Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 722

Volume 1 Chapter 722 Summer Time

"Let's swim!"

"Let's play volleyball!"

"Is there a Gastrea on the beach? If so then let's blast them away!"

The group of little girls was happily playing around on the beach which was being reserved especially by Haru.

Haru was wearing a pair of shorts and sunglasses. He sighed while looking at a group of little girls who were playing around happily. He wanted to spend a holiday together on the beach together with Esdeath, but he had promised those little girls to let them play on the beach.

"Don't play around too much," Esdeath shouted while wearing a white bikini that showed her body perfectly.

"Yes, Commander Esdeath!"

Everyone answered at the same time with a respectful voice then started to play together on the beach since it was their first time to arrive in Hakata Area.

Haru had prepared a lot of things from foods, beverages, volleyball, various floats with many shapes such as dolphins, whales, ducks, etc, watermelon, ice cream, etc.

It was summer after all, and it was a perfect time for all of them to play on the beach.

The little girls had never thought that they would really able to play on the beach and that was why they were very excited. It was their first time playing on the beach and it made them very excited splashing water everywhere with everyone.

Haru left the job of the governor since he had taken care of the important matter, the rest was only something insignificant, and he wasn't in a hurry to start the unification. He thought to fully disgest everything in this place for a week or two then start their operation once again. "Esdeath, your skin might be damaged if you stay in the sun too long. I'll help you put sunscreen on your body."

"Sunscreen?" Esdeath looked at the bottle of lotion in Haru's hand. "So it is used to protect the sun from sunlight?"

"Yes. It won't be good if you get a sunburn," Haru said.

Esdeath nodded and laid on her stomach on the beach chair. "Good, help me put that on me." She closed her eyes while thinking about what she should do with him later at night.

'Apron is good....'

Haru didn't know what Esdeath was thinking, but he put lotion on the palm of his hands and rubbed it slowly on her body while looking at her smooth, s.e.xy, and beautiful back. Her skin was so white that it made people think that she was snow itself, beautiful, but very cold...

Esdeath was very beautiful, but because of her power and her status as a wife of the governor of Osaka and Hakata, no one dared to say anything to her, especially her aura which was created after slaying a million people made normal people unable to stay close to her when she was serious.

But no one denied that she was beautiful and she was the perfect description of both combination dangerous and beautiful that made people want to jump to death to get her, but all of them were killed by Esdeath or became her slaves somehow.

Haru was lucky that he had married her and started to rub the sunscreen on her back first. 'Cold....' He knew that Esdeath's body temperature was slightly cold, but it was quite normal when he thought about the power of Teigu inside her body.

Esdeath, who was calm, suddenly turned red when Haru started to touch her body, but he didn't stop him.

"Governor, let's play together!"

"Commander, let's play volleyball!"

Haru looked at them and slid down his hand to Esdeath's bottom. "Wait, we'll get ready soon. You should enter the water first."


Everyone listened to Haru since they knew that he was the one who had changed their lives and they were very grateful for him, but the only thing that they regretted was that he had already married made them unable to marry him in the future.

Haru's sitting position was perfect to hide Esdeath and to not cause a lot of attention to them, especially when those little girls were playing around happily.

Esdeath was about to m.o.a.n, but her mouth was closed by Haru before her body shuddered then weakly laid on the beach chair. She turned her body and laid on her back with a satisfied expression. "Fuh..."

"Is it good?" Haru asked with a smile.

Esdeath nodded, but then pouted. "But it isn't fair for you to be the one who has always teased me..."

Haru hugged her and said, "I blame you for being so cute, so I can't help but want to tease you every time...."

"Husband...." Esdeath smiled and also hugged him.

"Wife...." Haru wanted to kiss her, but then stopped when he noticed that everyone was looking at both of them curiously.

Esdeath also noticed a group of little girls who were looking at them.


"Governor, Commander, are you not going to kiss?"

"Yes, show us how to kiss!"

"Governor, kiss us too after kissing the Commander!"

Esdeath raised her eyebrow and said, "We're not a show! Hurry up and get away!"

"Kyaaa, Commander is scary!!!"



Esdeath started to get annoyed, but she was calmed by Haru.

"They're just children. You don't need to think too much about them," Haru whispered.

"But Husband....."

"Well, we can also have children too in the future," Haru whispered, but then he thought that he might not be a good dad since he had a lot of lovers.

"Children are good...." Esdeath thought about what kind of children that they would have in the future, but of course, if they really had children then she would make them become powerful since to live without worry gaining a lot of power was the only way.

"Let's join them now," Haru said.

Esdeath nodded and said, "I'm hungry. Can you cook something?"


Haru was speechless, but since his wife had asked then as her husband, of course, he would try to get what she wanted. He somehow remembered the beach time that he had spent on the world of Hundred together with Sakura, Claire, Karen, Hayato, Emil, etc before and somehow he also missed them, but for now, he needed to focus all of his attention on Esdeath.


The day after, the unification between Osaka and Hakata was very smooth, and there wasn't much trouble and the previous governor along with his diehard support had also entered the gallows for trying to stop the unification of this country.

Haru also announced this matter giving two choices to a rest area on Japan, whether they would submit to him becoming a part of Unification or decided to resist and entered gallows having the same fate as the governor of the Hakata Area.

Esdeath once again trained the group of Cursed Children which was being abandoned around the Hakata Area and let them integrate with the current special squad.

A special squad which had been trained by Esdeath also welcomed a group of Cursed Children who had been abandoned in the Hakata Area and became friends in no time.

Haru also tried to make the image of Cursed Children to become better as soon as possible with propaganda, anime, and a lot more giving everyone an image that Cursed Children wasn't harmful, and they didn't have that much difference with a normal human.


After that, the meeting started again and everyone prepared for the next target. They would start the plan in two weeks, but they would announce the matter as soon as possible.

Everyone was curious about which area they would unite after this. They thought that it would be Tokyo Area since it was closer to Osaka Area, and it would be very easy to integrate Osaka Area with Tokyo Area, but Haru's answer made them speechless.

"It's summer, right? It's very hot." Haru smiled and said, "How about we go to Sapporo since the weather will be quite nice there."


No one expected this answer.