Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 709

Volume 1 Chapter 709 My Mother's Gene Is Stronger

Every official in the Osaka Area was being gathered once again by Saitake in the morning.

Everyone didn't feel that surprise since Saitake often did this kind of thing, but they were a bit curious what was the topic of this meeting. They were wondering whether this talk was about the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven or about the unification of Japan.

Everyone knew that Saitake was a dictator, but as long as they were his officials, they would also get a benefit from him after he had unified entire Japan then the world.

However, the moment they entered the meeting room, they saw two unknown people sat up beside Saitake.

The young man was handsome, and the woman was beautiful, but the woman gave them a dangerous feeling and the young man had a charm which made them unable to ignore. The female official members couldn't help but keep staring at him with a flush on their faces.

Saitake nodded and sat down together with the young man and the woman.

No one immediately talked, waiting for Saitake to say something.

"There's one reason why I have brought all of you here," Saitake said with a serious expression.

They nodded with a serious expression while also feeling quite curious about what Sataike would say after this.

"Let me introduce you, my son...." Saitake pointed at Haru and said, "Saitake Haruka."


Everyone opened their mouth wide so wide that it was enough to put an egg in their mouth. They looked at Haru then looked at Saitake. Then they had a suspicious expression on their faces...

"What's with that expression?! You don't believe it?!" Saitake was angry.

Everyone was quiet and didn't say anything, but it was all written on their faces.

Saitake's appearance wasn't exactly handsome, but he suddenly announced that his son was so handsome that it would make them worry about bringing him to their house since they were afraid that he might steal their wife or daughter.

Of course, they didn't believe it.

"Father, calm down. Let me talk with everyone," Haru said and patted Saitake's shoulder.

Saitake snorted and nodded. He wore a turtleneck sweater to hide the collar bomb on his neck. He didn't say anything and let him lead the meeting. He looked at Haru curiously and wondered what Haru was about to talk about in this meeting.

This collar bomb was a device that was used by the Celestial Dragon or the Slave Dealer to threaten the slave and to make them obedient.

Haru had bought it before since it was simply cheap. He knew that the fastest way to unify this country was to work together with one of the leaders in five areas in Japan. He had thought to work with Tokyo Area since that place was the most prosperous, but he thought that the governor of that Area was simply a puppet for Tendo Family.

That was why he decided to work with Sogen Saitake, even though Sogen was a dictator, but his rule wasn't that bad and all of the officials within Osaka had pleaded with Sogen himself.

It was also the reason why Haru decided to become Sogen's son since that identity would make it easier for him to unify this country. He didn't have to conquer and only needed to unify this country. He felt that it was the best and the easiest way since Sogen's reputation was very loud.

Haru looked at everyone and said, "My father has introduced me before, but let me introduce my name again. In the past my name was Kasugano Haruka, but I've changed it into Saitake Haruka. I have been living overseas with my mother, but my mother passed away now.

"If you're curious about why our appearance might be different then it is because the gene of my mother is stronger than my father."

When everyone hearing Haru's words, they nodded and felt that it was understandable since they could imagine that Haru's mother would be a very beautiful lady and it might be possible to make the old dictator fall in love.

They also understood the reason why this old man had never touched a woman and it seemed that this old dictator was more sentimental than they had thought, but they would have never said that out loud.

"To make it easier, you can call me Young Master," Haru said without blush.

They nodded since they often called Saitake a "master".

"The beautiful woman beside me is my wife. Her name is Esdeath," Haru said.

Esdeath only nodded but didn't say anything afterward since she didn't have that much of an interest to talk with everyone. She was more interested in fighting Gastrea and conquering the other's area as soon as possible.

Esdeath, actually, felt a bit doubtful about Haru's plan, but she remembered his plan to become her fake husband in the past and he had successfully usurped the Empire. Then this time, he had become a fake son of the governor of Osaka Area. She felt that it was quite a funny plan, but it was also successful.

They also nodded when Haru introduced Esdeath to everyone, but it surprised them that they knew that Esdeath was his wife and somehow made some of them disappointed when they learnt it.

"I'll let him help me manage Osaka," Saitake said.


Everyone was surprised by Saitake's decision since they knew very well about his personality.

Haru nodded and said, "From now on, I"ll help my father to achieve his dream." His expression changed from a kind young man to an aura of an Emperor who had slain a lot of people to get into his throne caused them to shiver. "I'll not be as merciful as my father, and our dream is the same...

"To unify this country and clear all of the Gastrea in this country.

"After that....

"We'll become the leader of this world!"


Everyone opened their mouth wide, but they had a feeling that Haru might really able to do it.

Haru nodded and said, "What I want is obedient, I want all of you to be obedient to me. What I can give you is status, money, and authority after I have unified this country." He looked at all of them and said, "At the same time, I can change all of you with anyone since there are a lot of people who want to change into your place."


Carrots and sticks.

It might be the simplest way to control a crowd.

It might be the simplest, but it was the most effective.

Everyone nodded and believed what he had said, the son of dictator was also dictator, but his words caused them to be excited.

"Don't mess up, and now, I'll talk about our plan to unify this country right away," Haru said and pressed the remote on the table to show the plan which they were about to perform on the hologram screen.

Everyone looked at the hologram screen which appeared in front of them, then their expression turned into shock, startle, disbelief, before numb.


After the meeting, Saitake, Haru, and Esdeath in the car went to the wide warehouse which was prepared for Haru and Esdeath.

Saitake was immersed in the plan which was being planned by Haru to unify this country and he had to admit that he lost to Haru. He also knew that Haru also dared to dirty his hands to achieve his goals, but he didn't understand one thing. "Why do you want to apply for that New Gastrea Law?"

New Gastrea Law.

It was a law that would stop the discrimination on the Cursed Children and would also give them a place to stay, food, and a lot more to the Cursed Children who had been abandoned by their parents.

In other's words, Haru only wanted to make the life of Cursed Children better.

"I want everyone to live happily," Haru said simply.


Saitake was startled then laughed.

Haru was annoyed and asked, "What's so funny?"

"Nothing, I just can't believe someone who threatens me with a bomb on my neck is thinking something so naive?" Saitake asked.

"The world where an a.d.u.l.t is afraid of a little girl is crazy," Haru said.

Saitake snorted and said, "But that little girl can even smash your head as easily as smashing watermelon." He folded his arms and said, "Just do whatever you want." He thought that as long as he could conquer the world then it was good since he knew that both of them didn't stay too long.

Haru only shrugged his shoulders then talked with Esdeath before arriving at the warehouse.