Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 721

Volume 1 Chapter 721 First Step Of Unification

In just a few hours, Esdeath along with her special squad and JSDF from Osaka Area came together after crossing the strait which turned frozen by Esdeath.

Only some people knew about how the strait was frozen, but no one dared to say anything.

Esdeath said that the ice would be there for a week without melting so they didn't need to worry about crossing the strait.

Haru also had arrived using an airplane quickly to come to the Hakata Area along with his people.

In the Hakata Area, no one stopped both Esdeath and Haru, and everyone thought that both of them were heroes who would free this country from Gastrea.

They were being welcomed grandly, only some politicians despised them, but no one said anything.

The governor of the Hakata Area wanted to negotiate something with Haru since he knew that his authority had crumbled when his people didn't even support him anymore and his dirty information was also being published without being able to do anything. He knew that he had lost, but he didn't want to lose his authority in this area. He wanted to have a negotiation with Haru so he wouldn't lose that much after his area had connected to Osaka Area. He was about to open his mouth, but he didn't expect Haru's next action.

"The governor of Hakata Area has been found guilty!" Haru seemed quite sad and said, "I'm sorry to come quite late everyone. If I can come early then I won't let such an injustice happen to all of you! But from now on, you don't need to worry since I'm here and please support me to unite the entire country!"

"Governor Saitake!"

"Governor, I love you! I want your child!"

"Go die, Shimazu (the name of governor Hakata Area)!"

"Don't show your face here, Shimazu!"

"Just rot in jail forever!"

Shimazu who was the current governor of the Hakata Area was very angry since Haru just directly accused him of wanting to hear his explanation.

Haru moved closer and whispered. "I have given you a chance and that chance has gone after you have rejected me." He stepped back and smiled before ignoring him while also ordering his people who had become a mole in the Hakata Area to take care of the rest putting the current Hakata Area into the jail.

"Let go of me!"

Shimazu screamed, but his scream was ignored. His people were also caught, and only minority people were freed since they had been bought by Haru's people to follow him since the current governor of the Hakata Area would lose soon.

Everyone who decided to follow Haru sighed in relief, they didn't expect Haru to be this ruthless, but when they thought about Haru's father, they felt that they didn't need to feel surprised. The only thing that might make them scared was his ability to turn his opponent into evil in front of the masses yet he could make himself into a hero using his mouth.

Saitake was also a very savvy man, but he was known for his ruthlessness and his reputation also wasn't that good, but Haru was different.

For the politicians, everyone knew very well that Haru was a bastard who used the banner of "Unification Country" to make his name clear and became a hero in their eyes. They were very jealous of him who was able to create this banner which made it easier for him to unite the entire country with ease.

As long as Esdeath was able to lead everyone to slay the group of Gastrea to open up the path that connected every area then it was possible for this country to be truly unified.

In everyone's mind, both husband and wife were a very scary combination that made them unable to do anything.

Haru had never given mercy to his enemy since in his mean the best enemy is a dead enemy. He didn't give the current governor of Hakata Area revenge or tried to get back the Hakata Area once again giving him death punishment on gallows.

(Japan usually uses gallows to give the death penalty to criminals).

Haru gave his speech pretending to be sad, but then he also tried to raise everyone's spirit to make them believe that the day of the unification wasn't far while also telling the governor of other's three areas to support him and joined him to unite this country.

Everyone cheered loudly in happiness, especially the people on both Hakata and Osaka since both areas had been connected to each other.

Of course, his speech and the punishment which was given to the current governor of Hakata Area along with his officials were announced to the entire country making the masses excited since their day to live freely without fear of Gastrea was nearby, but for the politicians, all of them became cold since they didn't expect for the governor of Hakata Area to enter the gallows directly.

Some of them wanted to denounce Haru, but they knew the consequences of doing that all of them would be denounced by their own masses and also lost their support.

Another reason why they couldn't help the governor of the Hakata Area was because the black material which was usually hidden being published without hesitation by Haru made them scared.

If Haru had the black information about the current governor of the Hakata Area, then he might have the black material of other's governor in three other's areas.

Then there was also a matter about how smooth it was for him to unite both areas without trouble and thought that Haru had bought the people from Hakata Area to become his supporter.

If Haru could buy the people in Hakata Area, then it was possible to buy people in their areas too.

Suddenly they were caught in a passive situation where they couldn't do anything.

If Haru had annexed the Tokyo Area with Osaka Area, then it might be possible to do a counterattack since the case of the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven, but Hakata Area wasn't Tokyo Area.

Everyone was caught in a headache and didn't know what to do for a while. The only thing that they could hope was for Haru and his army to be killed in Gastrea's attack so they wouldn't be able to connect to other's areas.

One thing that they didn't imagine that "WIRED" which was the cause of leak of the black material of ex-governor of the Hakata Area once again had penetrated their areas without being noticed.


Meanwhile, Haru didn't care much about the thought of governor or official in other areas rather he once again gathered the group of Cursed Children which was being abandoned in the Hakata Area and let them join Esdeath's special squad.

Haru also took care of some matter to make Hakata Area become better along with personally saw the punishment which was being given to the governor of the Hakata Area.

After all of them were done, he went to the beach together with Esdeath spending their honeymoon on the beach of the Hakata Area.

It was their plan really, but a group of little girls also followed them to play on the beach together making them sigh.