Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 713

Volume 1 Chapter 713 Governor's Speech

Not only the people of the Osaka Area but every leader in the area of Hakata, Sendai, Sapporo, and Tokyo were also waiting for the speech of the new government.

They didn't believe that Saitake Sogen would step down from his governor's place and give it to his son. They also had never heard about Saitake's son but then they thought that it might be possible for Saitake to hide the information about his own son.


Tokyo Area.

Saitenshi watched the live record about the speech of the new governor of Osaka Area with quite a strange expression.

A few days ago, Saitake was the first person, and the one who led everyone to accuse the Tokyo Area was the one who had stolen the Ladder of Heaven.

But suddenly there was an announcement that Saitake Sogen would step down from his governor seat and let his son manage the governorship of Osaka Area.

"Tendo-san, what do you think about this matter?" Saitenshi looked at Tendo Kikunujo who was her advisor.

Kikunujo shook his head and said, "I don't know. I have never seen Saitake's son and I can't judge anything."

"But then what is the reason why he has to step down now?" Saitenshi asked. She didn't only ask this question to Kikunujo, but also everyone who was sitting in this room.


They were silent for a while, but then suddenly one person raised his opinion.

"It might be because of the health issues since Sogen Saitake is quite fat. He might have a lot of diseases such as diabetes, heart, or anything that we don't know about."


No one said anything, but they thought that it might be possible, but it was also unlikely since they didn't think that Sogen Saitake would give up his authority easily with just a health issue.

"Let's see the new government first before we can come to a conclusion on this matter," Saitenshi said, ending their discussion.

They nodded since what mattered the most was the new governor of Osaka Area. They wanted to know what was the view of the governor of Osaka Area about the Tokyo Area and also wondered whether Osaka Area would continue their accusation on the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven in the Tokyo Area.


Tendo Civil Security Corporation.

"Kisara-san, is it really important to hear the speech of the new governor of Osaka Area?" Rentaro said. He felt that it wasn't necessary to listen to the speech of the new governor of Osaka Area since they were living in the Tokyo Area. Even though he also knew about Sogen Saitake who was known as dictator since he had met them in his childhood time, he didn't really think that it was necessary and he really didn't care too much about it.

'If that old guy is dead then it's good...'

That was the thought of Rentaro at that moment. For the new governor, even though he was slightly curious, he felt that it was better to go to the supermarket to buy discount meat for tonight's dinner.

"Don't say something childish, Satomi-kun." Kisara looked at Rentaro and said, "You know yourself with the change of governor, there might be a change in the law and it might even affect our business." She looked at him with a serious expression and said, "What if the new governor is going to make a new law about the ban or to limit the action of Civil Security? Even though it is only in the Osaka Area, it might also affect the Tokyo Area too.

"I - If that really happens what are we going to eat?!"

Kisara seemed to have a despairing expression.


Rentaro gulped and realized the seriousness of this matter.

"Rentaro, are we going to be homeless?" Enju asked curiously.


Rentaro patted Enju's head and said, "I won't let that happen."

Kisara nodded when she saw Rentaro's reaction then looked at the television before saying, "It's going to start."

Rentaro and Enju nodded while waiting for the speech of the new governor of Osaka Area.


The one who might be affected by this change of governor might be the businessman in the Osaka Area, including Shiba Family who was famous for their arms dealers business.

After the attack in Gastrea, there was a lot of business that was becoming popular and the most popular was an arms dealer.

Shiba Family was famous for their weaponry and they also had proved their weapons to a lot of Civil Security corporations in this country.

Their headquarter was in Osaka Area and if the governor of Osaka Area had changed, then it might also affect their business.

Miori Shiba, who was the only daughter of Shiba Family, was quite annoyed since she was told to come back from Tokyo to Osaka quickly.

Of course, because of her family's wealth it was possible for her to use an airplane which was covered in Varanium to transport to different areas safely.

