Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 711

Volume 1 Chapter 711 Gundam Vs Gastrea

"By counting three open the gate!"

In the monitor room, everyone's eyes were attracted to the figure of the giant robot which appeared in the secret warehouse.

In this place, the only person who knew about the things that were kept inside was only Saitake and his trusted scientist. It was so secretive and only some people could enter that place.

That was why they were surprised when they heard that Saitake needed to test new weapons against the Gastrea, then when they thought what kind of weapon it was, they only knew that it was a giant robot.

The majority of people were stunned since they didn't know where this giant robot was coming from, but no one said anything or else their heads would be separated later since they knew what kind of man Saitake was.

This time they were ordered to open the door of the underground area on Osaka Area which was connected to the outer area on Osaka Area so it wouldn't destroy some buildings or cause the people around to disturbance when the giant robot was being let out outside.

The appearance of the giant robot was so striking that it would cause a lot of attention to everyone.

Even though it wasn't a secret, it was better to open it in an area which did not cause a lot of attention.

But then everyone was very curious about this giant robot, especially every man in this place since the giant robot was the romance of men!

There are a lot of questions on their minds such as why Saitake decided to create a giant robot? What kind of energy is used on this robot? Why is this robot created? Why must it be a giant robot? But then they were more curious about whether this giant robot was working or not.

"Gundam Banshee is ready!"

Everyone heard a voice from the c.o.c.kpit of the Gundam Banshee which connected to the monitor room. They nodded and started to count to three before they opened the gate.

There wasn't any automatic launcher that was able to send out Gundam to the outside area quickly, and that was why the Gundam could only walk unhurriedly toward the outer area.

Then it was at this moment the eyes of the Banshee Gundam shone in bright light giving an evil feeling or a death bringer to the Gastea outside!


Saitake had a complex expression when he saw the Gundam Banshee suddenly appear in the warehouse.

After hearing the news that it was impossible to take off the collar bomb on his neck, he couldn't help but felt in despair since one mistake could detonate the collar bomb, and to take off this collar could only use the key which was being kept by either Haru or Esdeath.

But then Saitake hurriedly calmed himself before going outside since he knew that he hadn't died yet. He went back to where Haru and Esdeath were staying before opening his mouth wide when he saw a giant robot suddenly appear inside this warehouse. Even though he had seen everything in this life, he didn't know how a giant robot suddenly appeared inside this warehouse.

"Old Man, let us test this robot outside."

Haru's voice could be heard from the Gundam.

Saitake nodded dumbly and told his staff to prepare to let this giant robot into the outer area since he also wanted to see the performance of this giant robot.

Inside the monitor room, Saitake looked at Gundam Banshee which walked toward the outer area while thinking.

'If this giant robot can suddenly appear then.....'

His head was moving fast when he suddenly thought about the incident which happened yesterday. His pupil turned large in surprise and he muttered in a low voice.

"Don't tell me..."

Saitake suddenly had an idea who was the cause of the disappearance of the Ladder of Heaven.


Esdeath controlled the Gundam while Haru sat down behind her while looking at the scenery outside through the interface inside the c.o.c.kpit of Gundam.

Haru didn't say anything and only supported Esdeath from behind since she would be the pilot of this Gundam this time.

"I also want this kind of Gundam," Esdeath said while glancing at him.


Haru thought for a while and said, "It's better for you to train your sword and Haki first rather than having this Gundam."

Esdeath pouted, but said, "I know. I'll master "Bankai" as soon as possible then I can try to connect my Zanpakutou with this Gundam."

Haru was wondering how Esdeath was full of imagination, but then he thought that it was quite normal when this woman was able to create a technique using her Teigu which was able to stop time using her creativity.

Passing the Monolith, they entered the unexplored area right outside of the Osaka Area.

The Gundam Banshee walked through the forest easily destroying the surrounding terrain with its weight, but no one cared about that since no one was living in the unexplored area.

There wasn't anyone on this place and Saitake along with their staff had decided to keep this giant robot a secret for a while since it could become an ultimate weapon against Gastrea or weapon to fight against another country in the future.

The sound of Gundam Banshee was quite loud, and it caused a lot of animals that live on the outside to run away when they noticed such a large robot, but then it also attracted the attention of Gastrea.

"Haru, there's a group of Gastrea in front of you that is moving in horde ready to attack you."

Saitake's voice could be heard from the communication connection from the monitor room and the c.o.c.kpit of the Gundam. He didn't want Esdeath or Haru to destroy this giant robot since he wanted to use it for research later.

Esdeath smiled and said, "Let me use this thing." She raised the right hand of Gundam Banshee while also activating the Beam Smart Gun which was embedded in the right hand directly.

Haru didn't stop Esdeath since he was also quite curious about the power of the Beam Smart Gun on the Gundam Banshee.

The main weapon of Gundam Banshee was the Beam Smart Gun on the right hand and Vibration Nails on the left hand.

The moment Esdeath raised the right hand of Gundam Banshee and aimed the Beam Smart Gun at the horde of Spider Gastrea which was size about two meters in each.

The muzzle on the Beam Smart Gun started to let out a purple light and it gathered a lot energy from Esdeath ready to fire the beam from the gun.

*Sizzle!* *Sizzle!* *Sizzle!*

Esdeath pressed the button and shot out a purple beam from the Beam Smart Gun on the Gundam Banshee.


Straight-line purple beams moved straight to the horde of the Spider Gastrea and killed a lot of time.

Esdeath didn't stop and moved the hand of the Gundam to destroy the entire horde of the Spider Gastrea with this beam.

The horde of Spider Gastrea was helpless and there was nothing that they could do in front of this beam which melted them into melted black liquid on the ground.

The forest which was full of trees was also turned into ashes because of the powerful beam.


Everyone in the monitor room was very quiet at this moment looking at the destruction which was caused by the beam which was shot by Gundam Banshee.

But then at this moment, there was a notice about the Level IV Gastrea which suddenly attracted attention from the battle earlier.

"Level IV Gastrea!"

"We need to do something!"

Even though Monolith could stop the Gastrea, it couldn't stop the existence of Level V Gastrea, and Level IV Gastrea which was the closest existence to the Level V Gastrea might also be one of the Gastrea which was able to destroy Monolith and entered the Osaka Area.

They were quite panicked for a while until the Gundam Banshee turned on the booster on its back.

The Gundam Banshee floated slightly before it appeared right in front of the Level IV Gastrea.

This Level IV Gastrea had the shape of a big baboon and seemed fearless facing the Gundam Banshee.


"Quiet," Esdeath said inside the c.o.c.kpit and raised the left hand of the Gundam Banshee. The left hand of the Gundam turned into a fist before it punched right into the baboon.


The Baboon Gastrea was thrown, but it got up quickly leaping around before jumping into Gundam.

Esdeath caught Baboon Gastrea's face right into the air with the left hand of the Gundam before activating the Vibration Nails on the left hand of the Gundam.

The claws on the left hand of the Gundam started to vibrate and let out an orange aura right into the face of the Baboon Gastrea.


Baboon Gastrea's head was crushed and its body slashed into four pieces.

Esdeath wasn't satisfied and took out the sword beam on the backpack of the Gundam Banshee on with the right hand, then also shot out the beam right into the body of Gastrea, raising its feet stomping it several times, destroying the Baboon Gastrea entirely.

The Body of the Gundam Banshee was covered in the blood of Gastrea, but its figure on the monitor area gave a lot of people an evil and sadist feeling that made them shudder unconsciously.

Saitake was wondering whether he had made a deal with the devils.