Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 714

Volume 1 Chapter 714 Under The Banner Of Unification

Everyone who heard about the unification of the country along with the freedom that they would get after they had defeated all of the Gastrea in this country became very excited.

Haru's speech caused their body to unable to contain their emotion.

Haru continued his speech with a question and answer section while also introducing Esdeath who would be the commander of the operation telling them that Esdeath was his wife while also the strongest Promoter in this world.

Haru also showed them the video of Gundam Banshee which they would use to free this country to make his word became more believable caused them to open their mouth in awe since they didn't expect for the government of Osaka Area to develop such a giant robot to free this country from Gastrea.

Haru knew that to make it easier for him to unify this country he needed a banner or a good image that caused the masses to support him.

That was why he had announced the "Unification Day", the day which they didn't need to worry about living outside of the Monolith, the day they could travel everywhere, and the day they could live without fear.

Haru had created that banner and he was sure that there were a lot of people in five areas who had heard his speech. He was sure that those people who lived in the different areas also longed for that day and would also support him.

But then he also knew that there were also people who denied this "Unification Day", especially the politicians outside of Osaka Area, however, he didn't need to worry about that since they would also lose the support of the masses if they didn't support his "Unification Day".

This "Unification Day" would also make his mission easier to unify this country without causing too much bloodshed. He could manipulate the masses in this country following the banner of "Unification Day" and supported him to unify this country.

If someone didn't want to support this "Unification Day" then they would become an enemy of masses and would be pushed down by their government.

Worse case, they would die for the sacrifice of this "Unification Day".

Haru also wanted to erase the discrimination on the Cursed Children by stating them as petty differences.

It is what it means to be a politician!

The one who can move more masses is the winner! And, the loser can only become the enemy of masses!

If it was someone else then they might not dare to utter those words since they needed to be responsible and also the power to claim what they had said to the public, but the only thing that he didn't worry about was the strength of his and Esdeath.

They had defeated the Level IV Gastrea, and to show their power, they at least needed to defeat Level V Gastrea to make the masses support them more.

Haru had played this game of power using rules, and now depending on the reaction of the other's four areas, he would answer them with either using the rules or breaking the rules itself.


Saitake had let him do whatever Haru wanted since Haru had put a collar bomb on his neck, but then he shouldn't agree with letting him do such a speech since he knew that after that speech he had lost the support of the masses and all of the people in this country would support Haru.

Then there was also a matter that he also agreed to make him the governor of Osaka Area.

At first, Saitake thought that Haru was only a young man who didn't know anything about politics, but he was surprised by his ability to bullshit making all of the people in this country support him under the banner of "Unification Day".

Saitake looked at the back of both of them knew that if this continued then he would really lose his power if he let them continue, but then there were only two ways for him to maintain his power.

One was to follow them to become their subordinates.

Or did civil war in the Osaka Area since Haru had won the masses.

Saitake touched the collar bomb on his neck and knew that he couldn't fight Haru, but then he remembered Haru's words last night.

'We won't be here forever....'

Saitake didn't know what those words meant, but he really hoped that they would leave then left everything for him.


All of the people in five areas who had watched this speech became very excited and even told their family, lover, friends, and strangers about this "Unification Day." They were excited when they thought that they could walk freely once again in this land.

But even though a lot of people in this world were happy, it didn't mean that everyone was happy, especially the governor of Hakata, Sendai, and Sapporo.

Hearing that speech, they knew very well that if they didn't support Osaka then they would become the enemy of masses and they would lose the support of people.

But they didn't want to give up their rights or became subordinates of the Osaka Area trying to discuss countermeasures.

They were jealous of the Osaka Area since they were the first person who led this "Unification Day" movement that made them into a passive position. They could only wait for Osaka Area's next movement before they could create a strategy for a countermeasure.


Tokyo Area.

Saitenshi was silent when she heard that speech. It would be lying if she wasn't touched by that speech since she also longed for that peace and also the freedom to walk in this land. In her mind, she had always wanted to become the embodiment of peace, not by words, but by action.

However, she knew very well that she didn't have that power, and that was why she was quite jealous of Saitake Haruka who was the new governor of the Osaka Area while also the leader of this "Unification Day" movement. She wanted to support him, but she knew that it wasn't that easy.

"What a stupid speech!!"

"This is outrageous! We need to block this speech!"

"We can't let the people in Tokyo Area watch this speech!"

Everyone inside the room knew very well that if they let those people who lived in this area to watch this speech. They might lose their power in politics and they couldn't let that happen no matter what.

"Calm down!" Kikunijo shouted caused everyone to be silent.

"Don't panic, what he has said is only a concept, but a concept without power is nothing.

"Let's wait to see whether the Osaka Area has the power to unite this country or not?" Kikunujo said calmly.

Everyone had calmed themselves and knew that without the power to fight against Gastrea then what Haru had said in his speech was nothing, but they also needed to make countermeasures since it would be very troublesome if they were being attacked by using the banner of "Unification Day". They knew that they needed to choose their words carefully, not to accept, but not to reject either.

Saitenshi frowned and decided to confront them at this moment, but everyone also refuted that there might be a war between areas causing everyone to be in chaos.

Saitenshi wasn't a dictator, and it could be even said that she was only a governor on the appearance only and everyone who sat down in this place had their share of power in government, but it didn't mean that they could ignore Saitenshi's words since she was the governor of Tokyo Area.

Only Kikunujo alone didn't say anything and he also didn't support Saitenshi since he hated Gastrea and he also hated the Cursed Children who had the blood of Gastrea. He wouldn't let Haru successfully erase the discrimination on Cursed Children and annex this country into one.


Tendo Civil Security Corporation.


Everyone was silent, but everyone was also quite excited about hearing this speech.

"We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore...."

Rentaro muttered and showed a rare smile when he heard this sentence.


Outer Area of Tokyo Area.

After being given a lot of things by Haru, every Cursed Children, who lived in this area could also enjoy some entertainment such as a book, television, and radio. Every day had turned into very enjoyable for them even though they had only limited access to entertainment, but then they were really thankful for both Haru and Esdeath.

When they grew up, they had also made up their mind to marry Haru in the future even if they needed to fight Esdeath.

But suddenly they saw Haru and Esdeath on the television, and they were very surprised when they saw the big sister and big brother who they had seen a few days ago was the governor of Osaka Area. They watched the television in awe and if possible they wanted to replay it, again and again, to see him again on television.

Only Matsuzaka who understood this speech was a means of Haru to erase the hate of people on the Cursed Children. He couldn't help but smile happily when he thought about the future where everyone didn't need to care about petty differences.