Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 715

Volume 1 Chapter 715 First Target

Haru who had gained a lot of support from the masses also started his plan. He didn't want to waste time and of course, after he had done that speech. He also needed to show his action and that was to connect two areas into one.

Esdeath, who had been announced as the commander of the operation, also wasn't silent.

A lot of JSDF commanders in the Osaka Area had seen the cruelty of Esdeath, and this time Esdeath had gotten the support of the new governor along with the officials.

After that speech, Esdeath went to the military, but she didn't say many words and only said a sentence, "Follow me if you don't want to be killed."


Esdeath then left them and went back to Haru since she felt that it wasn't necessary to bring soldiers when she could massacre every Gastrea with Gundam Banshee. She felt that it was unnecessary to talk too much, especially when she didn't have a reputation. The only thing that she could do was to show her power on the battlefield to put everyone in awe of her.

The military commander who followed Esdeath was speechless, but he started to tell them what Esdeath's meant by those words. He told everyone that Esdaeth was going to ride the Gundam Banshee which was being shown on the monitor before fighting in front while everyone was behind cleaning the rest of the monsters. He also told them to believe in the power of that Gundam Banshee and told them that they were going to fight for freedom, family, and their loved one causing them to cheer.

The JSDF and police have always been dissatisfied with the appearance of the Civil Security Corporation. They felt that their job had been stolen by those Civil Security corporations, and that was why they were very excited when they thought that they could become a hero to unite this country into one while also freeing this country from Gastrea.


Haru was in the meeting room talking about the new law and also his plan to unite this country. He also told them to promote the social media "WIRED" as soon as possible. He wanted everyone in Osaka, then also other areas to use "WIRED" as a means to communicate with each other.

Everyone nodded and checked the "WIRED" which was being developed by Haru last night. They had to admit that it was very friendly to be used by all of them, even though they were quite old. They knew very well that with the appearance of "WIRED" it was possible to direct the thought of the masses using this social media.

Different from television or radio which was being controlled by each area in Japan, but with "WIRED", they could direct the opinion of the masses easily as long as everyone was using "WIRED".

That was why they needed to promote "WIRED" as soon as possible!

Haru really wanted for Ritsu to be here since if she was here then the promotion of "WIRED" would be much easier, but then he knew that it was impossible to bring Ritsu here unless he had done the quest.

Then the door of the meeting room was opened, Esdeath entered the meeting hall and walked toward Haru.

In front of this fierce woman, no one said anything and they knew very well that the identity of this woman was the wife of their new governor. In front of this woman, they needed to be respectful, but they were also quite scared while wondering how Haru could marry such a woman. Even though they had to admit that Esdeath was very beautiful and s.e.xy, unless someone had a special hobby, they would be reluctant to marry such a fierce woman.

'Wait, special hobby?!'

They thought in their minds but hurriedly erased it since Haru also wasn't as merciful as his father.

Saitake, who was also sitting next to Haru, knew that the flow of the meeting was flowing toward Haru's direction. He knew very well that in the mind of all of his subordinates soon they would pledge toward Haru and that made him quite complicated. Even though the identity of Haru was his own son, he knew very well that Haru wasn't his son.

"How is the army?" Haru asked.

"Boring." Esdeath yawned and said, "Just make me a special squad."

Haru nodded and said, "Now, I'll talk about the special squad which consists of the Cursed Children."

Everyone nodded and they knew very well that Haru wouldn't create New Gastrea Law without an intention, but then it really surprised them when Haru wanted to create a special squad on JSDF that consisted of Cursed Children.

Everyone in this place knew that the Cursed Children was very powerful and they could even kill an a.d.u.l.t easily without a problem. They knew very well the power of Cursed Children and that was why they were afraid to use them since they didn't know what they might do to them.

That was why every area in this country decided to oppress the Cursed Children since the mind of children was quite weak it was quite easy to make them submit.

It was the same method that was used on a tiger or lion to make them obedient. In the circus or some zoos, fierce animals such as lions, tigers, or bears were being struck down by something until they turned obedient.

It was the same thing which they had done to Cursed Children.

But Haru wanted to change that since he didn't want those little girls to be discriminated against by everyone. He also didn't like the Civil Security Corporation who often treated the Cursed Children as slaves.

That was why he was going to create a special squad that was led by Esdeath that only consisted of Cursed Children.

Esdeath also didn't mind since it was better to have a new squad rather than joining an old squad that had already existed. She knew very well that there would be a lot of oppression and some people would talk or reject her when she got the position of the commander on JSDF so suddenly.

That was why she was going to create her own squad with a bunch of Cursed Children.

Esdeath smiled beautifully when she thought that she could teach those little girls to fight against the enemy.

During the meeting, no one voiced the rejection or refuted Haru since what he had said was very beautiful. They had also gotten their share of the cake which would be divided later after the unification of this country was done.

Then the next move was to send out a spy and their own people to each area so it was possible to change the governor of each area if they refused the movement of "Unification Day".

Of course, Saitake had done that already in the past, but he lacked the movement of "Unification Day" made him unable to let his people on other areas to move recklessly.

The plan had been set, and now, they decided which area they should conquer, no, unite first.

Everyone looked at the map of Japan while waiting for his decision.


"Let's unite Hakata and Osaka first," Haru said without hesitation.

They nodded and made Hakata into their target for the area for this unification country.