Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 729

Volume 1 Chapter 729 Tired..

The governor of Sapporo Area had decided to join Haru and agreed to help him to become this country. He knew that he couldn't fight Haru and in the end, he needed to join him.

But of course, it didn't mean that all of them could join Haru and there must be some people who would also lose their power, however, for the people who still retained their power, all of those people didn't really matter.

As long as they can retain their power, then a little sacrifice is nothing.

After that, they started their announcement once again to unite the Sendai Area which was very close to the Sapporo Area.

The Sendai Area is different from the four other areas in Japan, their areas might be the fastest among all of the five areas, but it has the least amount of Varanium mine.

What they're famous for is their farm for crops, vegetables, and more!

But it was because of that the Sendai Area was a very famous place and they also knew the one who controlled the food in this country.

Haru knew that he needed this area since with more people he needed to give more food.

The governor of Sendai Area who had heard about this matter was speechless since he didn't expect the governor of Sapporo Area to give up that easily. He thought that the governor of Sapporo Area was useless and cowardly, but he wouldn't give up and he wouldn't give his position that easily.

If the governor of Sapporo Area knew what governor of Sendai Area was thinking about then he would only sneer at him since Haru had Esdeath that was able to slay down the "Brutal" or the Bear Gastrea which had taken a lot of lives from the Sapporo Area.

Haru didn't care about the response of the governor of Sendai Area and only told his people to send out the black material of governor of Sendai Area a week after the announcement.

If the governor of Sendai Area didn't change his thought then Haru could only say goodbye to him.

Haru once again told his people to gather the abandoned Cursed Children in Sapporo Area and let them join Esdeath's special squad. He also told them once they had successfully united the Sendai Area, then they would start a pincer attack on Tokyo Area.

"Pincer attack?"

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, we'll clear up the Gastrea from both side of Osaka and Sendai then toward Tokyo Area."

Everyone nodded, and they didn't think that this operation would fail. They knew very well that they only needed to count a day before Haru would unite this country into one area and as his people who had followed him first, of course, they were very happy about it.

Haru who saw their happy expression knew very well that the Tokyo Area might be the most difficult place to be united since it was the location where the main character was living.

What does it imply?

It means that there is a lot of trouble in the Tokyo Area!

The main character of the story is the source of trouble and whenever he or she lives then trouble, without doubt, is coming toward them.

It has become a rule of the story, and such a thing must happen since if not the story won't be interesting.

Haru wanted to think about what kind of trouble would come when he was about to unite the Tokyo Area, but then the door was opened and Esdeath grabbed him from the meeting room telling him to cook her bear meat.



The group of little girls was happily playing in the snow. They were making an igloo and snowman, and they were also snowboarding, skiing, and lot more.

The only thing that made him worried was when the group of little girls was playing a snow war since the throwing speed of the snowball which was thrown by the group of Cursed Children wasn't something that could be scoffed off by someone.

Haru started to think about how to make a dish using bear meat. He knew very well that the disadvantage of bear meat was its gamey smell, but he thought that it was also a challenge for him. He used the spice to erase the gamey smell on the bear meat and decided to create two dishes.

One is tonjiru which is known as a soup with various vegetables, and meat using miso soup as a base. Usually, this dish uses pork meat, but this time he is using bear meat.

This dish is very perfect to be served in the winter since it can warm the body up.

The other dish is a menchi-katsu or deep-fried ground meat patty.

It is a very popular snack among young people since it is delicious and fills their stomachs.

Well, for young people, every fried food is very good.

That is why it is very popular, but at the same time, it isn't that healthy.

After turning the meat into mince, he made the meat into a patty, then covered it in flour, egg mix, and a bread crumb before frying it on the hot oil making a sizzling sound that made the stomach of Esdeath and a lot of little girls growl.

It didn't take him a long time before he had finished finishing two dishes.

The menchi katsu might be quite heavy, and that was why he gave this dish to them first.

Everyone had gotten their menchi katsu and put it into their mouth.


The outer part was crispy, but the inner part was very soft, then juices gushed out from the meat making them couldn't help but immersed in the fountain of meat juice. Everyone started to feel that they were having sumo right in the winter making their body excited.

Esdeath didn't really like fried food, but this dish was very good for her taste, but then she tried the tonjiru soup sipping it slowly into her mouth washed down all of the meaty juices from her mouth before she teleported to a warm house where she was sleeping with Haru together being pampered by her started to feel how enjoyable it was together with him.

Esdeath hugged Haru and told him that she wouldn't let him go no matter what with a quite scary expression.


What could Haru do besides let her hug him with a sigh of having a yand--, wonderful wife...


After the fake news which was being published by Kikunujo and his gangs were rebutted by Haru, Sumire Muroto, and a lot with the famous scientist, the reputation of the Tokyo Area had turned from bad to worse.

Saitenshi was very angry at her people who were moving by themselves and didn't even listen to her words.

Kikunujo only said that it was the fault of one of his subordinates who moved by himself and he had said that he would let him bear the responsibility of this matter with "Seppuku" or "Harakiri", but then it was announced that person had committed suicide before it was done.

Everyone once again under a meeting to discuss what they would do about the Ladder of Heaven, but then, in the end, they didn't know what to do since the disappearance of Ladder of Heaven was a mystery.

Some people even thought that it was a plot to turn the Tokyo Area into a ruin.

Then they started to think if the Tokyo Area was in ruin then who would benefit from it. They thought for a while and they could only think that the answer was Saitake Haruka who planned to unite this country.

But even if they wanted to blame him, they didn't have evidence, and once they did that then they were sure that the consequence was bigger.

Saitenshi sighed and said, "I'm planning to let him unite the Tokyo Area."


Everyone was startled when they heard Saitenshi's words.

Saitenshi was tired and started to think that she wasn't fit to become governor and thought that it was better to give up after all the governor of Sapporo Area also gave up. She also didn't think that Haru had done anything wrong and thought that after he had united this country then every person who lived in this country would live a better life.

"Please think twice, Saitensi-sama!"

"If you give up then what will happen to us?"

"You will also lose your right to govern this area!"

Saitenshi could see the ugliness of the people in front of her and simply said that she had made her decision.

Only Kikunujo was silent and didn't say anything during this meeting, but he had planned something only waiting for the target to come.