Miori was annoyed, but she didn't say anything. She had lived in the Tokyo Area because she didn't like Sogen Saitake. Waiting for the speech to start, she was wondering whether the son of Sogen Saitake would be also fat too.

"The new governor is about to enter!"

Every reporter on the spot started to shutter their camera and they also recorded every moment of this thing that was about to happen.

Then three people walked together toward the podium.

Everyone knew the one who walked on the side was Sogen Saitake who was the previous governor of Osaka Area, but then they didn't know about the woman and the young man beside Saitake.

The young man walking in the middle attracted everyone's attention and no one was able to ignore his presence.

The woman was also very fierce, making some of them quite scared, but it also couldn't hide the beauty on her face.

The three of them walked together, but then they didn't know who the son of Saitake Sogen was until the young man stood up in front of the podium and Sogen and the woman sat down on the chair behind him.


The moment this young man took the microphone, they knew very well that this young man was the son of Sogen Saitake which made them surprised.

Yes, they're very surprised since Saitake's son isn't something that they have imagined.

The young man was very handsome and even if he stood in the crowd, he would attract a lot of attention.

At that moment, they understood that the woman that Sogen Saitake might fall in love with would be a very beautiful woman and that was why he could have such a handsome son.

The young man had a solemn expression on his face and said, "Good morning everyone, my name is Saitake Haruka, and I'm the son of Saitake Sogen.

"And I'm also the new governor of Osaka Area!"

*Shutter!* *Shutter!* *Shutter!*

Every reporter started to shutter their camera after they heard him announce that he would become the new governor of the Osaka Area.

"10 years have passed since the Great Gastrea War.

"We have lost a lot of lives, our family, friends, lover, and everyone that we care about in this war, but yet, in the end, we lost that battle 10 years ago."

This speech caused a lot of depression on everyone who was still remembering the war which had just happened 10 years ago while some of them were crying when they remembered their parents, lovers, and friends died in that war.

"But in the end, in that battle, we lost...

"We, mankind, lost the battle against that beast which is known as Gastrea....

"We, mankind, can only hide in this huge barrier which we call Monolith....

"We, mankind, can only live in fear in front of Gastrea!"

Haru's intention to say such a thing was to evoke their sadness over 10 years ago to cause more impact on his speech.


"After 10 years, that word has a new meaning for us since there are a lot of little girls who have been born with the power of Gastrea.

"Are those groups of little girls also mankind?"

Hearing this question, some of them wanted to say "no", but Haru didn't let them say anything and shouted, "Yes, those little girls are also mankind!"

Haru's expression turned serious and said, "We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore." He raised his fist and said, "We will be united in our common interest and enemy!" He placed both of his hands on the podium and said, "Perhaps, today some of you might not agree with my speech, but please remember 10 years ago, we, our beloved, family, friends, and everyone, who has fought for our freedom against Gastrea.

"We shouldn't be fighting by ourselves, not by tyranny, or persecution, but we should be fighting for our right to live....

"To exist....

"And should we win the day, today, I'll announce that we will free this country from Gastrea! We will unify this country into one! We won't be divided into five areas again, but we will be living in this same nation, same land, and the same sky once again!

"We will not go quietly into the night!

"We will not vanish without a fight!

"We're going to live on!

"We're going to survive!

"Today, I'll announce our Unification Day!"


*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Everyone stood up from their seats clapped their hands as hard as possible in front of the speech of the new governor of Osaka Area. It was their dream to once again freely walk in this land without fear from Gastrea.

Some of them all cried when they heard the speech from the new governor.

'We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We should fight together and be united in our common interests and enemies.'

It was the point that Haru wanted to tell them, even though Cursed children might be different, but in the end, they were humans too.

"Now, let me introduce you to the head of this Unification Operation." Haru smiled and looked at Esdeath who also gave him a smile then stood up beside him. He introduced her as the commander of this operation who would lead everyone to fight against Gastrea who terrorized this country.

The scene was very peaceful, and everyone was excited when they thought about the freedom which they have been longing for these past 10 years.