Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 712

Volume 1 Chapter 712 Social Media

After testing the power of Gundam against Gastrea, Haru and Esdeath went back to Saitake's residence.

Haru left his Gundam in the warehouse and he told Saitake to not touch it since he was afraid for the scientist in this world to mess up his Gundam. He didn't fully trust Saitake even though he had placed a collar bomb on his neck.

Saitake was disappointed, but he didn't say anything, only told the scientists in his area to not touch it.

The scientist who heard Saitake's decision could only grumble since they really wanted to observe this Gundam closely.

Haru looked at their reaction and also knew how hard it was when a scientist was forbidden to research something that they took an interest in, but then he really didn't want them to mess up his Gundam.

If he allowed them to observe then it was the same as teasing them, and that was why it was better to say that they disallowed to do so since it would mess up the machine, especially when he told them that they might be killed once something happened to the machine.

Esdeath also reminded them at the same time.

When Esdeath the one who reminded them, they turned silent.

Everyone knew very well that the one who piloted the robot was Esdeath and seeing how brutal she was made them shudder.

Esdeath once again raised her prestige as a strong fighter in this world.


Inside Saitake's residence, Saitake looked at Esdeath and Haru with a complex expression. He saw Haru cooking in the kitchen while Esdeath was meditating with her sword.


Saitake didn't say anything, but he was attracted by the smell which was coming from the kitchen.

Esdeath also had a hard time meditating when a delicious fragrance kept coming toward her nose.


Their stomachs started to make noise and made them quite uncomfortable waiting for dinner.

"Haru, when is dinner ready?" Esdeath asked.

"Soon, wait for a moment," Haru said.

But his words were similar to punishment in their ears.

Esdeath was impatient and walked toward him looking at what kind of food that he had made. She saw a quite large pan with reddish rice with various seafood such as shrimps, clams, and squid. There was also ham, various vegetables, and pieces of lemon on each sector of the large pan. "What is this?"

"Paella," Haru said.


Saitake who was sitting on his head listening to their conversation and couldn't wait to test his food. It wasn't a secret that he was a food enthusiast and his only enjoyment in this life was testing various food which was made by a lot of famous chefs. He put a serious expression on his face and thought that Haru might be bluffing and the food which Haru had made wasn't good. Even though the aroma from the Paella was giving a slight acidity increasing his appetite, he wouldn't say that it was good until he had put that food into his mouth.

Paella is a Spanish rice dish originally from Valencia. Paella is one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine.

Esdeath wanted to take part in the Paella, but her hand was slapped by Haru. She pouted at him after she was disallowed to test it.

"It's not over yet," Haru said and added a garnish that increased the aroma of the Paella. He brought the pan to the dining room while looking at Saitake who seemed to keep glancing at them. "Saitake-san, do you want to join us?"

"H - Huh?" Saitake was stunned then coughed. "Well, you've invited me, it'll be rude to reject your invitation." He stood up while raising his huge stomach up proudly.

Esdeath snorted but didn't say anything afterward since she felt that this guy was really similar to Honest, but the same as Honest if Saitake kept continuing his action then Saitake might lose his life the same as Honest.

Haru took a portion for each of them on the plate before starting to eat at the same time.


Saitake looked at the Paella which he scooped with his spoon. His hand slightly trembled and put the entire spoon into his mouth.


Saitake suddenly felt that he had teleported to Spain when he along with squid, shrimp, ham, and clam were having a tomato festival together in fun, but then suddenly a huge tomato rolled down toward him and caused all of them to be thrown away.


Saitake screamed loudly before continuing to eat faster.

Esdeath didn't say anything, but her eating speed was also very fast.

Haru was calm and took out his laptop to create something necessary for his plan while eating his food slowly.

Saitake and Esdeath were curious about what this guy was doing, but they could ask him later since there was something more important than that.


Esdeath took a can of beer and drank it heartily. She had to admit that the cuisine in this world was very good. She sat down next to Haru who was doing programming. "What are you doing?"

"I'm creating social media," Haru said.

Haru felt that something had always been weird in this world, even though he had only stayed in this world for three days, but the gap in technology was quite strange.

The weapon in this world was very advanced, but the other's things such as technology and entertainment were quite bad.

Haru understood that it might be because the people in this world didn't have a leeway to create entertainment since a matter of Gastrea was more important than anything, but it wasn't a reason for the people in this world to use a flip phone.

Yes, that's right! A flip phone.

Not a smartphone, but a flip phone.

In 2031, the people in this world were using a flip phone to communicate with each other and there also wasn't any social media.

His intention to create social media was to become a weapon for him to manipulate information in this world.

Saitake, who heard Haru's explanation about social media, startled him. If this social media was really made then it would really become one of the giant's media which able to manipulate the thought of each people in this world.

"Saitake-san, I hope that you can help me to popularize this social media to the world," Haru said.

Saitake nodded and said, "Don't worry, even if you don't say anything I'll do that." He knew very well that it could become one of the weapons to manipulate the mass.

Hearing Haru's explanation, Esdeath knew that this social media might be similar to the combination of both newspapers and letters, but it was more advanced. She felt quite interested and asked, "What's the name of this social media?"



It was in the afternoon, every person in Osaka Area was either gathered outside of the governor area or watching their television intently waiting for the announcement and speech from the government since they had heard that the current governor Saitake Sogen would give his government's position to his only son Saitake Haruka.

Everyone knew that the rulership of Saitake Sogen might be over, but the next governor would be Saitake's son. Some people thought that their current situation might not change since the one who changed Saitake was his own son.

Then there was the matter of Saitake's son since they had never heard that Saitake had his own family.

That was why some people decided to grit their teeth to wait for Saitake to step down since Saitake didn't have a family and had weight issues. They believed that Saitake would die sooner or later because of diabetes or heart disease, but this time the government would announce the government of Osaka Area would change the governor with Saitake's son.

Of course, some people were dissatisfied, but whoever made Saitake was a dictator.

Everyone waited patiently in either front of the podium in front of the office of the governor of the Osaka Area or in front of their television together with their loved one, friends, or even strangers waiting for the speech for their new governor.