hugged his arm. "Well, let's keep the maid uniform during our battle later at night."

Haru clenched his hand tightly and said, "Your wish my command."

"So what about the military uniform in this world?" Esdeath asked.

Haru took out his tablet from his zipper and showed her a lot of pictures of military uniforms. "Choose one."

Esdeath took the tablet and looked at it curiously. She didn't expect that there would be a lot of models for military uniforms, but then again, she was also a woman and she wanted to appear beautiful in front of the man that she loved.

It was also the reason why she wore a white military uniform even though everyone in the Empire was wearing the same uniform.

"How about a suit? It isn't a military uniform, but it is suitable for a lot of occasions," Haru said giving her advice. He remembered Alice who had sent a photo of Erina that showed her in a suit, a white shirt, and a plaid skirt with a very s.e.xy photo. He thought that Esdeath would be very suitable in that suit.

"Suit, huh?" Esdeath nodded and asked, "Do you have it?"

"Of course!" Haru said without hesitation.

"How do you have it?" Esdeath asked.

"I have thought that we might have this occasion in the future and that is why I have prepared everything," Haru said with a proud face receiving a speechless expression from Esdeath.

"I'll change my clothes later, but for now, let's enter the Ladder of Heaven," Esdeath said.

Haru nodded and said, "Wait, let me handle this one." He looked at the sky and looked at the Butterfly Gastrea which was moving toward them, but this one size was clearly several times bigger than the Bee Gastrea which they had faced before.

There are five stages to a Gastrea, with Stage I being the weakest and Stage V the strongest. Stage I Gastrea has been said to be easily dealt with by a lone team composing of a Promoter and Initiator. Stage I Gastrea has only one ability, being a factor that is prominent to their body shape; e.g., a spider-type that is a Stage I cannot possess flying capabilities. However, Stage II Gastrea can have more than one ability such as flying. Stage III and Stage IV Gastrea have been stated to be immensely strong and cannot be compared to Stage I. Stage V Gastrea surpass Stage IV Gastrea, with the power to destroy the world. However, there are only eleven Stage V Gastrea, otherwise known as Zodiac Gastrea. A normal Gastrea can only grow to Stage IV, while the method of creating Stage V's is unknown. Monoliths, which force Gastrea to stay away from the protected area, are said to be no match for the power of a Stage V Gastrea.

Haru didn't know which Stage of Gastrea was in front of them, but then he aimed his dagger before the Gastrea on releasing the energy inside his body extended the dagger and slashed the Gastrea in half.

"Let's go," Haru said and transformed his Hundred into normal shape.

Esdeath nodded and looked at the Hundred which was being held by Haru with an interest.