Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 705

Volume 1 Chapter 705 Ladder Of Heaven

"That's a Hundred, right?" Esdeath asked, looking at the diamond-shaped device in Haru's hand.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, it is something necessary to fight the enemy in the previous world."

Esdeath raised her eyebrow and asked, "So it is impossible to defeat the enemy in that world without using a Hundred?"

"No, I mean to efficiently defeat the enemy, Hundred is necessary. It's the same thing as the people in this world who use Varanium to defeat Gastrea," Haru said. He looked at her and asked, "Do you want to try it?"

"Can I use it?" Esdeath asked.

"It is better for you to use a new Hundred, and I have it here with me," Haru said and took out another Hundred from his zipper. He had bought a lot of Savage's cores in the past and had exchanged them for both money and Hundred.

"Now, for the question of whether you can use it or not, then my answer is yes." Haru looked at Esdeath and said, "As long as someone has energy inside their body it is possible to use Hundred." He thought for a while and said, "You can create a lot of ice with a very big size without even getting tired, so I guess it is possible for you to use Hundred."

Truthfully, Haru thought that the world of Hundred was more dangerous than the world of Black Bullet, but it might be because of the difference between the two styles of the authors which created a lot an image that the world of Black Bullet was more dangerous.

The story of Hundred is more focussed on the harem, and the story of Black Bullet is more focussed on the fight, tragedy, and sacrifice of the people in this world.

But then again, which work is better depends on each person.

Esdeath took the Hundred from Haru's hand and tried to give energy into this device.

"Say "Hundred On!" to activate it," Haru said.

"Hundred On!"

Haru looked at Esdeath and didn't expect that it would really work.

The shape of Esdeath's Hundred is an Estoc.

Estoc is a type of sword, also called a tuck in English, in use from the 14th to 17th centuries. It is characterized by a cruciform hilt with a grip for two-handed use and a straight, edgeless, but a sharply pointed blade of around 0.91 meters (36 in) to 1.32 meters (52 in) in length.

This weapon seemed to be very sharp with a pure white color like snow.

Esdeath swung her Hundred tested the power of this weapon and nodded in satisfaction. "Can I have it?"

"Sure, but where are you going to keep it?" Haru asked.

Unlike Haru who had zipper storage, Esdeath didn't have a method to keep something to herself.

"Remind me to buy the skill to keep something in my personal space," Esdeath said and gave it back to the Hundred.

Haru nodded since it was a very necessary skill to have on each quest.

Esdeath looked at the tall tower in front of her and asked, "How are you going to keep this thing?"

"Let's enter first," Haru said and pressed an open button on the Ladder of Heaven or Linear Electromagnetic Projectile Device.

No one in this world would have thought that there would be a person who dared to steal this weapon since the size of this weapon was very big. This place was also surrounded by a Gastea so people didn't dare to get close to this place, but Haru really thought to steal this weapon.

The door was opened and showed a lift that would take them to the main room of the Ladder of Heaven.

Esdeath and Haru entered the lift together and the door of the lift closed before it started to bring them to the main room.

Inside the lift, Haru was thinking what was the energy which was used by this Ladder of Heaven.

In the world of Hundred, in the Little Garden, especially using a LiZA as the main energy of that massive aircraft.

But it was different in the world of Black Bullet, Haru could only think that they were using a nuclear reactor to become the main energy of this weapon and with electricity in five areas in this country.

There wasn't much detail about the energy that was used in this world, and that was why he was quite curious, but from the size of each area in this world, he didn't think that they were able to use alternative energy such as a solar panel or wind turbine since it needed a lot of space to generate a lot of power.

'Then there's only one answer.'

Nuclear reactor.

Haru knew that it was the most effective way to get energy since with limited space it could generate a large amount of energy, but then the risk was also quite big.

The bigger the risk, the bigger the result.

The lower the risk, the lower the result.

But he felt that as long as the technology developed then it might even be possible to create an artificial sun to generate energy.

'An artificial sun, huh?'

Haru remembered that there was one world in the anime which had created an artificial sun, but then he wasn't sure whether he would able to go to that world.

Arriving in the controlling room of the Ladder of Heaven, Haru and Esdeath looked at this place curiously.

"Hmm... so this is the place," Esdeath said and entered the room.

Haru also entered the room and could see that this place was mainly painted with a dark metallic color. He touched the furniture and device in this place while thinking about how they could be able to create this thing.

"Do you want to use this weapon to test it?" Esdeath asked with a smile.

Haru smiled wryly and said, "No, one attack from this weapon might destroy a town."

"Interesting...." Esdeath touched the control device curiously since from his words this weapon was very strong.

From the story of Black Bullet, Haru had learned that there were a lot of flaws in this weapon.

The first one being that it broke when the main character used his Varanium arm as a projectile instead of the designated projectile, whose size was different. The second flaw was presented right after the main character loaded the projectile, which was that the railgun could not be operated remotely, either due to the lack of maintenance or flawed design, forcing the weapon to be used manually from its control station. The third flaw is that the super-magnets needed for the railgun to operate interfere with electrical signals, subsequently cutting off communications via telephone and any other form of communication that depends on the transference of electrical signals.

Frankly, this weapon wasn't perfect, but it was good enough to be used.

Haru thought that it was possible to place this weapon on Yajima's spacecraft. "Let's go back."

"You have enough?" Esdeath asked.

Haru nodded and said, "I'll steal this weapon now."

"I want to see how you are going to steal this weapon," Esdeath said and followed him back outside.


Outside of the Ladder of Heaven, Haru looked at the tall tower and used his "Steal" power which he had gotten on the quest before then kept this Ladder of Heaven on the zipper storage.

To not cause chaos on his belongings inside the zipper storage, he had always created a zipper on a different place such as for right arm was to be used to keep food, a left foot was used to keep a vehicle, etc.

Haru also had done that on his Gundam.

"It's done. Let's go," Haru said and entered the car.

Esdeath looked at the disappear tower and smiled wondering about the reaction of the people in this world after they saw that the Ladder of Heaven had disappeared.