Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 720

Volume 1 Chapter 720 Esdeath's Secret Weapon

Five days.

It was the time that was used by Esdeath along with her special squad to clean up the way from Gastrea to Osaka to Hakata.

Esdeath and her group had arrived before at the Kanmon Straits.

The Kanmon Straits is the stretch of water separating Honshu and Kyushu, two of Japan's four main islands.

They needed to cross over this strait before they could arrive in the Hakata Area.

The governor of the Hakata Area who received the news about this matter was startled since they didn't expect the operation which had just started five days ago to almost succeed.

Haru who was on the other's side also started his annexation process. He asked for the Hakata Area to help him to clear up the sea area so the two areas could connect to each other as soon as possible.

But as expected the reaction of the governor of Hakata Area was quite obvious, even though he had promised to become a subordinate of Osaka Area, but it was just a verbal talk and there was no way that he would agree to give his authority to Osaka Area.

Haru also had expected such a result and didn't give the governor of Hakata Area mercy and just killed him using black material that he had investigated in the past days then published it using "WIRED" while also telling his subordinates who was blending on Hakata Area to spread that information.

His intention was to destroy the image of governor of Hakata Area while also causing him to lose the support of the masses.

Haru also started to start his speech once again to denounce the action of the governor of Osaka Area.

"Our intention has always been to clear up this land from Gastrea and to make sure everyone who lives in this country can live without worry."

Haru's expression turned sad and said, "But some people have always been selfish and they put their own interests first rather than people's interests." He slammed his fist on the table and shouted, "We can't let this evil governor become a governor once again! We need to be united! We need to fight together against the enemy of mankind not to fight against each other!"

"Governor! We have always supported you!"

"Damn, Governor of Hakata Area!"

"Governor of Hakata! Hurry up and step down from your position!"

Everyone had always been supporting Haru as the leader of the banner of "Unification Day", and they thought that every governor would support him, but they didn't expect that there was a governor who was very selfish and decided to refuse the unification of the country.

Everyone became angry, the Osaka people shouted supporting Haru and some people also said that Haru should punish the governor of the Hakata Area.

The people of Hakata Area who also heard that the governor of Hakata Area decided to refuse to connect both Osaka and Hakata also became very angry, especially after they read a lot of dark information about the governor of Hakara Area from "WIRED" along with the news which was being published in the newspaper.

Everyone wanted to live together in this land free from Gastrea, but some selfish people didn't want to support it.

At that very moment, the people in Hakata Area were very angry, the JSDF, police, and even Civil Security also denounced the governor of Hakata Area telling him to step down from his place while also letting them help the army of Osaka Area who had worked hard to clear up the area to connect both Osaka and Hakata.

Hakata Area turned into chaos, and there were two factions that appeared in the Hakata Area.

One faction supported the current governor of the Hakata Area, and the other faction supported the governor of the Osaka Area who wanted to unite this country.

Both factions were fighting each other, and Haru's people who had joined the chaos poured oil into a fire making the situation more chaotic.

The governor of Sendai, Sapporo, and Tokyo was shocked at how swift the governor of Osaka was to connect both areas, but they were more shocked at how the governor of Osaka was able to make the majority of people in Hakata Area into his people.

They didn't understand it, but if the governor of Osaka was really successful in uniting the two areas then the next target would be them.


"Governor, are you really going to go to Hakata Area?"

"Please don't do anything dangerous!"

"Let Commander Esdeath clear up the sea area first!"

Everyone was very worried when they heard Haru was going to Hakata Area right away, and after seeing the power of Esdeath, they felt that Esdeath was very reliable commander for an army made them feel that this operation would succeed without trouble, but of course, they thought that the process would be quite hard since Esdeath needed to cross over the Kanmon Straits which was known as the fierces of the country.

Saitake who was by their side was being ignored making him quite angry, but also helpless since his authority had been stolen by him by Haru and there was nothing that he could do.

"All of the people in our are fighting to connect both Osaka and Hakata, how can I be standing here in a safe place while my wife is going to fight against a group of dangerous Gastrea on the sea!" Haru had a serious expression on his face and said, "If my wife has her own fight, then I also have my own fight! I need to bring justice to the governor of Hakata Area who has done evil to his people!"

Everyone was moved by his words, but then they tried to stop him again, however, it was useless.


Saitake was speechless since in his opinion Haru was the one who was evil, but who made Haru the one who raised the banner of "Unification Day".

Haru started to get annoyed when everyone tried to stop him and told them that Esdeath would arrive in the Hakata Area today and cross the strait without trouble.


Everyone was confused by Haru's words, but he only told them to watch the live record of Esdeath's right since he was sure that Esdeath was going to use her power.

That was why he was going to tell them that Esdeath had a weapon that was able to make them cross over the strait easily without trouble.

Everyone became even more curious and wondered what kind of weapons it was.


In front of Kanmon Straits, everyone could see land right in front of them, but then it was being separated by the sea.

Everyone's spirit was very high since it was very easy for them to clear up the group of Gastrea. Their eyes were full of worship looking at the back of Esdeath since they knew that Esdeath could solve this problem.

"Wait here and use your jacket," Esdeath said.


Everyone was confused by Esdeath's words.

Esdeath didn't care about their reaction, only walked calmly toward the Kanmon Straits and took out her sword. She had told Haru that she was going to use her weapon, and he told her that it was alright to use it.

Calmly walking toward the water area, suddenly there was something which came out from the water.

Everyone was surprised and told Esdeath to be careful, some of them even took out their weapons to fight against this enemy.

After Esdeath walked to the edge of the strait, there was a lot of Gastrea which came out of the water.

Each of them had a shape of fish, dolphin, crab, lobster, etc, but the most powerful one would be a Shark Gastrea which had a size of about 20 meters.

Shark Gastrea opened its mouth wide, showing sharp teeth in its mouth, ready to shred Esdeath's apart.

"Giant Shark Gastrea!"

"Be careful!"

"Commander Esdeath!!!"

Esdeath was calm and stabbed her sword in the water.

"Ice Age!"

The moment Esdeath uttered those words, the strait was being instantly frozen.

Everyone on the strait, including the Gastrea which was about to attack Esdeath, was also freezing completely solid into ice.


Esdeath kicked down Shark Gastrea with her high-heel.


Shark Gastrea shattered into ice shards and died.


Everyone was in shock, but then the coldness of this frozen strait woke them up. They saw that the strait which was freezing was stretched for miles connecting them to Kyushu Island.

"Let's go," Esdeath said with her usual cold expression.

Everyone nodded dumbly while looking at Esdeath's sword wondering whether it was a weapon that was being developed secretly by a scientist in Osaka Area.