Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 728

Volume 1 Chapter 728 Argument On Wired

"If people can believe that a group of little girls are capable of stealing a huge weapon which is almost 200 meters tall, then I can only say that there are a lot of idiots in this world."

Haru wrote that status on the "WIRED" on his trip to Sapporo Area. He was very confident in Esdeath and he didn't think that she would fail in her mission, but then he was a bit surprised when she called him to ask whether he could cook a bear or not. He told her not to worry and said that he would create the best dish using bear meat. He turned the signal of his flip phone on the airplane before ignoring the attempt of the flight attendant who tried to get close to him even though he had told them that he had married.

Haru could guess that the status, face, and ability turned into a lethal weapon for every woman in this world ignoring his status as a married man.

Of course, Haru could only refuse them since he didn't want his anaconda to be slain by Esdeath. He closed his eyes trying to sleep while thinking that there were only two areas that he needed to unite.

'Sendai, then Tokyo.....'


Tokyo Area.

"WIRED" on this world is a bit similar to a Tweeter in Haru's original world, and that is why some people often say that status on the profile is usually being called a "WIRE"

Once again, everyone was surprised by the "WIRE" which was written by Saitake Haruka.

"If people can believe that a group of little girls are capable of stealing a huge weapon which is almost 200 meters tall, then I can only say that there are a lot of idiots in this world."

It caused a lot of sensation and some people couldn't help but laugh or even snickered at the people who believed at such dumb news which was being published by the governor of Tokyo Area.

However, there were a lot of people who tried to fight back telling that no one knew what the ability of the Cursed Children was and it might be possible to steal the Ladder of Heaven using their ability such as turning into Gastrea, talking with Gastrea, etc.

Haru didn't say anything or he didn't need to do anything since he had a lot of helpers from Osaka and Hakata. He had a lot of scientists who worked for him and almost all of them had an account on "WIRED".

All of them wrote a "WIRE" about some information regarding Cursed Children and what their ability was making it impossible for them to do a feat such as stealing the Ladder of Heaven.

Some people were skeptical until Sumire Muroto who was known as one of the Four Sages in this world, also wrote "WIRE" on the WIRED telling some people to not believe in some hoax about stupid things and they should know for themselves the best that it was impossible for a group of Cursed Children to steal a Ladder of Heaven when they didn't have an ability to feed themselves.

When one of the famous Four Sages also started to join this discussion even though some people didn't want to admit it, but in front of smart people what they could do.

In the end, the theory of the Ladder of Heaven being stolen by the Cursed Children was a conspiracy that was made by the governor of the Tokyo Area making their reputation become lower once again in the eyes of the masses.

The public is even asking for Saitake Haruka to come to the Tokyo Area as soon as possible and everyone would support him unconditionally.


Rentaro was once again coming to the hospital to meet Sumire talking about the incident of the Tokyo Area that wanted to blame the Cursed Children about the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven.

Sumire only shook her head and said, "Rather than talk with me about that, it is better for you to go to the outer area to see whether the group of Cursed Children who lives in that area is alright or not." She sighed at Rentaro, even though she had saved him when he was a child, but she might not be able to save him damaging the IQ making him a bit stupid.

But then Sumire once again looked at the "WIRED" which she had just registered a few days ago. She had a feeling that the one who had created this social network was Saitake Haruka making her very curious about him to be able to create such a disastrous weapon for every politician.

Rentaro was startled and hurriedly brought Enju with him to visit the outer area of the Tokyo Area. He forgot about today's bean sprout discount at the supermarket and went to visit the group of Cursed Children who were living in the outer area.

Unlike the bustling area in the center of the Tokyo Area, the outer area was very bad and a lot of buildings had turned into ruins.

It might be the first time for Rentaro and Enju to visit this place, but then it really surprised them for the group of Cursed Children to be able to live in this place.

However, the moment they arrived at the place where those little girls were living, it seemed that it was different from their imagination.

Even though they could see a lot of ruin along the way, the place where those little girls were living was surprisingly quite clean. They could even see small fields that were used to plant vegetables in front of them.


The group of little girls stopped when they saw Rentaro and Enju.

After the image of Cursed Children had become better, it wasn't their first time for someone to visit them and sometimes a lot of them would give them food or something to help them to live such as study books, medicine, clothes, etc.

But then Rentaro sighed in relief when he saw that nothing was happening.

"Onii-san, are you also going to visit us?"

One of the Cursed Children asked.

"Yes, I have thought that something might happen to all of you after the governor of Tokyo Area blamed you for the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven," Rentaro said truthfully.

Everyone laughed and smiled when they heard Rentaro.

"Onii-san, you don't need to worry, even if they try to blame us or try to make us a scapegoat, but Haru-nii is going to help us."


Rentaro and Enju seemed confused.

"You don't know Haru-nii, Onii-san?"

"Haru-nii? Who is he?" Rentaro was confused.

"He's the governor of Osaka and Hakata, and soon Sapporo is also going to be included," Matsuzaka said with a smile.


"I'm Matsuzaka and I'm their caretaker," Matsuzaka said with a smile.

"Wait! Haru-nii is Saitake Haruka?!" Rentaro was shocked.

"Yes, he is the one!"

"How can he appear here?" Rentaro asked.

"In the past, both Haru-nii, and Esdeath-aneki were Civil Servants too and they had a mission in the Tokyo Area before going back to the Osaka Area....."

When they were talking about Haru and Esdeath, everyone started to become excited and told them what both Haru and Esdeath had done to her. The only thing that they regretted was that they couldn't marry Haru in the future since he had married Esdeath.


Rentaro didn't expect Haru to come to Tokyo Area while also helping a group of Cursed Children. He could see a solar panel and small wind turning for their electricity, even though it wasn't much, but it was enough for them.

"What?! You've also watched Tenchu Girl?!" Enju was surprised after talking with one of the little girls.

Rentaro smiled and really wanted to see Saitake Haruka when he united Japan into one country.