Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 724

Volume 1 Chapter 724 Sapporo Area

Inside the meeting room, Haru was preparing to annex Sapporo Area, but then his subordinates told him about the announcement of Saitenshi or the governor of Tokyo Area who invited him to go to Tokyo Area to check whether there was really a Ladder of Heaven on her area or not.

Haru smiled and felt funny. "Just tell her that I'm busy and I don't have time."

There was no way for him to go to the Tokyo Area since that meant it would give him a disadvantage on his "Unification Movement".

Tokyo Area was under an accusation for stealing the Ladder of Heaven, if he really went to go that area before he had annexed both Sapporo and Sendai, then he might be accused by both Sapporo and Sendai that he had joined hand together with Tokyo Area to hide the Ladder of Heaven creating another conspiracy.

Haru knew that the Tokyo Area was innocent, but who made them into his opponent in politics. He looked at the data which was being gotten by his subordinates about the Tokyo Area. He knew very well that the Tokyo Area was the most complicated area in this country.

In the name, it might be Saitenshi who was the governor of the Tokyo Area, but the one who controlled that area was the Tendo Family.

"Tendo Family." Haru looked at Saitake and asked, "Father, what do you think of Kikunujo Tendo?"

"Kikunuji Tendo?" Saitake snorted and said, "He's an old fox." He told Haru about what Kikunujo had done to Tokyo Area and how to get the trust of the previous governor along with making the current governor of Tokyo Area into his puppet.

"Old fox, huh?" Haru only laughed. He started to feel that Saitenshi was very miserable, but if she wanted to live without worry then she shouldn't become a governor. He knew very well that the one who would be responsible for the disappearance of the Ladder of Heaven would be Saitenshi since she was the governor.

"Don't underestimate Kikunujo," Saitake said since he knew very well that the unification of Japan was just right in front of his eyes. He didn't want to miss anything or anything to happen to Haru since he knew very well that the one who could make this unification happen very fast was because of Haru.

"Don't worry, in the end, a fox is just a fox, they're not predators, but just prey," Haru said.

Fox is just using a trick, but in the end, the trick is just a trick.

Once they have found an opponent who has overwhelming power then they will be devoured cleanly.

Saitake wasn't sure, but he shuddered when he saw Haru's expression for a moment, not only him but the people who stayed in this meeting hall too.

They knew very well that his good image was a mask that covered his brutal nature.

If Haru knew what they were thinking then he would be crying since he didn't expect that his image would be this bad.

When the door was opened, Esdeath entered the room and made everyone turn quiet in an instant.

"Oh, Esdeath, what happened?" Haru asked.

"Nothing, I just want to see you," Esdeath said and sat down next to Haru. She had to admit that the day that she spent with him in this world was very wonderful, but the thing that might make her uncomfortable was that he didn't want to have children so soon. She was in her early 20s, but Haru was only in his 16.

Even though it was normal for people in the world of Akame Ga Kill to have children in that age, Haru felt that it was too hasty to have children now.

Thought, it might be different if it was an accident, but Haru really didn't have an intention to have children now.

Haru knew that two years in his own world would only mean two months in Esdeath's world and that was why he wasn't in a hurry.

Haru smiled and asked, "How is your squad?"

"It's alright. They should be ready for the mission," Esdeath said. She thought for a while and asked, "How are we going to Sapporo? Are we going on land?"

Haru shook his head and said, "No, we're going to use water."

"Water? Are we using a ship?" Esdeath asked.

Haru nodded and said, "We've prepared a ship which was covered in Varanium and after you're done with the preparation of the special squad, then you can use that ship right away."

Everyone had admitted that the power of Esdeath along with her special squad was really powerful, especially her secret weapon which could freeze the entire strait in an instant. They didn't know who could create such a weapon, but they had a feeling that the one who created that weapon was Haru since they knew very well that Haru had a talent for mechanics, programming, hackers, and technology.

They were also still quite hesitant and still had a belief that Esdeath was a mechanical soldier, but no one said anything since Esdeath was their governor's wife.

Then they saw them flirting with each other which made them very jealous and felt bitter for being away from their families. When they went back, they would flirt with their wives for sure.


After two weeks, everyone was ready and they sailed using a ship toward the Sapporo Area.

If their trip was on the land, then they might be worried, but if it was water, then they didn't need to worry.

Everyone still remembered when Esdeath had frozen the entire strait using her weapon and thought that if there was a danger she could freeze the entire sea easily creating a safe path for their ship to sail without trouble.

The abandoned Cursed Children who had been abandoned on Hakata Area had swiftly joined the special squad, and they were also quite excited to go to Sapporo since it would be their first time to come to that place.

After the Great Gastrea War, no people were able to transport to another area unless they were rich or had a vehicle that was covered in Varanium.

That was why they were very excited when they thought they would go to a foreign land together with the new friends that they had gotten after the unification of both Hakata and Osaka.

On the port of the Hakata Area, everyone started to get ready, and Haru was also on the port giving everyone a speech while also waiting for them to sail.

Haru looked at Esdeath with worry and said, "Be careful, alright."

Esdeath kissed his lips again, hugged him, then parted their lips while licking her lips. "Just worry yourself, when I have gone back."


Haru was again tongue-tied since in their relationship the one who always lost on the battle was Esdeath, but in the public, this woman always loved to be on the dominant side making him wasn't sure what to say. He only sighed and said, "If there's trouble then you can tell me anytime, and I'll go there directly."

"You should be the one who is careful since someone might send an assassin toward you," Esdeath said.

"Well, that might be possible," Haru said, but he didn't think much about the assassin which was being sent toward him.

Then the ceremony process of the operation was over, and Esdeath along with her special squad, JSDF, and Civil Security started their journey to Sapporo Area.

Haru waved his hand and stayed there until he couldn't see their figure before walking back to his office to start the next plan.


"Can you kill him?"

"Yes, leave it to me. My owl will handle everything."

"It might be impossible to stop him in Sapporo or Sendai. That's why your only chance is when he is going to visit the Tokyo Area."

The man frowned and asked, "Do you have confidence that he'll really unite Japan?"

"Yes, he can do it, and that's why I want you to stop him to make those little girls have a right to live! They're Gastrea, not human!"

"Don't worry, as long as you pay them then I'll do the job, and I don't care about your discriminatory speech either. Our relationship is just a transaction after all."

"Good, I'm waiting for the good news."