Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 727

Volume 1 Chapter 727 This World Is Full Of Idiot

Arriving on Hokkaido Island, Esdeath along with her people docked the ship to the port.

Everyone could see that the weather in Hokkaido was winter, and everything was covered in snow.

After Gastrea appeared in this world, the weather in this world started to get weird, and some areas such as Hokkaido had always been in winter for almost more than half a year.

"It's very quiet."

Some of them couldn't help but say since this place was very quiet and it seemed that there was nothing in this place.

Everyone had worn a warm jacket and their winter uniform so it wasn't that cold for them, especially for the Cursed Children who had stronger physical ability than normal people. They were more curious about the beautiful white snow which was falling from the sky slowly even though it was summer in the south area of Japan.

Some of them wanted to play around, but then they stopped when they saw Esdeath raise her hand.

"Stay here, I'll handle this," Esdeath said.


The Cursed Children from Hakata Area wanted to ask something, but they were stopped by the Cursed Children from Osaka Area telling them to be quiet.

The soldiers from JSDF from Osaka Area also reminded the soldiers from Hakata Area to be quiet since when Esdeath had reminded them to "stay here" then that meant an enemy would be coming soon.

Esdeath had felt weird since this port was very quiet and soon she knew the reason why this place was so quiet.


Loud roar that almost caused their eardrums to explode and making their legs start to become weak.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Then from the direction of the north, there was a loud sound coming toward them and they could even see a lot of trees blasted away.

It might be because the snow had filled the footprint which was caused by this Gastrea.


A huge Bear Gastrea of around 15 meters stood up tall in front of them. Its eyes were red, mouth full of knives like teeth, and bloodl.u.s.t that kept coming out from it. Its white fur was very thick as armor, and when it stood around the snow the fur made it hard to see creating a perfect camouflage method.


Everyone was still stunned when they saw this Bear Gastrea and didn't know what to do for a while.

But Esdeath unsheathed her sword and calmly walked toward Bear Gastrea.


Bear Gastrea noticed that Esdeath tried to fight it, and it made it angry.

"C - Commander, that the "Brutal", you can't fight it alone!"

Some of the soldiers from JSDF tried to remind Esdeath.

The "Brutal" or the Bear Gastrea in front of them was quite famous Gastrea which was known for massacre a lot of people and destroying a lot of places. It was also Level IV Gastrea or the existence which was closest to Level V Gastrea.

The governor of Sapporo Area was helpless against this Bear Gastrea since its strength was powerful, its speed was very fast, and its regeneration was simply overpowered.

Some people even joked that this Bear Gastrea wouldn't lose to any Level V Gastrea.

That was why everyone was very nervous when this monster suddenly came in front of them.

Esdeath ignored them and her eyes looked straight at the Gastra in front of her.


Bear Gastrea noticed that this woman was simply belittling it and it charged angrily.


Esdeath smiled and said, "In the end, the beast is just a beast."

Bear Gastrea raised its paw which released sword-like claws from inside. The claws were so sharp that some of the tanks could even be shredded by it.


It swept down its claws toward Esdeath and caused the ground to tremor because of the force which was caused by its power.

Everyone was worried and wanted to shoot this Bear Gastrea, but then they noticed a figure which was in mid-air holding a very sharp sword then slashed the head of Bear Gastrea.


It was a shocking scene.....

The head of the Bear Gastrea was beheaded by Esdeath in an instant.

Esdeath then saw that some of the meat started to grow from the part where she beheaded this Bear Gastrea and simply slashed down her sword several times turning this Bear Gastrea into mincemeat.

*Slash!* *Slash!* *Slash!*

Yellow liquid was mixed with the snow then a disgusting and slightly wild smell started to hit their nose.

Everyone frowned unconsciously before Esdeath froze the entire Bear Gastrea.


But then no one said anything since how simply it was for Esdeath to slay down this Bear Gastrea.

Esdeath stood up looking at the Bear Gastea which was turned into mincemeat then frozen instantly.

Some of the Cursed Children started to walk toward her and also looked at this Bear Gastrea curiously.

"Commander, what's wrong?"

She thought that Esdeath was thinking about something.

"Is there a bear in Hokkaido?" Esdeath asked.

"Yes, Commander, there are a lot of bears on Hokkaido Island."

One of the commanders which was following Esdeath said, and even though their position was the same, his tone was very respectful toward Esdeath since he had to admit Esdeath's strength was very strong.

"On the way to the Sapporo Area, try to catch a bear or two. I want my husband to cook it for me later when he is coming," Esdeath said and walked away.


No one said anything about Esdeath's request, but they had decided to get a bear as much as they could and didn't even care whether it would go extinct since the order of the Queen was absolute!


Tokyo Area.

When the image of Cursed Children started to get better on the mind of masses, but suddenly the governor and some newspaper announced the one who had stolen the Ladder of Heaven was the group of Cursed Children who had stolen it.


Some people thought that the governor and the officials in the Tokyo Area were simply very dumb when they thought that some people would believe such a thing.

But some people seemed to believe this lie, especially when they read the reason why the governor believed that it was the fault of Cursed Children that the Ladder of Heaven had disappeared.

There were a lot of strange reasons such as mysterious power, or the Cursed Children could communicate with the Gastrea to destroy or steal the Ladder of Heaven.

Even though Haru had worked hard to make the image of Cursed Children better, there was some idiot who couldn't even see which was true or false making him very annoyed.

Saitenshi was helpless and knew the one who did it was her people, but she couldn't stop them.

Kikunujo and some officials who had created such news didn't do anything afterward, only pushing the blame on the Cursed Children.

Some people who had lost their family to Gastrea started to get angry when they saw this news and simply wanted to have revenge walking toward the outer area where the Group of Cursed Children was living planting a bomb that place, but then suddenly something moved very fast and slashed them down killing all of them.

"Papa, I have done it!"

Kohina walked toward Kagetane waiting for his praise.

"Good job, Kohina." Kagetane patted Kohina's head and looked at the corpse on the ground with a cruel smile.

"Huhuhu, I guess, I can't change the fact that this world is full of idiots."

"Let's give this incompetent governor a lesson, shall we?"

"Yes, Papa!"