Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 718

Volume 1 Chapter 718 Operation H 1

It had been a week since his announcement, and everyone was ready for the operation.

Esdeath was the first to move in together with her special squad, which she trained personally for a week.

"I have been training you for a week, remember what I have said before," Esdeath said while looking at everyone.

"Yes, Mam!"

All Cursed Children saluted at Esdeath.

"Good, let's connect both Osaka and Hakata so we can have a party at the beach later," Esdeath said.


Everyone cheered loudly when they thought that they would have a holiday on the beach.


The JSDF and the Civil Security group also moved, but they were being separated.

Esdeath was moving by herself, and no one dared to give her an order since she was the wife of the governor, but Civil Security was different since they didn't have any connection with the governor and it was normal for them to be discriminated against.

Haru also didn't care much about the Civil Security since he had paid them and it was normal for them to be ready to lose their lives in the battle. He gave them a speech to raise their morale to the limit. Talking was free, and if it could make them work harder then he would do it.

Haru wanted to follow Esdeath, but then Esdeath said that...

"Your job is in politics, and I'll take care of Gastrea...." Esdeath's expression turned cruel and said, "I can't wait to enjoy the beach later." Then turned to smile once again while looking at him.

Haru smiled and kissed her lips for a while.

Esdeath also hugged him and parted her lips before saying, "Be ready when I come back." She slapped his butt before she went to the battlefield.


Haru was speechless and wondering why he was the one who was treated as submissive in this relationship when every night she was the one who cried louder and lost every time. He sighed and shook his head before entering the meeting hall once again to talk about the next strategy to conquer this country.


There are two objections in this mission which is to annex Hakata Area to Osaka Area, then the second one is to fix the railways which connect both areas as soon as possible while clearing the hidden danger around the area surrounding the railways.

The railway is very important since it is the easiest way to transport a lot of things from two areas.

It is also able to increase the economic activity in both areas making it possible to turn two areas into the most prosperous area as soon as possible.

There are a lot of people being included in this mission, and everyone is very serious since no one knows what will happen during the mission.

Esdeath had decided that she would be the one who led everyone and even though everyone stopped her, she didn't listen to them.

Everyone was worried about her since she was the wife of the governor, but they also couldn't refute her words since her standing was higher than theirs. They could only a lot of soldiers to also walk together with her special group.

The special squad only consists of a group of Cursed Children.

There are 100 Cursed Children in this group and each had been personally trained by Esdeath for one week, while also being given a weapon which was made from Varanium.

On the governor's office, Haru had told them to not worry about Esdeath since she might be the strongest human in this world, but even so, they didn't believe it since no one had heard about Esdeath and he could only let a camera record the fight that was going to happen in this operation.

It might not be related, but the name of this operation is "Operation H".

Haru didn't really worry about Esdeath, but then, he also wasn't idle either. He also started with his own job searching for the dark history, stains, and a lot more data that was able to push away his opponent. He knew that it wouldn't be easy for the governor of the Hakata Area to give up their rules on that area after they had successfully connected two areas.

That was why he was going to search for something that was able to make the masses in the Hakata Area push down the rules of the governor of the Hakata Area.

If possible Haru wanted to change the governor of the Hakata Area with his own people, but that depended on the reaction of the current governor of the Hakata Area after he had cleared both areas from Gastrea.

The Osaka Area was the one who shouldered the cost of this mission and there was no way that they would connect two areas without grabbing the most benefit.

Haru also told them to tell the television company to create a tv show or anime which made the Cursed Children as the protagonist that would fight against the Gastrea or bad guy to give a good image to all of them.


Magata High School.

The teacher was teaching something, but all of the students were unable to concentrate since everyone was talking about "Operation H" which meant that it would connect two areas into one.

If this operation was successful then that meant it was possible to unite this country into one and they didn't need to fear Gastrea once again.

The teacher didn't stop them either since he was also cornered about this mission.

Then the class was over and it was time for a break.

During the break suddenly the door of the classroom was opened by someone.


Shiba Miori who was looking at her laptop turned and saw a girl and a boy. "Oh, Satomi-kun, what's wrong?" She ignored the girl who came along with Rentaro.

"Don't ignore me!" Kisara was mad.

Shiba sighed and said, "You're a girl. You should act more gracefully in front of everyone."

"Sorry about this Miori-san." Rentaro was a bit embarrassed by Kisara's act.

"Enough about that! I have heard that you've seen the new governor of Osaka Area, what is your opinion about him? And, what is the rate of success of this mission," Kisara asked since she knew that Miori Shiba had a channel to know about this "Operation H".

Miori sighed and said, "Let's talk in my office."

Kisara and Rentaro nodded since they didn't think that they should talk about this matter in the classroom.


Miori Shiba is the student council president at Magata High School.

That's why she has her own private room which is a secret room inside the student council room.

Miori pressed the password on the student council room and opened a secret room that was located behind the bookcase. She didn't immediately turn on the screen but turned toward them. "No matter what has happened, you need to keep it a secret, or I won't let you see it."

Kisara and Rentaro nodded at the same time.

"For your question before, I can tell that this operation is going to be 100% successful," Miori said.

"What?!" 2x

Kisara and Rentaro were surprised.

Miori smiled and said, "You shouldn't underestimate Saitake Haruka. His mind is more shrewd than his father and he might be really able to unite this country."

Kisara frowned and asked, "Do you have confidence in him?"

Miori sighed and said, "If he hasn't married then I might try my luck to marry him. Unfortunately, he has married someone."


Kisara and Rentaro were speechless.

"You might be speechless, but if you see his charm from a close distance....." Miori still remembered that day, but she shook her head since she knew that she couldn't fall in love with a married man. "Enough of that, from my father's connection, I'm able to see the live record of the operation, but it is only being limited to Osaka's people." Her expression turned serious and said, "If any of you opens your mouth to tell someone and might cause trouble in this operation....."

Kisara and Rentaro shook their heads and said, "We won't tell anyone."

"Good." Miori nodded and said, "I still believe in both of you, but not in your grandfather, Kisara." She looked at Kisara at that moment.

Kisara raised her eyebrow and said, "He doesn't have to do anything with me."

"It's good to know. Let's watch the live record of the operation," Miori said and closed the door of the secret room before showing the fight of Esdeath with the special squad, JSDF, and Civil Security against Gasteas around both Osaka and Hakata.