Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 725

Volume 1 Chapter 725 I'm Your Fan

Tokyo Area.

Everyone thought Saitenshi had uttered those words to the people, but everyone wasn't satisfied with her answer.

Telling Saitake Haruka to come to Tokyo Area? He isn't that free to come freely to your area and do you think that he is your friend or something?

In Tokyo Area, there were already a lot of supporters for Saitake Haruka and most of them wrote down their support on "WIRED" asking for Saitake Haruka to unite this country as soon as possible changed incompetent governor of Tokyo Area as soon as possible.

Incompetent governor.

It was the nickname of Saitenshi since she couldn't even find out who was the one who had stolen the Ladder of Heaven.

The Ladder of Heaven is a very huge weapon and for it to disappear without notice is impossible.

Saitenshi repeatedly explained that the Tokyo Area didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven and would do her best to solve this matter, along with giving a prize for anyone that knew about the matter of Ladder of Heaven.

But once people had doubts, someone, it was very hard to believe that person again, and that was the thing that was happening to Saitensei right now.

Saitenshi had checked the satellite or camera, but when the incident happened, everything stopped working and became error. The only thing that could be found in the previous location of the Ladder of Heaven was nothing.

(Haru had thrown all of the corpses of Gastrea on Tokyo Bay before he went to the Osaka Area).

Once again the Tokyo Area was caught in chaos, and everyone started to think that Saitenshi along with the other's officials were making a deal with a foreign country to dominate this country.

The only good thing about this incident might be that the treatment of Cursed Children was better, especially after the propaganda which was being spread by Haru making their image in front of people was better.

Saitenshi didn't know about that and she also didn't have time to think about that since the most important thing was how to solve the disappearance of the Ladder of Heaven.

"Do any of you know how to handle this problem?"

Saitenshi didn't want to become an enemy of Saitake Haruka, and she also supported the unification of this country after she saw how he treated everyone very well, and he also didn't have any discrimination against the Cursed Children.

"How about we blame all of this on those Cursed Children who live in the Outer Area?" Kikunujo said and it caused everyone to turn silent.


Saitenshi frowned and asked, "Kikunujo-san, are you serious?" She didn't believe what this old man had proposed to her.

"Yes, if this continues then our reputation and standing might turn into ruin." Kikunujo looked at Saitenshi and said, "Do you remember what Saitake Haruka has done to the governor of the Hakata Area? He has pushed the governor along with his officials to the gallows! Do you want that to happen to you?"


Saitenshi turned silent when she heard it, but then she shook her head. "No, I can't let that happen. We can't blame everything on the Cursed Children." Her heart couldn't handle it and she wanted everything to be solved in a peaceful manner, not in this evil manner where she needed to blame everything on the group of innocent little girls.

"What are you afraid of? They're not human! They're a Gasrea! There might be a type of Cursed Children that is able to seat the Ladder of Heaven for their own uses!" Kikunujo said with a hard voice and serious expression.

Everyone who heard Kikunujo's words felt that his word was right and since then they had been pushed to the edge. They would do anything to reverse the table and felt that making the group of Cursed Children into scapegoats was the best answer.

In the mind of mass, the existence of Cursed Children was a mystery and danger, even if they told masses that there were Cursed Children that were able to steal the Ladder of Heaven, it was possible for them to believe it.

"No, we can't do that!" Saitenshi said without hesitation trying to stop them, but all of the people in the meeting hall had decided to make a rumor that the disappearance of the Ladder of Heaven was because of Cursed Children in the outer area of the Tokyo Area.

Everyone had their own interests and they also didn't want to die the same as the governor of the Hakata Area.

Then the best way was to solve this matter was to blame everything on Cursed Children!


Rentaro had always felt that the atmosphere in the Tokyo Area was quite wrong. He could tell it clearly when there were a lot of people who argued with each other about the existence of Cursed Children.

Some people thought that they were just a human similar to all of them, but some of them refused to believe that they were a human since they had the blood of Gastrea.

For this change, Rentaro was very happy since he knew if this continued then the treatment of Cursed Children on society would turn better.

Today, Rentaro brought Enju for a checkup.

All Cursed Children have the blood of Gastrea and each of them usually has about 20% or less, but it is also possible for Cursed Children to have a blood Gastrea about 30%, but it will turn dangerous once it has reached about 40% since once it has become 50% then the Cursed Children will become Gastrea.

That is why it is necessary to check them from time to time.

"Your mood is pretty good, is there something good happening?"

"Sensei, don't you know about the speech of Saitaken Haruka? If he is really able to unite this country then the discrimination against the Cursed Children is going to disappear," Rentaro said excitedly. He knew that he couldn't achieve that kind of thing, but if he was told to help Haru then he would gladly do it since he knew that Haru wanted the best for the Cursed Children.

"Yeah, I know him. He is a charming man, isn't he?" The woman said with a smile.


Rentaro was speechless when he heard it and said, "He's a married man."

The woman sighed and laid on her chair lazily. "All the good men in this world have always been either married or have someone on their side, right?"

"I'm a man. I don't know about such a thing," Rentaro said with a sigh.

The woman in front of Rentaro was Sumire Muroto.

Sumire Muroto is a researcher at the Magata Public University Hospital, which is a medical school near Magata High School and is Rentaro's Sensei. She is one of the Four Sages and is the person in charge of the "New Human Creation Plan" in Japan.

"Sensei, in your opinion is it really possible for the Cursed Children to be treated the same?" Rentaro asked.

Sumire smiled and said, "Isn't it you who wants the Cursed Children to have the same treatment as a normal human?"

"But... I feel all of this is quite unreal... I have been fighting against a Gastrea, and trying to change the image of Cursed Children in my own way, but Saitake Haruka can do everything that I can't do in just less than a month," Rentaro said with a depreciating tone. He started to wonder what he had been doing since he didn't think that he was doing something that could help the Cursed Children.

"Like I have said to you in the past if you want to change the image of Cursed Children and their treatment then you should become a politician and not a Promotor." Sumire still had a smile on her face and said, "But then again, with that kind of gloomy face, is it impossible for you to become a politician."

"Sensei...." Rentaro was speechless when he was being teased.

"For your question, whether it is possible or not for him to raise the status of Cursed Children, then we can only wait until he has connected four areas from Osaka, Hakata, Sapporo, and Sendai. After that, he will come to Tokyo Area, then you might able to ask him a question yourself later," Sumire said, but she also wanted to meet Saitake Haruka since she was curious about him.


Haru was just about to eat dinner in Hakata Area, but then suddenly someone appeared a few meters away from him inside his house.

"Good evening, Mr. Governor, I'm your fan!"