Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 719

Volume 1 Chapter 719 Operation H 2

Esdeath had divided her special squad into different positions such as scout, fighter, and supporter.

The job of the scout is to detect the enemy beforehand, and the one who is included in this position is a Cursed Children that has an animal trait from owl, bat, and an animal that has a good sensory ability.

The job of the fighter is to fight the enemy and this one who enters this position is a Cursed Children with powerful power or good fighters in close combat that has an animal trait from mantis, rabbit, lion, etc.

The job of a supporter is to support everyone during the fight such as strategy, trap, or long-range combat, and the Cursed Children who enter this position are Cursed Children with an animal ability from dolphin, spider, etc.

Esdeath wanted to create an army, not an assassin or fighter. That was why she divided their jobs and made it easier for them to fight against a group of Gastrea.

The mission had started and they started their journey using a military truck and bus so it would make it faster for them to transport to both areas.

The scout was always on alert until they realized that there was a group of Gastea who were about to attack them.

Esdeath told them to sit down to see her actions on the battlefield.

Everyone had only seen Esdeath fight using a Gundam Banshee, but this time she didn't bring it with her since she thought that it was quite troublesome.

Haru had thought that Esdeath would fight against Gastrea using her sword, and she didn't mind for her to do that.

Then a group of Gastrea appeared and this time their shape was similar to a dog.

"Dog Gastrea?"

Everyone was startled since there was quite a lot of Gastrea, and after they counted, the number reached at least 20 Gastrea. They were worried about Esdeath and thought to help her, but Esdeath's action made them stop.

Esdeath charged toward the group as Gastreas swung her sword and slain everything around her cleanly without making her uniform dirty.


All 20 Dog Gastrea which attacked them before had dropped on the ground died without being able to do anything.


Everyone was startled and speechless at the same time. They realized how powerful Esdeath truly was and it made them shudder for some reason since the expression under her face was very scary.

"Let's go," Esdeath said.

Everyone nodded and started their journey once again.

Esdeath and her group were the ones who cleaned the Gastrea in front of them, while the JSDF along with the Civil Servant would fight against the enemy which was being left by Esdeath, but when they saw a lot of Gastrea died on the ground.

They were wondering whether they were really needed. They shook their heads and thought to focus on their job to protect the construction robot which fixed the railway to the Hakata Area.


Everyone was shocked when they saw the power of Esdeath along with her special squad.

The special squad which only consisted of the Cursed Children was working together killing all of the Gastrea in front of them cleanly, efficiently, and without fear since the one who led them was Esdeath.

The reason why Esdeath had fought against 20 Dog Gastrea alone was that she wanted to show them her power and the other one was to make them think that Gastrea was very weak compared to them.

And her decision was right, even though it was the first time for the special squad to fight against the Gastrea, but they could fight against them easily after Esdeath showed them how it is down to fight against the Gastrea.

They didn't waste their Varanium bullet when they fought against Gastrea, the close combat fighters could handle the Gastrea easily, and the scout could detect the enemy which was coming toward them.

If there was some error in the fight, Esdeath would personally have come out by herself cleaning up the mess of those little girls easily.

Along the way, they had only seen Level I, and Level II Gastrea, and the special squad could defeat it easily.

There was also Level III Gastrea, but it was slain by Esdeath easily with her sword.

For Level IV Gastrea, it was quite rare for it to appear and their number was very low.

Lastly for Level V, there were only 11 of them, and they wouldn't appear unless they had bad luck or it was being summoned.

Everyone had thought that this mission might be over a month or more, but it seemed that it was faster than they had thought since based on the speed of special squad and Esdeath fought against Gastrea. They might only need five days or a week to complete the connection between Osaka and Hakata.

Of course, they also needed to rest and chose a location that was comfortable during the night while also having a delicious dinner after hard work during the day.


Every official in the meeting room was surprised when they saw the battle efficiency of Esdeath along with her special squad that could decimate a lot of Gastrea easily.

"Melissa Squad is very powerful...."

One of the officials said and everyone agreed with him.

The name of a special squad that consists only of Cursed Children is being named as Mellissa which is known as a Goddess of bees on a Greek myth.

Everyone who was skeptical at first about this special squad shut their mouth and didn't say anything since the power and efficiency of a special squad might be more powerful than both JSDF and Civil Security being combined.

But what surprised them the most was the power of Esdeath. They only knew that Esdeath was Haru's wife along with powerful fighter, but they didn't expect him to be this powerful and even such a talented commander.

"Governor, is your wife a Mechanical Soldier?"

One of the officials suddenly asked, but then it was a normal question.

"No, she isn't. She is a normal human, but she is more powerful than normal," Haru said.

Mechanical Soldier is a title given to individuals that possess Varanium-Infused body parts.

During the Great Gastrea War, brilliant scientists held an experiment titled the "New Human Creation Plan," in which Varanium alloy was utilized to craft the strongest soldiers; labeled as Mechanical Soldiers. Albeit, when it was discovered that the Cursed Children possessed superhuman capabilities, the plan was imminently brought to an end due to its inhuman procedures.

Haru remembered that the protagonist and antagonist on the story of "Black Bullet" was a Mechanical Soldier, but he didn't care much about both of them since their role in his mission was quite small.

The main character of "Black Bullet" is just a Civil Servant who had very poor financial ability, and the antagonist is just a crazy guy who does whatever he wants to do without caring for everything.

Haru had power and he didn't think that either of them could posses a threat to him. His only opponent was just a governor and might be an assassin who was sent by other's governor to stop him, but then again, he didn't think that they would posses a threat on both him and Esdeath.

Everyone was very surprised by Haru's words and didn't question him again.

Haru sighed and said, "Actually, I also want to go to the battlefield to fight."


Everyone was in silence then stopped him at the same time.


If their leader was being killed on the battlefield then they didn't know what to do.

Everyone had acknowledged Haru's ability and they had confidence in him that he would really unite this country into one. They didn't want anything to happen to him.


Magata High School.

Kisara and Rentaro were in silence when they saw the battle which was being led by Esdeath and her special squad.


Miori was also speechless when she thought that her opponent would be this powerful.

"She is very strong..." Rentaro said with fear since Esdeath really scared him.

"Yes..." Kisara also agreed since she had also fair experience in martial arts and could tell that Esdeath was invincible on the battlefield.

"Kuh... I won't lose Esdeath!!!" Miori screamed making Kisara and Rentaro speechless at the same time.