Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 707

Volume 1 Chapter 707 Osaka Area

Entering the Osaka Area, Haru and Esdeath looked around curiously.

During this trip, they didn't even step out from the car and crashed into the Gastrea which they had met along the way using the car which was being enveloped by gravity magic which either crushed or repulsed everything around its surroundings.

From their observation, it wasn't that much different from Tokyo Area which was being surrounded by Monolith.

Monolith is something necessary to have for every area in this country.

Of course, to build a Monolith, it needs an abundance of money and a lot of resources to be poured for it since it isn't something cheap.

Monolith is 1.618 kilometers in height, and 1 kilometer in width and to build a safe area the governor needs to create a lot of Monoliths to surround the entire area to stop a Gastrea from getting nearby to their area.

The magnetic field emitted from Varanium prevents Gastrea from approaching the Monoliths, let alone entering the protected areas.

However, Monolith could only work if it was built using Varanium.

Haru remembered from the story of Black Bullet the Monolith which was being built in the Tokyo Area and was being built using a mixture of different metal beside Varanium which caused the Tokyo Area to almost be destroyed by a horde of Gastrea.

Now, if the readers don't know what Varanium is then let me explain to you what is Varanium?

Varanium is a metal that emits a magnetic field that weakens and, eventually, kills Gastrea; if a Gastrea is placed inside a room full of Varanium, its chances of survival are zero. This metal is used to craft most of the weapons utilized by Civil Security Corporation, such as Black Bullets, swords, and spears. The Monoliths protecting the world from Gastrea are also created from Varanium. However, these Varanium-crafted barriers have been said to be of no match to Stage V Gastrea.

Additionally, humans can replace their innards with Varanium, granting them supreme abilities.

In other's words, Varanium is a very precious metal in this world that is able to be used to protect, kill, and even grant someone a power that exceeds a normal human.

That is why there are a lot of countries that want to have a good relationship with this country since it has an abundance of Varanium resources.

Passing the Monoliths, they were being greeted with the same condition which they met in Tokyo Area before.

"It's the same," Esdeath said and didn't feel surprised after hearing Haru's explanation.

The governor of Osaka Area was a dictator and it wasn't surprising that the condition of the town was quite bad.

From what Haru had told, then they could imagine it in a similar way as when Honest had governed the entire Empire.

The condition of the outer area along which was further away from the center was quite bad, but then when they became closer to the center, they could see that the situation of this place was quite better.

But to see the condition of the country, city, or village, the best way was to observe the people who were living in this place.

The appearance of Haru's car didn't cause a lot of attention for the people in the surrounding area since a lot of military cars often passed this place.

The people who lived in this place only glanced at them before looking away.

In Haru's opinion, this place wasn't that much different from the Tokyo Area, but then he had to admit that this place was a bit poorer than the Tokyo Area. He thought that it might be because the governor of this area put all of the resources into military rather than infrastructure, but he didn't think that it was something surprising when he remembered that the governor of this place had an obsession to conquer the world.

They didn't take a break during their trip to the Tokyo Area to Osaka Area which was why they decided to stop at the restaurant which was located on the most flourishing part of the town.

The appearance of both Haru and Esdeath caused a lot of attention since their appearance was both beautiful and handsome. The combination of both of them would attract a lot of eyes around their surroundings, but then the cold aura which was being excluded by Esdeath caused everyone to shudder and wanted to move away. They didn't know what was going on, but they were sure that this woman was dangerous.

The aura of being excluded by someone who had slain 400,000 people wasn't something to be scoffed off, even though Esdeath was beautiful, but she was very dangerous.

However, Haru's elegant, but also valiant disposition caused a lot of females in this area to attract to him.

But Esdeath, who was walking beside Haru, was very cold, making the people in their surroundings not dare to get close.

Haru smiled and held Esdeath's hand.

Esdeath snorted but also held Haru's hand closely.

For a moment, everyone who looked at both of them couldn't help but feel jealous and bitter feeling that they should go back to their houses to have a romance with their partner, lover, husband, wife, or their own hands.

They entered the most expensive-looking restaurant which was located on the highest floor of the department store without trouble since from their appearance the people around had thought that Haru might be children of a wealthy family, and Esdeath might be her lover who was a strong Promoter or something.

Then what about money?

Along the way, Haru had stolen a lot of money from the people who walked in this place and received a lot of money from them.

Esdeath didn't have trouble for him to steal something since it was necessary. If she was told to choose to sleep on the street or room, then she would immediately choose the room since it was more comfortable.

Having the best condition was necessary for the mission, and having a good resting place was also necessary.

Haru ordered the best wine along with their dinner course while also asking about the Osaka Area. He told the waitress that he was a tourist from Hakata Area and he came to this place because of business with one of the officials in the Osaka Area. He also gave the waitress tips so she could tell him more about this area happily.

When someone was being given something, they would feel that they needed to give them something back.

That was why the waitress told him about a lot of things and with Haru's appearance it made the waitress told what she knew about Osaka Area, but then she didn't dare to be unscrupulous with Haru since Esdeath had been staring at her. She told Haru that the governor of Osaka Area or Sogen Saitake was the leader of this area which also controls everyone. She told him that as long as he didn't say something bad about the governor then he would be alright while also telling him that her neighbor was being caught by the police after saying something bad to Sogen Saitake.

Haru nodded and learned the general information about Sogen Saitake then looked at the tallest building on this town which was known as where the governor was living.

Sogen Saitake was a dictator and of course, he had made a lot of enemies that was why he lived in that place while being guarded by a lot of bodyguards, Promotor, and Initiator.

Haru thanked the waitress and looked at Esdeath. "You're ready?"

The waitress said goodbye to Haru while also giving him her phone number, but then stopped when Esdeath glared at her.

Esdeath smiled and asked, "Are you going to become the son-in-law of Sogen Saitake?"


Haru twitched his lips and said, "Of course not! How can I become his son-in-law?"

Esdeath snorted and said, "Isn't that easy for you to seduce the daughter of the governor?"

"The governor doesn't have a family, dear." Haru sat down beside Esdeath and said, "You're my wife. I won't have another wife in this world."

Esdeath raised her eyebrow and said, "Really? You won't do anything to those little girls? Or the heroines in this story?"

"No, I only need you here," Haru said.

Esdeath rested her head on his shoulder and said, "Let's do it. It seemed that you've made an interesting plan."

"Uh-uh, of course," Haru said. His plan was really interesting and that was why he went to Osaka Area.