Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 708

Volume 1 Chapter 708 Collar Bomb

Looking at the high rise building which almost reached the sky, Haru and Esdeath were ready to start their plan.

"Are we going to enter straight away?" Esdeath asked and thought that Haru was going to enter directly.

Haru shook his head and said, "Let's enter quietly." He held Esdeath's hand then brought her into the alley before both of them turned invisible using light magic.

"This magic is sure very useful," Esdeath said through her invisible state.

"Hold on to me. Let's enter from the roof," Haru said.

Esdeath nodded and hugged Haru who was by her side.

Haru used his gravity magic and floated to the air before flying toward the top of this building which was known as the house of Sogen Saitake.


Sogen Sataike was in the meeting room talking about the Tokyo Area. He tried to pull Sendai, Hakata, and Sapporo to his side by using Tokyo as the catalyst, but it was harder than he had thought.

Every governor of each area was someone who couldn't be underestimated. Each of them had a very good mind who could detect whether someone came with good or bad intentions.

His image wasn't good and there were a lot of people that he had offended because of his way of leading his area, but he didn't have an intention to change it since it was the one that works best.

After Gastrea had disappeared from this world, then the fastest country that could recover its economy faster would become the leader of the world.

Sogen Saitake's intention was to conquer the world, and not only this country, but the process was harder than he had thought.

Even though the disappearance of the Ladder of Heaven was a very good chance to make the Tokyo Area became a scapegoat, the three other's areas didn't have any intention to do anything, only waiting behind waiting for the result.

Sogen Saitake knew that the three areas would have an intention to become fishermen waiting for the fight between Osaka and Tokyo then the three of them would reap the most benefit when both Osaka and Tokyo weren't ready.

Sogen Saitake wouldn't let that happen and he would do anything to achieve his goal even if he had to eliminate all of the hindrances in front of him.


Walking through the hall, there were a lot of people who bowed their heads when they saw Sogen Saitake had just gone back to his house.

His house was located on the top floor of the headquarters of the government building of the Osaka Area.

Besides being known as a dictator, he was also known as a workaholic.

That was why he had decided to make his own house on the top floor and it was also safer since there were a lot of bodyguards, high-tech technology, dogs, and a lot more to protect his safety.

Sogen didn't care about the cost since he believed that his life was more important than anything since without his life, he wouldn't be able to achieve his dream and could only drop death on the cemetery or be eaten by Gastrea.

Entering the lift with four bodyguards on his surroundings, Sogen arrived on his house and entered without problem since he didn't think that there was anyone who was crazy enough to assassinate him inside his house and it was also practically impossible since the security of his house was very tight.

"Go back!"

The four bodyguards nodded and went outside to protect him.

Sogen didn't go back to sleep but went to his study room to check more information about other's areas since he felt that he needed to grasp their weakness to unify this country.


The door was opened, and Sogen entered his study room, but then suddenly something hit the back of his neck and he fainted on the ground while looking at the hazy figure in front of him.

"Who are y---"

Sogen Saitake couldn't finish his words since he had passed out.


Opening his eyes with his head felt a bit dizzy, Sogen Saitake raised his hand to massage his head, but then he heard someone's voice.

"You've woken up?"

Saitake frowned and looked at the young man in front of him. He had to admit that the young man was very handsome, and made him quite jealous somehow. However, at the same time, he also realized that this young man was the one who had attacked him before. If he wasn't being killed then that meant this young man had a purpose to catch him.

Saitake had a share of experience in his life and it didn't startle him when someone kidnapped him. He looked around and he knew that he was still in his study room, but then he felt something on his neck. He touched his neck and felt that there was a collar on his neck. "What is this?"

"It's a bomb collar," Haru answered simply.

"B - Bomb collar?" Saitake took a deep breath and didn't expect that he would meet such a troublesome opponent. Then he also noticed a beautiful woman who walked toward Haru, but this beautiful woman gave a dangerous feeling. He could even smell blood coming from this woman.

"Don't touch your collar since it might explode so suddenly," Haru said.


Saitake frowned.

"Let me show you the power of the bomb collar on your neck," Haru said and snapped his fingers.


Suddenly there was an explosion in the sky creating a huge explosive flower that seemed very beautiful, but it was very dangerous.

For the people in Osaka Area who went out at midnight, they were surprised when they saw this firework and could only cry in surprise.

Everyone was startled and even Saitake was surprised when he saw the power of the explosion that was shown by him.

'If it's a collar bomb....'

His heart became cold and his face turned pale, Saitake looked at Haru and wondered what his intention was.

*Knock!* *Knock!*

"Saitake-sama! Are you alright?!"

"We'll go inside!"

"I'm alright! You don't need to scream like a girl in front of fireworks! Just focus on your job!" Saitake screamed.


Saitake touched the collar on his neck slowly and asked, "What do you want? Money? I can give it to you! Just tell me, what do you want!"

Haru was quiet and took a random book from the bookcase in the room. "Saitake Sougen. 53 years old. Height: 174 cm. Weight 85 Kg." He sighed and said, "Even if you don't die from assassination, you might die from diabetes."

Saitake was mad and shouted, "I'm very healthy! I can live for another 50 years!"

Esdeath looked at Saitake then whispered to Haru. "Haru, isn't this guy a bit similar to Honest?"

"Yeah, this guy is similar to Honest," Haru said. He had to admit that Saitake might be a docile type of Honest Prime Minister on Akame Ga Kill. "But isn't he a bit better?"

Esdeath looked at Saitake again and shook her head. "How is he better?"


Haru didn't intend to beautify Saitake again and didn't say anything afterward.

Saitake realized that both of them could have a conversation with him. If he met a lunatic then he believed that he would be killed immediately. "Who has sent you to me?"

"No one." Haru sat down on the chair once again and said, "Sogen Saitake, do you want to do business with us?"

"Business?" Saitake raised his eyebrow and snorted. "You have made me pass out, you have placed a collar bomb on my neck, you have made fun of me, then you want to do business with me? Don't dream!"

"Well, if you reject it then I can only press this button," Haru said while taking out a remote with a single button.

"Let's talk first, what do you want from me?" Saitake changed his attitude immediately.

"No, let's talk about what do you want first?" Haru looked at Saitake and said, "You want to unify this country then want to conquer the world, right?"


Saitake frowned but didn't answer.

"Our mission is only to unify the world, then you can have the rest," Haru said.

Saitake frowned further and asked directly, "Just what do you want from me?"

"Easy." Haru coughed and said, "Let me be your son."


Saitake felt that he was dreaming right now.