Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 710

Volume 1 Chapter 710 Esdeath Uses Gundam

Arriving at the warehouse which was located underground, there were a lot of soldiers from JSDF who guarded the gate.

This warehouse was a place to keep a weapon, varanium, and a lot of things that were important in the Osaka Area and also the location of the secret laboratory in this area.

There were a lot of warehouses in this place, and they didn't immediately stop but went to search for the warehouse with number 44.

If Haru had asked him to give him some weapon or Varanium, then Saitake might not have decided to bring him here, but Haru had only asked him for an empty warehouse located on the secretive place.

Saitake could see that Haru and Esdeath didn't have an interest in weapons, Varanium, money, etc, and their only intention was to unify this country, but then what was the reason why they wanted to have a free warehouse?

Saitake could become a dictator because he was smart. He knew very well that the thing which was kept in the warehouse by Haru and Esdeath might be something that able to reveal their identity. He had tried to get their information, but he couldn't find anything.

It was as if Haru and Esdeath had come out from the air, and both of them didn't have any history or anything.

Saitake then touched the collar bomb on his neck once again. It had become his habit since he was really afraid for it to suddenly explode. It was also the reason why he had accepted Haru to become his fake son. Then it was also one of the reasons why he came to this place since he wanted to consult about the collar bomb on his neck to the scientist in his area.

'If I can release this collar....'

Saitake was silent for a while and thought that he could wait for a while until Haru was able to unify the world, but then after that...


Haru, who was inside the car could read what Saitake was thinking.

It wasn't that Haru had an ability to read a mind, but it was just his intuition. He knew very well that people such as Saitake had a lot of ideas on his mind and knew that Saitake might betray him, but he wanted to bet.

Haru wanted to bet that Saitake would change.

If he won his bet then Saitake would still be alive, but then if he lost then.....

Haru also felt tired somehow to have this kind of unification or conquer quest since it made him somehow change. He somehow started to feel that he could even trample or steal the human's life to achieve his goal. His heart slowly became numb, and he really didn't feel comfortable about it, but he knew that he needed to do this quest since he didn't even know what would happen after the quest failed.

Haru also didn't intend to fail the quest since the prize which he would get from the quest was a lot.

Haru started to think that becoming a normal harem protagonist might be easier than unifying Japan in this world.


It took them 10 minutes before they arrived at warehouse number 44.

The warehouse is very large with a height of around 40 meters and is around 100 meters wide.

If this warehouse was located on the surface then it was impossible to build it, but this warehouse was located underground, making it possible to create a very large warehouse.

Saitake fully focussed his investment on the military and that was why the infrastructure of his area was slightly weaker than Tokyo Area, but the only thing that he might be stronger than Tokyo Area was money.

Saitake had always been using Varanium to change it with a lot of resources from a foreign country and that was why making his area could match against the Tokyo Area which also had a lot of resources.

"We've arrived." Saitake looked at Haru and asked, "What are you planning to do now?"

"I'll enter the warehouse. You can do whatever you want, Father," Haru said and his hand was being pulled by Esdeath who was already very impatient.


Saitake felt weird when he was called "father" by Haru, but he didn't say anything afterward. He told his driver to drive him to the laboratory to check the collar bomb on his neck.


Entering the large warehouse, Haru turned on the light on this warehouse and saw that it was really empty. He took out a jamming device that would cause the camera and a lot of detection devices to go through an error before he took out the Gundam.

"Hurry up and take it out," Esdeath said.

Haru sighed and took out the Gundam Banshee which he kept on his zipper.


The Gundam with black color and height around 20 meters suddenly appeared in the middle of the warehouse.

Esdeath who saw this giant robot had always wanted to try to play with it. "How do I use it?"

"There is enough room for two people. We can go there together," Haru said.



Saitake who looked at the screen of his table that showed the picture of Esdeath and Haru on the warehouse suddenly turned error couldn't help but feel annoyed. He was wondering whether Haru had a jamming device that troubled the transmission of the camera. He sighed and decided to go to his trusted scientist as soon as possible to check the collar bomb on his neck.


Entering the c.o.c.kpit of the Gundam Banshee, Esdeath looked at the c.o.c.kpit with a strange expression since it seemed that it was more complicated than she had thought.

Her world was quite backward, and the interface inside the robot was quite complicated.

Haru started to explain to her which button and how to drive this Gundam to Esdeath.

After being modified by Charlotte the energy which was used by Gundam Banshee had changed. There was still a tank to keep H3 on this Gundam, but there was also a connection that connected with the seat inside the c.o.c.kpit which would absorb the energy of driver of the Gundam using it to drive the Gundam when it was being turned on.

In simple words, this Gundam uses dual-energy which is H3 and magic/chakra/sense energy, etc.

"I'll let you use H3 energy first," Haru said.

"It's alright. You can use my energy right away," Esdeath said.

Haru raised his eyebrow, but he didn't stop Esdeath. He turned on the device which would absorb Esdeath's energy.

Esdeath suddenly felt that her energy was being absorbed, but she could feel that the energy which was absorbed was very small.

When the device started to absorb Esdeath's energy, the Gundam's interface seemed to shine more brightly when it was using the H3.

Haru started to wonder whether there was a difference between using the energy from magic and energy from H3.

"Can I use it to slay the Gastrea?" Esdeath asked.

"Let's ask Saitake first since I don't want to destroy this place just to get out." Haru looked at Esdeath and asked, "Can you drive it?"

"Look," Esdeath said and made the Gundam walk forward after being explained by Haru before.

Haru nodded and said, "Let's familiarize yourself with driving this thing."

Esdeath nodded and asked, "Is there any quest in robot or mecha world in the future?"

"I'm not sure, but there might be one in the future. I'll tell you all of the weapons in this Gundam while we wait for Saitake to go back," Haru said.