Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 706

Volume 1 Chapter 706 Disappearence Of Ladder Of Heaven

The Ladder of Heaven has disappeared!

It caused a lot of panic for everyone who was living in this country.

Osaka, Tokyo, Sendai, Hakata, and Sapporo were in chaos and their leaders had told them to search for any information about this matter.

The Ladder of Heaven was being developed by five areas together to become a weapon that is used to protect the people in this country, but then it suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Their satellite was also unable to tell what had happened, causing them to panic. They were wondering whether there was Gastrea that was able to become invisible and also ate or stole the Ladder of Heaven without anyone noticing.

It had become great news that made the leaders think that they needed to meet each other to talk about this matter.

But then the governor of Osaka Area thought that it was a conspiracy of the Tokyo Area who wanted to use the Ladder of Heaven for their own uses.

Hearing the accusation of the governor of Osaka Area to the governor of Tokyo Area, the leaders of Hakata, Sendai, and Sapporo also cast doubt on the Tokyo Area since the Tokyo Area was very close to the Ladder of Heaven and it was possible for them to steal it for their own uses.

The governor of Tokyo Area refuted that accusation since they really weren't the ones who stole it, but then they also couldn't prove their innocence either.

Then the four areas on Japan condemned the Tokyo areas and told them if they weren't the ones who stole it then they needed to find out who was the one who had done it if not then they needed to be the one who was responsible for it.

Since there was no way for something like Ladder of Heaven to suddenly disappear without a trace, even the army in the Tokyo Area didn't notice it.

Then the only answer was the Tokyo Area might have colluded with other's country to use the Ladder of Heaven of their own uses.

It wasn't surprising when the governor of Osaka had said those words everyone on other's three areas also supported it since they were quite jealous of the Tokyo Area.

The Tokyo Area was different from the four areas in Japan since it was the most prosperous area in this country.

Different from the four of them, maybe except the Osaka Area might be the one who could match the Tokyo Area.


The Tokyo Area.

Inside the building of the governor, Saitenshi had a meeting with a lot of people about the matter of the disappearance of the Ladder of Heaven.

"What about the JSDF? Have they investigated this matter?" Saitenshi asked with a pale expression.

Seitenshi is the governor of the Tokyo Area. She is an extremely beautiful young female with pale skin and a small frame. She is gifted with thin, white eyebrows and thick, superlative white eyelashes surrounding rounds of eyes that encompass light irises.

If Haru was here, then he would really question how could such a young woman be able to become the governor of the Tokyo Area.

Everyone shook their heads since this matter also confused them.

If it was really stolen then they might not be this worried, but if it was a new type of Gastrea then they were scared since the position of Ladder of Heaven was very close to their area.

If they can't find the enemy who can fight it?

"Saitenshi-sama, this matter is very sudden, we also don't know who has done it."

The one who had said those words was Kikunujo Tendo who was the advisor of the governor of the Tokyo Area.

"Then, is there anyone in this place who has an idea of how to handle this matter?" Saitenshi asked.


They were in silence for a while before Kikunujo Tendo said that it was better to entrust this job to every Civil Security Corporation in the Tokyo Area.

Everyone also agreed since they really didn't know how to handle this matter and that was why the only thing that they could do was to fasten the investigation as soon as possible.

Then in just a few hours, every Civil Security Corporation was being notified about this mission which was about the disappearance of the Ladder of Heaven.


Tendo Civil Security Corporation.

Kisara Tendo who was the president of the Tendo Civil Security Corporation and the granddaughter of the Kikanujo Tendo was sitting on her chair while looking at the mission which was announced for every Civil Security Corporation in the Tokyo Area.

Kisara Tendo is a young beautiful girl with violet eyes, her hair is cut in the traditional Japanese princess style which is choppy, straight, and dark brownish-green in color, and also big b.r.e.a.s.ts which are shown through her uniform.

The moment she received a mission from the governor of Tokyo Area about the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven. She was shocked beyond belief since she didn't expect who would expect Ladder of Heaven to disappear.

"Kisara-san, what's wrong?"

Then two people, both a young man and little girl, asked Kisara, who seemed shocked about the mission.

"Rentarou-kun, Enju-chan, there is a very important mission," Kisara said to both of them.

"Is it about Kisara's b.o.o.b.s?" Enju asked.



Osaka Area.

Inside the very luxurious building, a middle-aged man with a thick, brown mustache and a brown beard slammed his table very hard.


"This damn Saitenshi! You can put that innocent girl's expression, but you can't fool me!"

The name of this man is Sogen Saitake who is also the governor of Osaka Area. He was known as the director of this Area and no one dared to question his decision in this place.

Saitake was very angry when he knew that the Ladder of Heaven had disappeared so suddenly. He had a plan to transfer the Ladder of Heaven to the surface of the moon to destroy Gastrea then after that, he could start his plan to dominate this country then this world!

But then the disappearance of the Ladder of Heaven caused his plan to be overthrown.

Saitake didn't think that it was a coincidence when the Ladder of Heaven suddenly disappeared and thought that it was a plot that was being created by the governor of the Tokyo Area. He had a feeling that the governor of Tokyo Area had colluded with the foreign country or used the Ladder of Heaven by themselves to conquer this country then the world.

Saitake knew that it might not be Saitenshi who planned this matter, but rather it was Kikunujo Tendo who was the advisor of the governor who thought about this plan, but then it was impossible to do that plan if that plan wasn't being approved by the governor of Tokyo Area.

That meant that Saitenshi knew about this plan and decided to go along with everyone to steal the Ladder of Heaven by themselves.

"This damn Tendo and Saitenshi! Let's see what you're going to do now!" Saitake knew that the only way to stop Tokyo Area was to work together with the other's three areas to stop the Tokyo Area's plan. He was known as a dictator and he wouldn't be silent when someone had disturbed his plan.


But no one knew the cause of this matter had arrived in Osaka Area swiftly without trouble and started with their plan to unify this country.