Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 717

Volume 1 Chapter 717 Cute Is Justice

"We're going to unite Osaka Area and Hakata Area!"

The moment this news was announced, everyone was shocked since it had only been yesterday since the new governor of Osaka Area had announced about the matter of "Unification Day", but in a single day, the governor of Osaka had decided to unite both Osaka Area and Hakata Area.

Of course, such a thing startled the governor of the Hakata Area since they had thought that the first area which was being united would be the Tokyo Area since both Osaka and Tokyo were fairly close to each other.

Even though both Osaka and Hakata were also very close, both areas were being divided with a sea which was filled with a lot of Gastrea.

In the past, there was both bridge and tunnel which connected both Kyushu Island and Honshu Island, but after Gastrea had appeared, it was destroyed by those monsters and the only way for people to transport to both islands was either using an airplane or ship which was covered in Varanium.

That was why, when the other four areas heard it, they were a bit surprised since they had thought that Osaka Area would unite the Tokyo Area first, but Osaka Area decided to unite the Hakata Area first.

The only good thing about Hakata Area was this island had an abundance of Varanium, but their condition wasn't good since it was quite hard to transport or sell that Varanium with a lot of Gastrea around their surroundings.

Haru had announced that he would clear the Gastrea around both areas and once again created a bridge that connected both areas so everyone could transport to both areas without being feared by Gastrea.

The response of the Hakata Area was quite funny, they laughed when they heard that Osaka Area decided to clear up the Gastrea around their area and thought that they would be unsuccessful, and joked if they were able to clear up the Gastrea around Hakata Area, the governor of the Hakata Area decided to join the Osaka Area to unite this country.

Even the Tokyo Area, Sendai Area, and Sapporo Area didn't say anything since they knew very well how fierce the sea was divided between Honshu and Kyushu since it was filled with a lot of Gastrea.

But then there was one thing which every governor in each area ignored which was the appearance of "WIRED".

"WIRED" might be the first social media which has appeared in this world and it had silently penetrated each area without the governor of each area noticing.

"WIRED" has become very popular in Osaka Area since the government also worked together to popularize the "WIRED" to the public by announcing a lot of things such as their preparation to connect both areas, what the government did, and a lot more making the image of Haru to the public better since everyone could see that Haru really wanted this land to be freed from Gastrea.


Saitake Haruka.

Profile: Governor of Osaka Area.

Status: Preparing a special squad which consists of cute girls with my wife ^^

[Photo of Esdeath instructs a lot of Cursed Children in front of her]


Everyone laughed when they thought that their governor was also quite funny, the only thing that made them disappointed was their governor had already married making a lot of girls cry and sometimes sent out a curse letter to Esdeath, but when Haru had created this status, everyone didn't fear against the Cursed Children once again and really thought that the group of Cursed Children was very cute.

Cute and powerful!

Cute is justice!

It was the thing that Haru wanted to tell everyone, and no one should be afraid of petty differences.

Haru started to think that he should create a movie or anime which makes the group of Cursed Children as the hero in the story fighting bad people on the television to make the image of Cursed Children better.

Of course, even though there were a lot of people who supported him, there were also a lot of people who disagreed with him, but Haru didn't care much about that since he could just block their ID on "WIRED" easily so all the voices within the "WIRED" were only a voice which supported him.

Esdeath ignored them all and focussed herself on training the group Cursed Children. She knew that the potential of Cursed Children was very powerful since she had read on the story of "Black Bullet" before that rank 1 and 2 of Initiator could defeat the "Zodiac Gastrea" (Level V Gastrea).

Initiators include Cursed Children, individuals with the Gastrea Virus, who are partnered with an individual from the Civil Security Corporation.

They are all Cursed Children, which subsequently means they are female but are currently only seen to have pre-pubescent bodies, as the Gastrea Virus that gave rise to them has only existed for 10 years.

Generally, they have a special ability that consists of three aspects which consist of agility, recovery, and special abilities.

Initiators can outrun extremely fast Gastrea and attacks are thrown at them whilst carrying their Promoters on their backs, without losing any energy in the process. It also means that their agility is extremely fast.

As a result of the Gastrea blood in their veins, initiators can recover their own wounds at an amazing rate. When they do so, smoke covers the wound and, after it clears, the spot appears unharmed.

All initiators carry a particular variation of the Gastrea virus that provides them with a Model. Each Model is named so because of the particular aspect of an animal their fighting capability resembles. For example, Enju Aihara is a Rabbit Model, which means like a rabbit, the majority of her strength is concentrated in her legs, which is why when engaging in combat she proceeds to make use of kicks. Furthermore, her legs are hardened to the point of being able to break steel as is the case in the fight between her and Kohina Hiruko.

Those three aspects make them very strong and some people fear them.

But for Esdeath, she felt that it was a waste to trample them and it was better to use them. For the people who were afraid, it was just an excuse for their own weakness. She would train all of them in a week to become good subordinates.

The group of Cursed Children at first was quite afraid of Esdeath, but they slowly started to feel that they wanted to become like her, no, but they wanted to have a future like Esdeath to marry someone like Haru. If possible they wanted to marry Haru in the future.

"The strong live, and the weak die!"

It was a simple sentence that had always become Esdeath's creed in her life after her father in the past.

Haru didn't have any intention to change it since he felt that Esdeath's education wasn't wrong.

The weak have always been oppressed, and the strong have always been the ones who rule.

It had always been like that from the era where dinosaurs were still alive.

If you want to get out of being oppressed then you can only become strong or else you might be manipulated by Haru with only using social media.

Haru had felt that it was quite funny really when he thought about everyone who didn't care about "WIRED" which could become a weapon that could wreck them apart.