Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 723

Volume 1 Chapter 723 Saitenshi Who Is Helpless...

Sendai, Tokyo, and Sapporo had always been wary of the next action of Saitake Haruka, the new governor of the Osaka Area who had connected both Osaka and Hakata into one area. They knew very well that after he had successfully connected two areas, it would be them who would be targeted by him.

Sendai and Sapporo thought that Haru's next target would be Tokyo Area since its location was very close to Osaka Area, no, they were sure that it would be a Tokyo Area and that was why they could use that chance to fight Osaka Area that the "Unification Day" was only a conspiracy which was being made by both Osaka and Tokyo, especially after the Ladder of Heaven had disappeared.

The governor and officials of Sendai and Sapporo suddenly thought that the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven was a conspiracy which was made by Osaka and Tokyo to bluff everyone to unite the entire area in Japan.

Tokyo Area who had become a scapegoat of everything was clueless since both Sendai and Sapporo who had communicated before after the unification of both Osaka and Hakata started to accuse them that Tokyo Area was an ally Osaka Area made them very helpless.

Tokyo Area had never done anything such as "Ladder of Heaven", or "Unification Day", they had never taken part in on the plan and suddenly everything had turned into their fault.

Sendai and Sapporo thought about the countermeasure of the "Unification Day", but then just two days after the unification of both Osaka and Hakata, Haru who was the governor of both areas started to announce that he would start to connect Sapporo Area in two weeks.


It was as if a bomb had exploded right in front of them since they didn't expect the next target would be Sapporo.

If it was Tokyo then they would understand, but they couldn't understand why Haru would start to connect Sapporo first which was located in the north area of Japan.

Why not choose the closest one first?

Haru, of course, had prepared his answer, and he had told everyone that Tokyo Area hadn't cleared up the accusation which they had received and hadn't explained to all of us about the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven which was known as the cruelest weapon in this world. He told the reporter that he was afraid for the Tokyo Area to use that dangerous weapon to attack all of the heroes who had opened the path that connected the area and defeated the Gastrea which had troubled, attacked, and killed all of our loved ones.

That was why he decided to choose to connect Sapporo first since he knew that the temperature in that place was quite cold, and there was also a lot of Gastrea in that area. He told everyone that he wanted to free that island from Gastrea as soon as possible and hoped for the governor of Sapporo to work together with him to clear up the Gastrea on Hokkaido Island so everyone could walk without a worry in their own home.

Everyone started to get angry once again when they heard such a thing come out from Haru's mouth. They started to target the Tokyo Area and made them into villains while telling them to explain to them what had happened to the Ladder of Heaven which was located near the Tokyo Area. They asked Tokyo Area what their intention was and told them whether they wanted to dominate this country, no, this world with that dangerous weapon.


The area of Sapporo and Sendai was speechless at the mouth of Haru who suddenly accused the Tokyo Area of being a villain. They had thought of a countermeasure for him, but then suddenly all of that countermeasure had turned into useless.

The Sapporo Area who had turned into the next target was quite confused about their countermeasure since once they decided to reject Haru's proposal, then they would become the enemy of masses losing all of the support of their people, but then again, if they decided to accept his proposal then they would lose their authority to govern this area.

But the governor of Sapporo Area was more clear-headed than the previous governor of the Hakata Area and decided to support Haru's proposal. He knew that once he had accepted his proposal, it didn't mean that he would lose his authority, but only lost some of them and became the subordinate of Haru.

However, the governor of the Sapporo Area didn't really worry about that since the Sapporo Area might be the most miserable area in Japan.

It wasn't a secret that Hokkaido had a winter almost in a year made it very hard for them to grow crops and that was why they didn't have that many people in that area.

The wilderness of Hokkaido Island was also very fierce since there was a lot of beast Gastea roaming around the island which made the people of Sapporo Area unable to move around.

If Haru wanted to open up or connected the Sapporo Area, then the current governor of Sapporo Area told him that he welcomed Haru to Sapporo Area and was waiting for him to come and connect three areas into one.

Hearing the reply from the governor of Sapporo Area, Haru was grateful and told the governor of Sapporo Area that his team would come there as soon as possible then he would connect and help the Sapporo Area to clear up the Gastrea which had plagued them for years.


This announcement made the governor of Sendai Area dumbstruck since he had a feeling after Haru had successfully connected the Sapporo Area, that it would be a Sendai Area next time. He also started to have a meeting with his officials about what to do if that really happened, but then everyone told him to calm down since it wouldn't be easy to unite Sapporo Area since the climate, weather, and conditions in that area were very hard for JSDF or Civil Security to enter.

The governor of Sendai Area nodded and decided to wait for Haru to unite three areas into one and whether his attempt to unite Sapporo Area would be successful or not.

What about the Tokyo Area?

The Tokyo Area who had been accused by Haru of stealing the Ladder of Heaven was helpless.

Saitenshi who was the governor of the Tokyo Area knew that she needed to solve this matter as soon as possible and she had talked in front of reporters that the Tokyo Area had never stolen the Ladder of Heaven and she also would guarantee that she would investigate this problem as soon as possible.

If before the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven didn't cause too much of trouble to the governor of Tokyo Area since the one who knew about this matter was only the officials along with some people, but then Haru decided to publish all of that matters right into the public making the Tokyo Area became similar to a villain in the eyes of the people.

"We have never stolen the Ladder of Heaven and we're doing our best to investigate the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven." Saitenshi had a serious expression on her face and said, "If the governor of Osaka Area doesn't believe my words, then please come to Tokyo Area and I'll show you that we're not a thieve!" She was very angry when her area was being accused, but there was nothing that she could do since until now the result of the conversation about the Ladder of Heaven hadn't found any result making her helpless.