Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 716

Volume 1 Chapter 716 Hakata Area

After confirming their first target, everyone started to work while also announcing their intention to annex, no, to unite both the Osaka area and the Hakata area.

Hakata Area is located in the south of the Osaka Area and it is right on Kyushu Island.

They immediately announced about this matter and didn't care whether the government of the Hakata Area would agree or not since if they disagreed then they would become the enemy of people in this country.

It had always been everyone's dream to live freely on this land, and if the government of the Hakata area didn't want to support the movement of "Unification Day", they would become the enemy of the masses.

This "Unification Day" had turned into their spear and it would stab anyone who didn't support the freedom of people.

The plan would start in a week, and everyone needed to prepare the soldiers, and the Civil Security Company who would join this mission.

Even though some people didn't like Civil Security Company such as some leaders who supported both JSDF and police since they were afraid of their job being stolen by Civil Security Company, it was undeniable that with the appearance of Civil Security Company the death toll of the soldiers and police had decreased.

It wasn't that Haru wanted to mock the Civil Security Company, but in his opinion, this organization was similar to a guild and mercenary which was usually on the story of anime or novel in another world.

This organization was full of people who were full of themselves and thought that they were very powerful, but in the end, most of them were only small fries or meat shields and only some of them were powerful such as the one with rank 1000 above.

Before Haru also thought to open a Civil Security Company, but he felt that it was useless to open it and it also didn't have authority. It would be better to become one of the leaders on five areas in this country since it would make it easier for him to unite this country.

Everyone also needed to gather the Cursed Children who had been abandoned in the entire area of Osaka Area to gather them together to be taught by Esdeath making them into special squad army.

Then the meeting had ended after a few hours before they went back to start their plan as soon as possible while also contacting their people and spy who lived on the Hakata Area telling them that the plan of "Unification Day" would start soon and they needed to prepare as soon as possible.

Lastly, they also reminded their people of every area in Japan to promote "WIRED" so their plan would be easier.


Sataike's house.

Haru cooked dinner as usual while Esdeath tried to meditate while fighting against the aroma of dinner which was cooked by Haru.

Esdeath tried really hard, but in the end, she couldn't fight against the aroma of the foods. She walked behind him hugging his waist while placing her head on his side looking at the food which he cooked for dinner. "What did you cook?"

Haru was quite speechless by this action since it was usually being done by a male to a female, but this time their roles had reversed.

"It's chicken stuffed with freekeh. It's middle eastern cuisine."

Freekeh or farik is a cereal food made from green durum wheat that is roasted and rubbed to create its flavor. It is an ancient dish derived from Levantine and North African cuisines, remaining popular in many countries of the eastern Mediterranean Basin where durum wheat originated.

Haru started to take an interest in middle eastern cuisine since it seemed to taste good.

Usually, the middle eastern cuisine uses lamb, but he didn't intend to use lamb since it was full of calories. For Saitake who was fat and also quite old, such meat with a lot of calories wasn't good for his health.

Esdeath looked at the chicken to eat it and suddenly before her eyes brightened up. She wanted to steal the kitchen from Haru, but she was stopped. She pouted at him while pleading to give him the chicken, but he told her to be patient. She sighed then started to observe him. She had to admit that Haru who was in an apron was really tempting. She would try to ask him to have a n.a.k.e.d apron later tonight.

Saitake who was sitting at the dining table felt quite jealous of their interaction and wondered whether he should find someone too in the future.


Having a hearty dinner, they couldn't help but ask why Haru decided to target Hakata Area first.

"Isn't the Tokyo Area better?" Saitake asked. He didn't ask earlier during the meeting since he decided to support his plan, but he couldn't help but ask again at this time.

The Tokyo Area was quite close to the Osaka Area, and it was even closer than the Hakata Area.

The Hakata Area was also good, but it was located on a different island, and they needed to pass a sea to arrive in Hakata Area.

Different from the Tokyo Area which was only located a few kilometers away from the Osaka Area and there wasn't any water that separated the two of them made the transportation between cities easier.

Saitake had thought that it was better to unite Tokyo Area, then Sendai Area, then they could choose whether they should unite either Hakata or Sapporo since both of them were located in different islands.

"Tokyo Area is the last," Haru said.

"Last? Why? Their situation isn't that good right now," Saitake said since, after the accusation of the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven in the Tokyo Area, it had made the Tokyo Area ostracized by four other areas. He felt that it was a perfect chance to annex both areas.

Haru shook his head and said, "It's because of the Ladder of Heaven that we need to annex Tokyo Area at the last."


Saitake was confused.

"First, what if the Tokyo Area really has a Ladder of Heaven? If we forcefully annex both areas then they might retaliate and use a Ladder of Heaven to shoot us," Haru said. Even though he was the one who stole the Ladder of Heaven, he definitely wouldn't be the one who said it.

"If that is really happening then our area might become the reverse from the upper rank into the lower rank after being damaged by the Ladder of Heaven!"


Saitake turned pale when he heard it and if Haru thought that it was true then the Osaka Area might turn into ruin.

"The second is quite simple if we really annex the Tokyo Area which is being accused of stealing the Ladder of Heaven, we might also be accused of working together with the Tokyo Area to conquer the entire Japan! That means that we're going to make the other's three areas into our enemy while also counter-attacking them by saying that "Unification Day" is just a conspiracy of both the Tokyo Area and Osaka Area that wants to conquer Japan," Haru said.

"Then there will be a civil war between Sendai, Hakata, and Sapporo against us.

"The Tokyo Area also might betray us in the middle of the civil war.

"Then we're going to lose the battle."


Saitake turned in silence once again.

"We're on the justice side, our intention is good, and that is why we're going to annex the area which doesn't have such accusations on stealing a weapon that can destroy a country so it won't turn us into a bad guy.

"Don't be in a hurry, we can do it slowly swaying their people with interest after we have annexed both areas."

Saitake nodded and said, "I understand." He felt that he was lost in terms of strategy and politics in front of this young man.

"What is the last reason?" Esdeath asked.

"Because I have heard the beach in Hakata Area is quite beautiful. We can spend our holiday in that place after we have annexed both areas," Haru said with a smile.

Esdeath smiled and said, "That's a good idea!"

Both of them started to flirt with each other ignoring Saitake who was by their side feeling jealous and bitter at the same time.